Don’t Be Surprised to See Karl Rove on Larry King, then Charlie Rose

It shouldn’t be long now before Karl Rove starts to appear on television before the American people in ways designed to defuse the rancor over his misdeeds. Larry King will interview him with big, slow-pitch fastballs that Rove will knock clear out of the park. King: "You wouldn’t reveal a CIA agent’s name, would you, Karl?" Rove: "On no! Larry! I would NEVER do that. In fact, I didn’t even know Joe Wilson had a wife; I didn’t know her name if he was married; didn’t know her occupation if I knew her name: and I tried to keep her identity from being made public from the damned liberal media. I didn’t succeed, Larry, but that doesn’t mean I will give up trying."

And the American public will scratch their heads and say, "Our government officials wouldn’t lie to us, would they"?

The Bush administration follows the advice of the Texas criminal trial lawyer who explained how he would conduct a defense if his client was being prosecuted after the client’s dog bit someone: My client’s dog did not bite that person. My client’s dog is friendly and would not bite anyone. My client doesn’t own a dog.

Karl Rove will not admit guilt to anything, ever. Neither will Bush or Cheney. They are as pure as the driven snow. Those notes kept by the reporters are being distorted — they don’t prove wrongdoing by Rove, according to Rove. In fact, according to Rove, those notes prove his innocence, based on legal advice by Orwell.

Look for Karl Rove on Larry King soon; then Charlie Rose. Word has got to get out that the left-wing media is hounding innocent government official and real patriots.