Euphrates to Nile!


An ardent n’ atypical United States-with a fresh ecstasy-brings the cat out of the bag to translate its dream of a ‘new world order’ into a reality-an appetite, the solo super power has-paradoxically-got instilled into Washington’s mind-setting aside its cataclysmic upshot vis-é-vis the elfin souls, who-perceptibly-came to this planet with a relish to respire on a féted abode. It’s apparent from the frequent caveats-now being signaled-to Syria with one ploy or the other by the personas-bestowed with muscles n’ glued with the apex hierarchy of the ‘master of today’s world’.

Factually it’s’ neither a novel facet nor a ‘breaking news’ as a raison d’étre could-very expediently-be envisioned after the Coalition’s ‘startling conquest’ of the oil-enriched Iraqi soil-which was reckoned as ‘a potential emblem of perils’ to America’s cute sweetie darling-Israel, for which each n’ every toxic shot is being set in motion-at all costs. Washington can-in way-deny that reality that after the declaration of Israel as an ‘independent State’, USA took the responsibility to back it-with full might-in every affair-whatsoever it may be. The role of USA in consolidating an ‘Israeli State’ in the Middle East is a ‘magnetic gift’ for the Jews but-for sure-it is excruciating for Palestinians. In 1948 when Israel announced its ‘independence’, USA recognized it at once. The massive military support of USA to Israel has also fortified Tel Aviv against the neighboring Arab states. It is evident from the fact that during the four Arab wars (1956, 57, 67 and 73), Israel used US based weapons during their conflicts with the Arabs. USA never compelled Israel to sign CTBT and NPT.

And now with the end of the Iraqi chapter-the awful guns-are being focused towards Damascus-yet another sanctified land [divergent to Jews] with an antique backdrop. Nonetheless, it’s vital to have a brisk view of it-to tap the embryos of the big-power’s lust for it. As a follow-up of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire during World War I, Syria remained administered by the French until the glamorous day it sought independence in 1946. In the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel. Blessed with absolute love for peace n’ hate towards all types of skirmishes, Syria went out of the way by holding periodic peace talks with Israel over the return of the Golan Heights-yet in futile only due to Tel Aviv’s antagonistic mindset, backed by the hideous lust for expansionism.

History stands witness to the irrefutable fact that an ache for blitz-by the big power-has always been voracious. With this perception it was being visualized that there would be another country after Iraq-to be followed by another and another-with a zest of conquests-till the entire world is brought under the clout of the ‘big power’. A pragmatic historian shall stay witness to the fact that during weeks of this atrocious n’ biased unilateral war on Iraq, neither the much proclaimed ‘biological weapons’ were traced by the callous ‘striking marines’ nor was there any effort by the Iraqis to use these when they were being facing iniquitous carnage by their ostentatious ‘liberators’-the US-lead ‘dazzling marines’-punching the guiltless people from left n’ right, from grounds n’ horizons-camouflaged by ferocious jets-dropping perilous bombs-to quench their yen to clutch the soil-even at the cost of their flamboyant juveniles-attired in uniform- who are and were yet to tang the essential benefits of adolescence.

With such a scenario fears have-simultaneously-been lurking in the minds of many nations explicitly in the region that without participation of the UN in the formation of the post-war Iraqi set-up, America might decide to redraw the map of the region which suits to its own peculiar interests.

Ironically, the UN has already been declared inert due to the predicating duress injected into its veins. So, Zionism seems to have no alternative left to itself except going on hell for leather, getting destroyed or have the planet destroyed. It has involved itself irretrievably. Hence it is an apposite time that the Anglo-American intellectuals step in with a singular pledge to shield the global peace-which at the moment stands at the brink of annihilation-only because of the Zionists’ ferocious mentality.

Else their reverie shall fetch nothing except a nightmarish milieu-for all generations to come. If the astute world doesn’t react instantly, the powers-now posing risks to universal tranquility-may take another horrid step-like the United States-which prima facie seems all set to take action against Syria with an identical pretext-which paved a way for it invade Iraq. As a paradigm, Syria may be accused of attachment with a furtive programme of conceiving wobbly gadgets-what is termed as ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Going by its traditional Machiavellian posture, the US media has once again come out with horrendous ‘scoops’ that some of Iraq’s top weapons scientists fled their country-making Syria as their abode. By playing as a stooge-in the hands of a few neurotic creatures-such species are doing enormous disfavor to the gracious profession of journalism-which is acknowledged as a vocation par excellence-primarily due to fact that a pen is much more strapping than a sword.

At the same time-with an amoral impend-such doctrinaire media is getting its own credibility oxidized at a swift pace as realists-around the world-have put their signals to a lasting end. A jiffy on such a malevolent media crusade, unleashed with an aberrant stance depicts as an orchestrated campaign is now being-once again-initiated by the Bush administration to prepare the ground for targeting Syria after Iraq. President Bush has seemingly picked up the thread of initial anti-Saddam propaganda to melt the Syrian regime under coercion and blackmail via miscellaneous charges of snooty magnitude.

An indictment that Syria is in possession of chemical weapons is a cogent pointer of the US outlook towards the Arabs, who are divergent to its Middle East policies. Washington should, nevertheless, not overlook the total variance of Arab perception about Saddam and Bashar al-Asad, before getting into a monotonous act, as it will result into nothing except loathing for US-which, as analysts look at-is swelling with the advent of every dawn. The axiom of the self-appointed liberation of the Iraqi people has set off a big bang with the public acrimony against the obtrusive forces, which is even now abundantly overt on the terrain of Iraq-not to talk of anti-war millions’ marches at almost every inch of the world. Amidst such a setting, the US must refrain from vandalism in the region and try to vacate its aggression against Iraq as quickly as possible-as a matter of fact in its own interest.

Time has proved that it can-in no way-control the persistent pandemonium in Iraq. Hence it should eschew its lust to rule the globe-as a feint doesn’t work in the 21st epoch-which has virtually a singular podium-democratic freedom with respect, dignity n’ honor-the thrilling n’ enticing hallmark of the Statue of Liberty-embracing everyone every-minute from beyond the oceanic-with ardor-before they touch the tarmacs of the United States. It should-thus-instantaneously-give up hegemonic loom by quitting the Middle East in meticulous n’ elsewhere in broad-spectrum.

It has to negate the veracity that the global emotions against USA’s alarming homicide power are inducing a new paradigm of interest-based orientation to cope with the ferocity with which the ‘New World Order’ is being restructured. A sense of powerlessness pervades amongst the global community, in the face of potent Bush, who ought not emerge as Caesar to pronounce; “I came, I saw, and I conquered”, to protect [only] the western civilization-which [aspires to be] eulogized-as the citadel of democratic norms n’ values plus the curator n’ custodian of human rights and sovereignty of each n’ every nation.

Let it-equally-be exemplified as an antithetical feature that ‘in such an eon, apart from seizing the oil wealth of Iraq the resultant goal [of the US] is to guard Israel with a gusto to help her expand Tel Aviv’s domain from Euphrates to Nile!’-a pushy actuality-which portrays Washington’s current egocentric mind-which is posing perils of critical enormity to the global peace-sealing panoramas of opulence n’ affluence for civilizations-irrespective of their belief, colour, cast, creed or credo-not only in the realm from Euphrates to Nile, but all-over.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.