Down at the Car Wash

Yesterday as I went about my chores, I realized that my car was filthy from my moving, and I was too darn tired to clean it myself (I usually do, an old habit from Brooklyn) so I stopped off at a "gasless" car wash. They had NO gas, but were still washing cars. We are in the middle of gas "crisis?" here in Phoenix.

Standing in line next to me was a tall, cowboy hat wearing, senior citizen who seemed pretty "hep". He asked the gal at the counter when they were getting gas. She didn’t know. He asked the price, she didn’t know that either. But, when he asked her if he had to get his car washed to get gas there (when they do have it) she said YES you do. He didn’t say much, and paid his bill.

It was my turn. I paid my bill and asked the "deer in the headlights" gals behind the counter "don’t you think it’s UN-AMERICAN to force people to buy a car wash to get gas?" "don’t you see anything wrong with taking advantage of a crisis?" One gal looked away, the other said "yes I do". In my loud voice, I’m sure plenty of people heard me. After all, will they force us to buy gas if we go for a car wash too? It sickens me how people take advantage of bad situations, yet the explanation most given is "this is Capitalism, this is what makes America great". I say bullshit to that. It’s greed and it’s what’s ruining our "united" country.

Anyway, I went over to the man in the cowboy hat, and just asked him "Don’t you think it’s Un-American for people to take advantage of this situation? What are you going to do when they do have gas here?"

His answer: Buy gas ELSEWHERE. He also said yes, he found it pretty disgusting. Then we struck up a conversation. I asked him if he served our country given that he was older than me. He said yes, and then Eisenhower took his GI benefits away. I didn’t ask what that meant. He told me there used to be usary laws on the books, but they went away, and were never replaced. He said our country is going down the toilet and we should think of self sufficient hideaways in the mountains and brace for "Armaggeddon".

I said with this administration that’s a certainty.

He told me "I’m a Bush Supporter". Who would have thought that? So, I asked him if he supports our troops getting killed in Iraq while Bush hits the golf course? He said yes. He said "we had to go into Iraq". I said "why they weren’t a threat to us, but we have now created a nation of terrorists there. I asked him why not No. Korea?"

This pleasant Bush supporting cowboy said "we had to get the oil". He smiled and pointed to the situation we were currently in gas-less in Phoenix. He said Americans can’t exist without it. I said why didn’t Bush just say it was the oil instead of all the lies? How about the fact we are getting half the oil from Iraq now, than before we invaded

Iraq? Then we got into it all. Especially the lies and secrets on 9/11.

This senior American was no dope. He then says to me how illegal IRS is and we have to do away with it. He also connected the IRS to all the religions we support through it, since they don’t pay any taxes, including his own Rabbi.

Well, of course I was there with him, and said let’s throw in the illegal Federal Reserve too. This old guy was laughing it up now.

He said he’d like to get all the anti-abortionists too, and ask them to pay for the unwanted children that end up in our prisons years later. I was beginning to actually LIKE this guy!

He thought we should put something in the water to make people sterile. I told him it’s already there, it’s called pollution.

He then told me how he’s managed to beat many of the systems set up by the government including not registering his vehicle. How to beat many of the systems, this proud Republican Bush supporter guy! Something along the lines of registering your car in Oregon and just not putting a plate on your car. It could get you a $125 ticket he explained, but so far no one has pulled him over. I was beginning to like him more and more.

He then asked me what I do here in Phoenix, and I told him about my show, but made it very clear that I was no FAN of Bush. I shared some more info with him and he asked good questions.

When it was time for us to pick up our cars, mine registered, his not (lol) he said to me "You keep doing what you’re doing. America needs to hear what you have to say".This from a guy who listens (and quotes) Rush Limbaugh.

I watched this tall American man get into his huge gas guzzling brand new truck (with no license plate) and smiled. I actually met a Bush supporter I liked. Just goes to show that no matter what party you belong to, if you have a brain you can see what’s going on. This oldster learned how to beat the system, and see clearly what we are, and aren’t.

He did say that our Constitution has been trashed to hell, and the writing’s on the wall.

He told me not to worry about what’s being said on the air, or my being blocked from radio or TV due to my views. He said keep on keeping on, you’re voice and opinions are what Americans REALLY want to hear.

My car looks great – all 4 cylinders!