Depression Strikes When Sayans Get Unravelled

Look what Sarkozy is up to in France and Musharraf in Pakistan  

Dawn reported on January 18, 2008 that General (retired) Musharraf called his opponents and critics as “misguided lunatics.” Calling others lunatic is not an argument. This simply compels others to look into the mental state of the person calling others lunatic because this is on of the signs of depression. And fear is one of the causes of depression.

The signs of Musharraf’s depression are visible. The question is, what is he afraid of? It can’t be the fear of just losing the top job.  Musharraf has a history of working for his foreign handlers.[1] Could it be that Musharraf is a Sayan?[2] There are many indications. In short, if Sarkozy[3] could be Sayan (Mossad helper),[4] why can’t Musharraf. However, with Sayan links[5] comes great depression due to the fear of exposure as well.

The first person to publicly indicate Mush’s depression was the Kashmiri leader and Hurriyat chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani. He said in a statement on December 7, 2006 that the military ruler had “lost self confidence” and is in a “state of mental depression”.[6]

This was the time when his masters in the US and UK started working on the plan to bring back Benazir, who insisted from day one that Mush will have to remove his uniform. Fear started haunting Musharraf. Not because uniform was his “second skin.”

In fact, he believed the deal and BB’s insistence on uniform may uncover his Sayan past. Depression started building up.
Musharraf’s depression manifests itself in many ways –” emotionally, mentally, and physically. We can see it clearly if we analyse several events even in his early life, such as the Kargil fiasco and his refusal to admit the dead bodies[7] were Pakistani soldiers and denying them a proper burial.

Fast forward to his lying exposed[8] by the Washington Post; his false public promises; his disrespect for human life; his proudly accepting the fact of getting paid by the CIA for handing over his own people; his averting all peaceful means only to stage a bloody drama at the mosque in Islamabad, his pleading guilty to the crimes of the United State such as shouldering responsibility for the US butchering[9] innocent Pakistanis and his actions concerning the Supreme Court.

We will see through examples below that in Musharraf’s life, not only feelings of emptiness, loneliness, frustration, and irritability, but also anger are common.

A head of state lying time and again is not normal. That can be only explained by your study of Psychology 101. All these signs indicate he is a depressed person who is not in his right senses. Being a depressed person, he was able to weave stories for the West (the ones West wanted to hear) and he became a darling. Now he has been discovered and they are trying to dump him.

The delay is only due to his final offers for milking him to the last drop and his handlers search for a suitable replacement.
Musharraf has been showing the signs of a compulsive gambler.[10] Now he is becoming suicidal. In some cases, depression and personality disorder lead to strange behaviour. When religious beliefs, society norms, position, opportunity, lack of courage, etc. are a hurdle to open suicide then a patient can sub-consciously choose extremely risky and irrational behaviour, like dangerous driving, excessive drinking, fooling around with law enforcement personnel so that some one else may take the blame of the murder looking suicide. In the case of Musharraf, he is at war path with his own people. He is playing bombing his own people, invading parts of his own country, creating more and more “terrorists,”, and fooling around with the constitution, law and general public. Is he, sub-consciously determined to destroy Pakistan if he can’t continue to be the boss for ever? 
Musharraf had a personality problem since his days at the Forman Christian College. He is clinically depressed since September 2006, at least.

Pakistanis and impartial analysts the world over are still wondering at what Musharraf did on November 3, 2007. They are trying to find a rational explanation. However, the only reason they see is his megalomaniac designs to perpetuate himself in power, considering himself the most wise and indispensable person. Depressed people think their view of events is true even in the presence of other evidence to the contrary.
The Supreme Court case started stirring in the latter part of 2006. He was told the legal position. He was told he never got assembly approval for “Army man to be in politics”. The slide started. He tried to buy the Supreme Court. The Court said, it will decide “Constitutionally”.

After September 2006, a look at the summaries of the Cabinet meetings gives us a lot about the state of Mush’s depression. He was rambling for hours. He was reported to be very irritated. Every scenario that was painted before him brought the Court in the way. He was basically a hostage of four Generals who were with him on March 9, 2007.

Next examine the pictures on the right. He is perspiring at a press conference to international media in Islamabad on November 8, 2007 –” five days after his second coup. He had been “negotiating” with his masters for a Martial Law of two weeks (as reported in News). For one week he was waiting. Then the Master called and he had to go on TV to announce January 9, 2008 as the election date. Look at the amount of sweat, which is not normal indeed for a person who spent 8 years before the international media. He rambled for 15 minutes on the Supreme Court. The World press immediately pronounced it as a lie.[11]

He is on the record[12] of saying[13] and doing[14] things a rational person would normally avoid. Can a rational person be saying what he is saying and doing particularly since March 9, 2007. More important is the anger in his voice, statements[15] and his public threats.[16] That is how he was conducting Cabinet meetings. Once in PML-Q meeting after March 9, he lamented in these words: “Everyone leaves me alone.” This was reported in the press.

He also bitterly complained in public about his allies leaving him alone.[17] After dismissing the Chief justice for the first time, insiders attending one of the meetings reported, Musharraf for the first time was visibly shaken. Musharraf also told the treasury lawmakers: “I feel disturbed for the first time”.[18] According to the inside sources, Musharraf did not even allow Sehba Musharraf to go to Stanford on June 19, 2007 for their son’s graduation. Musharraf disclosed to one of his close friends that he told his wife, “tum beh mujhe choor kar ja rahi ho” [“you, too, are leaving me alone”]. Musharraf also admitted about his depression to his friend.

Musharraf started taking medication more regularly in May 2007. The widely available video clips of his speeches after this period show a marked difference in his behaviour.

Musharraf’s problems compounded when he was unable to get a lawyer to represent him in the Supreme Court as his Attorney General. The Deputy AG had resigned in protest to Musharraf’s Military Act. The root causes of Musharraf’s depression, however, go back as far at 2006 at least. Around August 2006, some writs surfaced in the Supreme Court which were pending since long. The issues were all well-known and critical, including his legality to continue in uniform and the missing persons,[19] detained illegally by Mush’s agencies.

Musharraf consulted legal experts. He was told of the unbeatable argument of Aitzaz Ahsan. On the other hand, he came to know that the assembly did not give approval to an Army Chief to indulge in Politics. Thus far, the Constitution was not amended to provide him with another opportunity to prolong his rule. He was told that the penalty for what he was planning to do was treason trial.

At this critical juncture, Musharraf was being kept informed and advised by only four Generals who were very close to him. And he was constantly in touch with his handlers.[20] And the advice was emergency. They will take care of the International Press and TV.

According to the inside sources, Musharraf was listened to and relied no one but these four Generals. The Civilian Prime Minister and Ministers were told by these four to "do" things. Orders for running the Government were coming from the four Generals.

Musharraf and his Generals tried to get Chief Justice Ifthikhar Chaudhry on board. He refused. Musharraf’s depression intensified. It is possible that he had this clinical problem since long. Musharraf became fully obsessed with the Chief justice and his “re-election” for 5 more years. No other task was important. Only an irrational person can think that a new elected assembly should accept him as a president. During this period he was very shrill. He would not listen to anyone in the cabinet and would simply ramble.

One has to note that Musharraf is a totally different person[21] when he has taken his medication. But lying he cannot give up.  For example, in this interview,[22] he lied that his son’s boss did not know that he was the president’s son. Lying about other things is clearly obvious. According to his close associates, that’s how he was since his days in Forman Christian College.

General(r) Musharraf total disconnect from the reality is evident from his statements and philosophy about the army[23] and his comments on the uniform that he will “follow the constitution.”[24]

Instead he is making the constitution follow him when he can’t do something constitutionally. His lying, denial and disconnect from the reality never stop.

Everything that he says contradicts the reality on the ground for the people. Here is an example[25] of how he is de-linking himself from the MQM and allocating specific regions to MQM at the same time. Interestingly, there are only two Pakistani based organizations, those have their offices in Israel: Ahmadi Jamat (Quadianies) and MQM. Musharraf and MQM relationship is not a secret at all. A further evidence of his disconnect with the reality is that he was dancing on May 12, 2007 in Islamabad while 42 people got killed in Karachi as a result of MQM’s terrorism.[26] Musharraf ruled out an inquiry[27] into the incident for which he was held responsible.[28]

The inferiority complex and his zeal to serve foreign masters are evident from the way he has displayed on his official[29] website a certificate[30] from Sir Antony Walker. Of course, he must have got some awards from non-colonial, leading figures as well. But his displaying a testimonial from a colonial master is a proof of his slavish mentality that made him work for foreign agencies.

Since the birds of the same feather flock together, one can clearly see the link between Mush’s playing in the hands of his foreign handlers and the associated depression and anxiety; Sarkozy’s being a SAYAN; the “very important meeting”[31] between Sarkozy and Musharraf;  Sarkozy’s betting on Musharraf[32] like Bush; and the Mush’s dancing to the tunes of Bush’s lady, Condi Rice. Could she Sayan also? See the way she conducted Lebanon War and criminally delayed the ceasefire while babies were getting killed. Moreover, Cheney’s links to Mossad[33] and Musharraf[34] are not hidden either.  
Musharraf’s sickness increases as his real face is gradually exposing before his people. Musharraf is answerable to the millions of suffering Pakistanis and Afghans, particularly those whose relatives were tortured, murdered and massacred by his arrogant, ignorant, egoistic, boastful and inhuman action and behaviour. He likes to see killings and destructions to justify the war of terror of his masters. He sacrifices his own people – let alone Afghans – to be killed in the war of aggression he could avoid only to achieve his own personal agenda. Like[35] Bush,[36] Mush is a sick psychic, mostly because of the fear that his true face is almost exposed and his handlers don’t see any more milk left in him. Like many before him, his masters hardly care if he is exposed.









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Hear this also, escape of a lawyer






















[33]. Cheney outsourced the implementation of the FALSE FLAG OPERATION to Mossad…the FALSE FLAG experts. This explains why over 200 Mossad agents were operating in the United States prior to 9/11. This explains why five of them were arrested, having been observed filming the planes hitting the towers and their subsequent collapse – celebrating our worst nightmare. See: Also see:

[34]. “Current and past U.S. officials tell me that Pakistan policy is essentially being run from Cheney’s office. The vice president, they say, is close to Musharraf and refuses to brook any U.S. criticism of him. This all fits; in recent months, I’m told, Pakistani opposition politicians visiting Washington have been ushered in to meet Cheney’s aides, rather than taken to the State Department,” writes Ahmed Rashid in the Washington Post.