Don’t expect fair U.S. elections this time, either

The media is already sniffing a Republican victory in the upcoming election, all polls be damned. The vaunted Republican "get out the vote" machine is expected to turn a negative pre-election polling status to a clear Republican victory. And thus the corporate media whores will not be surprised when the final results are in, with the Republicans maintaining clear control of both houses of Congress.

But what is not told is the nitty gritty of "getting out the vote” — Republican-style.

That means disqualifying tens if not hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters by all sorts of laws, regulations and procedures enacted to protect the "security" of the voting process. The vast majority of those disqualified will be Democrats.

Dirty tricks are being used, including outright trickery of gullible voters, such as fliers saying that Democrats vote on Wednesday while Republicans vote on Tuesday.

And then comes the accounting, the vote counting. The Republicans have the voting machine manufacturers in their pocket and control the proprietary software that counts and records the votes. They did not go to all that trouble for the purpose of running fair elections, did they?

To the powers that be, especially the Bush Administration, voting is the supreme privilege of Americans, and that does NOT include applying your vote to the final tally. The victors appoint themselves and the voters just get to feel like they participated. Democrats vote, but the Republican machines either discard their votes or switch them to Republican candidates. Not all the time, or perhaps even most of the time, but often enough to make sure that Republican candidates win.

The American public is so disengaged and so dependent on fake news from the corporate media that this makes little stir. It is SO much trouble to miss an hour or two to vote these days that Americans can hardly be troubled to try to be aware of whether their votes were accurately counted, and the sad truth is that enough votes are improperly counted, enough votes are discarded, enough voters are turned away, that the outcome is predetermined. How else can Karl Rove be so sure that his team will win?

And Karl Rove IS sure his team will win. The Republicans play to win. Participation is not their cup of tea. Victory and humiliation of the opponent is the name of the power game, and that is the only game in town these days.

Do not be surprised to see a major Republican victory with complete control of the government. There are yet more wars to fight during the waning years of the Bush Administration, and there is no time to be wasted entertaining Democrat dreams, say the powers that be.