EU commends Saudi Arabia’s success in managing Hajj season

EU commends Saudi Arabia's success in managing Hajj season

Brussels (UNA-OIC) – The European Union praised the strenuous efforts made by the Saudi government, which resulted in the success of the Hajj season 1442 AH, despite the exceptional circumstances the world is going through as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

EU Spokesman for the Middle East and North Africa Luis Miguel, told Al “I am pleased to greet the Saudi authorities for the wonderful organization of the Hajj season this year, which was managed with great efficiency, which resulted in no cases of coronavirus infection being recorded among pilgrims, in addition to taking all measures to deal with emergencies.”

He also commended “enabling Saudi Arabia to achieve women’s participation in the Hajj season, which has a distinguished presence through the contributions to the security work carried out by Saudi women.”

On a separate level, the official EU spokesman stated that the coronavirus pandemic reminds everyone that health is a global public good, and that in light of this pandemic, no single country can confront it, pointing to the need for effective international cooperation and solidarity.

“We commend the role played by Saudi Arabia through the umbrella of the G20 and its support of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi). Recently, the Kingdom supported Tunisia to deal with the difficult health situation it is going through,” Miguel added.

He went on to say: “For our part, the European Union has sent Tunisia more than one million doses of a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus, 48 ​​respirators and other equipment, as part of the solidarity we need to jointly overcome the pandemic.”

It is noteworthy that Saudi Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah had announced the success of the Hajj Health Plan for this year’s Hajj 1442 AH, and that it was free from outbreaks of the coronavirus and other epidemic diseases.

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