“Don’t Bother to Knock”


Swift schism é through the exit of some front-line disciples é from the arena of a few political parties, reared by ‘miraculous surfacing of grand alliances’ éby and large –an album of the sets of divergent insight before the October polls portrays the advent of an astounding course for the materialization of an ideal egalitarian set-up in the times ahead.

This track é in a way é is the manifestation of a widespread view that é perceptibly — a ‘singular’ set is not in position to accomplish the echelon of becoming a ‘majority party’ in the Parliament ‘ to serve the people’ é an alluring slogan, the none-fulfilment of which has not only eroded vistas for a stable political set-up in Pakistan é for well over two decades é but also paved ways for the aliens to raise eye-brows vis-é-vis Pakistan’s shifting scenarios in the past. On some junctures such extraterrestrial species even set off to the degree of ‘coming out of sleeves’ é by inferring into Pakistan’s internal affairs é a bizarre detrimental pose towards a sovereign state. The newest is the stance which depicts the inauspicious annotations by the boss of the European Union’s delegation –which have been censured by every pragmatic patriotic citizen of Pakistan.

With varied mind-sets, it is amazing that even the arch political rivals of the recent past are now ready ‘to join hands-in-gloves’ é visibly é to clutch the chair-of-power with one maneuver or the other, with a munificent offer to any-one to join their fold and ‘ought not bother to knock’ as, prima facie they have put their doors open for all. Least apprehensive about the upshot of such ‘alliances’ é not to talk of the peoples’ chronic dilemma — most of the politicians have not yet come out even with a clear-cut manifesto é a prelude for elections in a democratic form of governance. A rhythmic tone éof course is detectable –which synchronizes a curious objective ‘to get democracy established at all costs’, setting aside the milieus which resulted into a its cataclysmic end for reasons ‘ best known to the political headships better than the innocent masses who have always given their ‘ leaders’ optimal back-up with full zest. It is a human psyche to ‘become as authoritative as possible ‘plus ‘as affluent as the finest’ without any qualms whatsoever. Most of them are avid to catch community’s attention through print media day-after-day and enthusiastically via appearance of their pictures on the mini-screen with a singular rhetoric that é if returned to power — ‘this-and-that will be done for ‘the betterment of the fellow-citizens’ (because we always talk of ‘future’ with George Carlin’s outlook that ‘there is no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past’. With this implicit acuity, every one é joining hands now é would obviously like to ‘go out of the way’ to seek a heavier set of seats and slots é a natural phenomenon. One can’t indict a specific persona or a faction in the arena of today’s political panels. Creating news is é no doubt é an idyllic approach. Yet indeed not ‘to hoodwink the guiltless masses, already engaged in day-n-night efforts to mobilizes funds to pay their utility bills to avert ‘disconnections! ‘ of the basic needs plus stuff, essentially required for continued existence. No doubt a democratic set-up provides an ideal situation for a nation as such an organism is é by and large é based on the axiom, ‘government by the people, for the people and of the people’. Nonetheless a pre-setting for such a scenario is an essential pre-requisite for good governance as well as for a silky sailing of a best state, free from all sorts of polluted impediments like pillage of the national wealth via corruption of miscellaneous nature plus lust for clinging to the chair é disregarding distinction between merits and de-merits. Such a situation é when erupts not only gets the populace of a state disillusioned but é at the same time é allows even some foreigners to make hideous comments, which nauseate all norms of equilibrium and parameters, laid down for ‘ a true sovereign state’ in the dictionary , authored by the ‘dazzling champions’ of the ‘democratic world’.

The only apposite way thus left for the politicians is to eschew stop-gap arrangements with a singular objective just ‘to replace the present set-up’. Instead they are ought to concentrate — through realistic means é to prove to the people that they would characterize healthier in overcoming the gigantic task of trouncing all types of the problems, the masses are facing, rather than ‘collecting themselves onto one platform only until the departure of the train’ , as has been witnessed é largely in the gone-by eras when almost each and every alliance evaporated é with one pretext or the other é most explicitly over the ‘ division of statuses’. Believe me; people of Pakistan today are more conscious about their rights and obligations than before. It is now intricate to dupe them. They can not be deceived through ‘glittery slogans’. Least anxious about anyone’s ‘return’, they are in essence eager to get their day-to-day requirements fulfilled in a judicious way. That is possible only through a discipline, which can be achieved only through a pragmatic approach rather than ‘coalitions é alliances or collaborations’ by a few contenders é oblivious of the actual magnitude of their real aficionados é to whom mainstream terms as ‘the silent majority’. Let there be no illusion about the ground reality that the period before the October Elections is delicate é at home and beyond oceanic é which calls for an absolute discipline, free from all sorts of exploitations in each and every segment of the society? An anonymous observation that ‘success always occurs in private; failure in full view’ is backed by the theorist Gullen Hightower by his remarks that ‘freedom without discipline is —– chaos’. Thus it becomes all the more straightforward if one takes into reflection the words of philosopher George Garlin wherein he says and I quote ‘it is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude’. Although with the words of Oscar Wilde ! “I am not young enough to know everything” I wish to float a piece for thought for the aspirants of ‘the up-coming leadership’ to negate Oscar’s conclusion wherein he had said “I like talking to a brick wall. I find it is the only thing that never contradicts me’ by establishing their own bona fide credentials instead of getting involved into some choice which is unachievable in the times ahead. Evolution of a fair strategy é based on honesty, truth, devotion and dedication to serve the people é a prime objective, viable on entity level more rationally than getting into fragile shots is required to be the prime task before everyone. It is indispensable to guard the sacred soil of Pakistan from all genres of potential é internal or external perils with a unique aspiration to create ‘a society hallmarked by justice, merit, and totally free from corrupt practices of all kinds’ to get an everlasting position in the front row of the community of nations to thwart every ferocious act of terrorism, being perpetuated on innocent people dwelling at multiple sites including IHK by a odious country like India. Its’ thus the high time for the Pakistan’s political intellects to visualize a dazzling future é explicitly é on the eve of the 55th Independence Day with utmost sincerest impel é instead of making someone ‘a focal point’ of their acumen with propel. Every feature éinitiated by President Pervez Musharraf and his colleagues — in the best interest of the country é must persist with total fidelity é without a pause é and through joint endeavors by all é including politicians — so as to ensure ‘ an apex and fabulous future’ for Pakistan for all times to come. This shall not be an individual elevation é for any one é but for the nation in entirety to transform the magnificent wisdom of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah into a truthful realism.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.