Demonization and Competition in the Final Years of the Age of Abundant Oil

Iran is not a natural enemy of the U.S. Nor is Venezuela. Nor were Iraq and its people. But all possess large quantities of petroleum and all were considered by Zionist neo-cons to be vulnerable to ultimate control by the U.S. through installation of proxy governments if not by outright warfare.

How do you change a government that was democratically elected in a non-enemy State such as Venezuela or Iran? You demonize the leadership. You lie. You fabricate. You embellish. You make Hugo Chavez appear to be a dictator when he is the recurrent winner of fair democratic elections by huge margins. You make the Iranian leadership sound extremist and use the term "radical" to confuse the woefully uninformed American public. You demonize through the use of double standards and hypocrisy, as if American arming of its friends in the region is fine and dandy, but Iranian arming of its friends in the region is dangerous and destabilizing.

The end of the age of abundant oil is here and the "good old days" can never return due to geological realities. Iran and Venezuela and Iraq have become our enemies because they had the resources we coveted and we have had to demonize their leadership in order to create openings for the ultimate taking or control of those resources. It is not unthinkable that the future may call for similar measures against Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and other nations of the world whose resources the U.S. covets. Perhaps the reason that Saudi Arabia has not been on the early "hit list" is that the American government knows that Saudi Arabia has already reached Hubbert’s Peak of all-time oil production and will no longer be as useful to satisfying the American thirst for oil moving forward.

But don’t be surprised if China, India, and Russia all receive increasing levels of demonization because they are competitors with the U.S. for a shrinking pool of resources. War with any and all of these states is a real possibility in the future, though blackmail, bribery, coercion, and other tactics are preferred.

Ultimately, the end of the age of abundant oil will curse the American people themselves in ways no one could have predicted even ten years ago. The U.S. is incrementally, but systematically becoming a surveillance state. Eventually, the citizenry of the U.S. itself will all be viewed as potential terrorists, particularly as the public begins to belatedly grasp the situation and the utter lack of ethics and morals by the rich and powerful. When the American public are forced by limited resources to switch from Uber-consumers to burdens to the rich, they will become expendable, even dangerous threats.

The American public will have already put themselves under the thumb of the government, who can monitor electronic transactions of finance and communications already. The "conveniences" associated with the use of plastic money, electronic communications, and their accompanying tractability will become rued by Americans whose lives in a few years will be anything but convenient.

Demonization starts abroad, but will spread back to homeport. The chickens will come home to roost, and the American people will eventually find that they have been had, chewed up, and discarded as the citizens of Fallujah and Baghdad have been.

Dick Cheney values the American way of life as long as it puts millions of dollars in his pocket. American lives are of far less consequence to the Prince of Darkness, and he will protect his bottom with Secret Service protection after retirement from government "service" even as the Republic he helped bring down falters from his mal-administration.

The future is increasingly bleak, but the economic numbers are all cooked. The reputations of foreign nations are cooked and demonization makes the dirty work of destroying competitors that much easier.

Things in the future will be far uglier than they are now. The good old days are gone, but still within memory. Children born since the year 2000 in the good old U.S. of A. will curse their forebears because they will never live the American Dream as has been true in the past. The Democrats and the Republicans are all to blame and no one can now come to the rescue. As Hunter Thompson would say, "Buy the ticket and take the ride." There is a very rough ride ahead for America and the ticket is not refundable.