Dissecting the Bush Presidency

While many Americans dreaded the potential presidency of George W. Bush, who was without doubt the least qualified candidate to run for the office in recent memory, the reality far exceeds the worst predictions. Perhaps one way to evaluate this presidency is to examine some of the departments of the Federal Government under Bush, and some of the personnel.

Department of Defense – should be renamed Department of Conquest and Foreign Colonization; heavily influenced by corporate elite, radical pro-Zionists, and oil-industry executives for the purpose of securing American petroleum supplies for the remainder of the century and securing Israel from “threats” by the oppressed masses of Palestinians.

Department of State better called “Department of Threats and Intimidation of Foreign Powers; whereas George W. Bush campaigned as against “nation building”, the new department of state literally focuses on destroying foreign infrastructures via the U.S. military, and then literally “rebuilding” nations by taking their resources and funding American corporations with lucrative contracts. Former allies not cooperating fully with the American program are shunned and denied participation in the economic windfalls created by the war making of the current administration. The chief diplomatic technique of the Bush administration is the threat, followed by the admonishment, and then open warfare.

Department of Justice under John Ashcroft is known as the “Department of Injustice and Detainment”; secret arrests and illegal imprisonment are the order of the day. Americans have no privacy from the department of injustice any more. The future holds promise of deportations of American natural born citizens and civil rights are not honored because “security” requires waving of freedoms. Thus, America fights for “freedoms” of other nations, while denying freedoms to American citizens, and denies justice to all. Future plans are to increase detainments of U.S. dissidents with no access to attorneys and with indefinite incarceration with no criminal charges whatsoever.

Department of the Interior now called Department of Liquidation and Pollution; environmentalism is now equated by the Bush administration with terrorism. Any natural resource of value is to be liquidated and sold to the lowest bidder (among the multi-national corporate liquidators). Old growth forests and endangered species are to be liquidated into the bank accounts and portfolios of the billionaire elite. Water quality and air quality are considered too great impediments to corporate profitability. Poor citizens are encouraged to buy water filters and air filters or simply to cut back on their use of air and water to preserve their health.

Department of the Treasury Renamed Department of Wealth Transfer; big deficits mean cut-backs of social programs for the lower-income class. Tax advantages make the rich richer; and tax breaks for the poor are designed to boost discretionary spending on items that will continue to build the wealth of the corporate elite. Tax breaks for the rich are designed to filter a small amount of jobs to the worker class and the needy, and a large amount of cash to the bank accounts of the greedy.

Department of Labor Renamed “Department of Worker Repression”; cut wages and eliminate benefits; fight unions and transfer American jobs overseas; recruit cheap foreign labor and deny consumer rights. Encourage looting of pension funds. Ignore corporate corruption and protect Presidential friends from prosecution.

The Bush philosophy in a nutshell: Tax reduction, Corporate Corruption, Warmongering Destruction.

Shall we give him 4 more years?

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.