Drones of Disaster

Having sent one of it’s most lethal drone weapons to Libya in the person of Senator McCain, the U.S. more firmly established its murderous bias in a civil war it has promoted and possibly helped organize. The frequency of propaganda reports telling of Kaddafi personally slaughtering great masses of “his own people” –” as though anyone but Libyans would be suffering in a civil war – may indicate what passes for debate in ruling power circles:

Should we kill even more Libyans, or slightly fewer Libyans?

But the slaughter continues, with the mental state of the American people almost as great a victim as the future state of the Libyans. In truth, the struggle being waged concerns continued western financial domination of the world and not simply the localized murders at the behest of private international capital.

After the initial assault on consciousness, alternative sources of information helped slightly tone down the worst excesses of western mind management. But it continues to distort, misinform and lie about a situation bloodier because of western interference. When hostilities were apparent between the government and its opponents, instead of the United Nations operating in a peace keeping capacity and separating combatants, the puppet institution went in with guns blazing. The lie of atrocities prevented by western military intervention has become the truth of atrocities caused by western military intervention. A death toll previously alleged but with no evidence of its reality has become the reality of a death toll hardly reported at all, unless victims can be blamed on the personal identification that westerners have become habituated to: a demonic monster who is single handedly killing his people, and doing this while under assault from western powers and barely avoiding assassination. So far.

Left unreported by most media are murders of black Africans by the rebels, conveniently rationalized as the killing of mercenaries hired by the evil dictator to kill his own people. The fact of Gaddafi’s popularity among many black Africans not totally owned or controlled by western colonial powers is avoided and the racial hatreds of some Libyans for blacks isn’t mentioned at all. Of course, the half white American chief executive with an African father should not be expected to do anything but represent his system, and certainly not express critical thought let alone compassion for what some might call his paternal ancestors. His job is to maintain the domain of private capital, not change it, and this latest calamity may help more people to understand that fact and end their religious faith in his representing any form of change beyond the cosmetic.

While criticism of the Libyan attack is growing on the edges of society, the center seems totally disposed to kill more people and cover the atrocity with stories of ending another in a series of dictatorships, all with some things in common even if they took different paths to arrive at the same point. That being a desire to have a measure of public rather than exclusively private control of national wealth, whether that wealth was based on what comes out of the earth or, more important, what comes out of a bank.

While spreading stories of their pending slaughter, the rebels of Libya were somehow able to form a private bank, with the aid of their European puppeteers, as well as their own oil company. It must have been very difficult for them to accomplish this task while experiencing genocide and other media created assaults from the wicked dictator who had resisted such financial changes and in fact led his country in the opposite direction. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, the free world president of change we can believe in – assuming we believe in tooth fairies and the Easter bunny –” asserted his leadership in making war in Libya in order to “maintain the flow of commerce”, said flow assuming the current of an economic tsunami in most of the world and resisted by growing numbers of earth inhabitants though hardly by their rulers. The president has let it be known that he will need billions to run for reelection and his owners are already at work collecting that sum and selecting suitably imbecilic opponents that even he can beat. Already, a particularly dumb billionaire has entered the race in order to make Sarah Palin seem intellectual by comparison and we can expect far more members of the opposition flat earth society to enter the race for superintendent of the collapsing structure. They have nothing to lose, but we face further calamity the longer this mob is allowed to stake out a future of more profits for them, with greater loss for mother earth and us.

Gaddafi’s shortcomings as a leader are or may be a problem for some Libyans, but they are none of the business of the western powers that are trying to destroy an independent attempt on the part of a nation once a member of the European slave and colonial class. The supposedly evil dictator’s popularity among many back Africans has to do with his attempts at unifying Africa and moving towards its independence from and equality with the fading great powers. That fading is a fact of life, but the faders are not going gracefully. They continue to endanger any notion of democracy and social justice as they behave like bloody maniacs, all the while claiming to support humanity, freedom and the dignity of the common people. We may be lucky that a judgmental and righteous old testament god does not rule or we might all be consumed in an enormous earthquake and holocaust that would leave nothing as evidence we’d ever been here. Luckily, that is not the case and we have the capacity to transform our world before it is destroyed by out of control forces. In order to do that, we have to stop believing myths about an alleged dictator in Libya, and most especially about an alleged liberator in the USA.