Do Not Be Misled — "Security Concerns" are Necessary for an American Police State


There is no real problem of terrorists crossing the U.S./Mexican border disguised as Mexican immigrants — legal or illegal. The proposed rules for voting registration requiring a photo I.D. and proof of citizenship are not about security of the electorate from voter fraud.

The U.S. government is incrementally preparing and producing a police state. To effectively accomplish their goals, it is imperative to monitor the lives, whereabouts, and movements of ALL the American people and ALL residents of this country simultaneously and in real time. This is what the U.S. Government is preparing to do.

The U.S. Government knows that things are going to get bad in the homeland, real bad. The American industrial capacity is being shipped off to the lowest international bidder. Jobs are being replaced with lower-paying jobs, and cheap labor is being imported to promote competition for the crumbs that are increasingly all that is left for American workers. The American lifestyle is becoming increasingly unattainable for working class, undereducated, unmotivated people who have been manipulated into complacency. These are the people that the future U.S. government will be very afraid of and why the preparations are being made to police them en masse.

The manure may hit the blower sooner than later. It appears that Bush and his junta are going to attempt to bomb Iran back to the stone age before 2006. The reason is not that Iran is a threat, because Bush knows full well that Iran is not a threat against the American people any more than Iraq was. But bombing Iran back to the stone age is a strategic move to help deny access to petroleum to America’s fast-rising and potentially mortal rival, China. America rightly fears a China that surpasses America’s economic and eventually military might. Taking away Iran’s oil production and controlling it by the use of America’s remaining military force is a way of holding China at bay for the foreseeable future.

Of course, attacking Iran will put America at risk of international countermeasures of an economic and perhaps military nature. American may find itself isolated and under attack, in a real world emergency that will make what we have seen the last six years look like child’s play.

No one should be surprised if Bush finds a way to declare an emergency and cancels the 2008 presidential elections, leaving himself and his junta in power to deal with the contrived, but very real international emergency. When the American people rise up to protest, the police state will spring its trap and America’s democracy will be over.

Anyone who ever believed that George W. Bush was a friend of freedom and democracy will understand fully the full error of their thinking. If Bush does not stand down as president in 2008, America will have lost its freedom, its prospects, and its status in the world and the rest of the century will not be kind to us.