Determined Zionists Versus Leaderless Arabs

Determined Zionists Versus Leaderless Arabs

The Arab states continue to live under the illusion that Israel wants peace based on justice to the people of Palestine. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Israel indeed wants peace, but the peace it wants is based on a secure Israel that will continue to usurp Palestinians lands and that will continue to deprive the people of Palestine of a meaningful independence and statehood. This is what Muslims everywhere will not accept and will resent and resist with all their resources.

If history can serve as a reference point,  despite the lack of resolve by Arab leaders, Muslims will unite as they did when they crushed the Crusades. One day they will join forces and rise to rescue and liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque from the last vestiges of Zionist tyranny. The Arab masses, disgusted with their corrupt leaders, will one day join the Muslims of the world in the unified march to Jerusalem. It will be the solemn task of all Muslims to liberate the Dome of the Rock from the Zionist occupiers.

In many Arab states, the angry masses are resentful of the meaningless paper announcements and the official communiqués designed to alleviate their anxiety,  but that makes no real sense to what needs to be done. These concerned masses often point to the timid and wasteful efforts, on paper, which fail to attain any concrete results. To them, these efforts are void of reason and do not seem to face reality. The harsh reality facing the masses of the Arab World today is that most Arab leaders are devoid of the moral authority needed to liberate Palestine. These leader have outlived their relevance and usefulness.

In his book, The Failure of Political Islam, 1995, Olivier Roy contends that Muslim societies start with their leaders. We respectfully believe that this French scholar may be pointing out to reverse structure. It seems to us that the West needs to understand the changing times, the essence of which is that the world today faces formidable challenges. These challenge call for change. The main question is how to usher in change, by peaceful means, into the fabric of a society that craves change, which society is cursed by leaders who are inept, corrupt and intellectually bankrupt. Unfortunately for the Muslim World, the West is indifferent to this paradox, This indifference is one of the greatest threats to world peace.

One main aspect to this indifference is that the Jewish population of Israel is determined to dislodge the people of Palestine, who are mostly Muslims, from their homeland, while the West closes its eyes to this horrific tragedy. Any group of people who aim to deprive another group of their homeland, by all means available, whether legitimate or illegitimate, can never be said to want peace. Yet the West advances to the aggressors funds and weapons to attain their goal.

Undoubtedly, the Israelis have been enjoining established institutions throughout the world to help them sustain the Jewish state, portraying to Palestinians as intruders, when the Palestinians are the true owners of the land on which Israel was built.

In 1989, I proposed to an influential Arab Foreign Minister the development of an institute of conflict analysis and management. Despite reminders, the Minister failed to respond. I believe that the Gulf War could have been averted if my proposal was heeded. The hard  facts indicate that Muslims have no representative spokesmen to express with intellectual honesty the reasons behind a crisis when it erupts. On the other hand, western leader provide a comprehensive system psychological and political information, which is sometimes inaccurate, to keep their citizens informed of what is happening from a biased point of view, which is often one-sided.


Mohammed VI

Bashar Assad


British Role Key to Tragedy

Sometimes, Muslims leader are prone to use rhetoric, while ignoring the strategic objectives of an even or of a crisis. They are likely to emphasize demands from an enemy who knows well their weaknesses and political inaction. Viewing history, the British for example conspired to transform the problem of Jewish persecution into a problem for Palestine. They did that by suggesting Palestine become a home for Jews, ignoring the fact that an entire Palestinian population would be deprived of its lands and livelihood by such an undertaking. Through an unrelenting campaign of propaganda and ruthless disinformation, the British created a problem for the people of Palestine not of the Palestinians’ making. To solve the problem of the Jewish people, who were viewed by Europeans as problematic in society and politics, the British made the Palestinian their targeted victims. The British conspiracy against the people of Palestine is one of the most tragic events of modern times.

One wonder, from the Balfour Declaration onward, how most Arab policy planners could continue to see the British colonialists, who betrayed and deprived them of their homes and rights, as reliable friends. One can also hardly believe how history has been misrepresented. For example, while Romans displaced and persecuted Jews, Muslim Arabs allowed Jews to re-enter Palestine. Yet today it is these same Jews who have displaced the Muslims Arabs of Palestine who welcomed them as brothers in their midst.

Forces Behind Zionism

Muslims and Arabs must not ignore history. The Americans and the British are committed to Zionism, the ideology that plans and strives to establish Palestine as a wholly Jewish state at the the expense of Palestine’s Arab and Muslims population. The Zionists, whose plans and strategic priorities were to occupy more Arab lands, and to terrorize the Palestinian people and to deny them their civil liberties and human rights, are supported blindly by the West. This support has rendered the helpless civilian Palestinians refugees without a home and without means for living. Most Muslims and Arabs have reacted emotionally to this situation, which is beyond their comprehension and control. By returning to the Palestinians a token portion of hte land stolen from them, the Palestinians are urged by the West in general and the United States in particular to view the Israel Jews as generous and magnanimous, who treat them as “equal partners” in a negotiated peace settlement of the Palestine problem.


Hosni Mubarak

Yasser Arafat

Abdullah II

Arab Leadership Ignored Influx From USSR

Discarding a rush to judgment, one can hardly believe that a thief should be rewarded for his cruel behavior. While the Palestinians remain in refugee camps, under subhuman conditions, with active American blessings during the 90s, more than two million Jews were transferred to Palestine mostly from the former USSR and the Eastern Europe. What kind of justice is this? Yet the Arab leadership did nothing to question the planned influx of foreign Jews into Palestine. If the Arab leadership is supportive of the idea of a one-sided peace, a peace that is designed to perpetuate a racist, Zionist state, then they will one day pay a heavy price for this support. These Arab leaders either know little about the Zionist mind, or do not care what may be the fate of of the people of Palestine. They may not know that Zionists are taught and trained to disrespect the Muslims and Arab culture. They hold in contempt Islamic values. They have no regard for Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa, the first Muslim Qibleh and the the third holiest shrine of Islam. To expect Zionists to respect Arab concerns over Palestine and its sacred Islamic shrines is the height of folly. Muslims and Arabs must have a realistic perception of Zionism. Then and only then will there be peace. There is no valid purpose for making repeated paper resolutions at the UN, or at the Arab League in Cairo, or at a Middle East Economic Conference in Qatar. Arab and Muslims should make realistic military and political plans to resist Zionists’ terrorism. Zionist manipulators may succeed in deceiving some Arab leaders, but most Arab intellectuals, and even the Arab masses only too aware of what Zionism is all about. They know of Zionist treachery and failure to abide by United Nations resolutions under international law and the norms of civilized conduct.

If Arab leaders should fall for the tricks of Zionists, the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue. The conflict will persist, thus breeding more violence and suffering to the people of Palestine. Muslims will then be forced to find ways to activate their participation in finding a solution for the suffering of their Muslim Palestinians brothers. Islam will then play the role expected of it under the edicts of the Holy Quran to assist the aggrieved people of Palestine.


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