Democracy begins at home

When major media echoed Obama’s “winding down” military operations in Afghanistan it merely repeated Viet Nam era lies . As that war became so costly that it could only be continued at bargain rates, the USA removed some of its troops and turned the major killing responsibility over to the Viet Namese. “Changing the color of the bodies” enabled mind managers to proclaim that hostilities were “winding down”. They actually continued for several more years until defeat was so imminent we were forced out before cracking the nation’s social and financial structure.

Now, we’re told that troops who weren’t there when Obama took office would soon come home, leaving more troops there than before he was elected and switching the policy to automated robot killings. This drone assassination technique has had great success at murdering innocent people when an errant robot hits families having dinner instead of cults plotting terror. Is this change we can believe in or the imperial status quo pursued under a multi-cultural president? We can only shudder at how long it may take a hacker to turn one of these things around and send it back to its point of origin.

As murderous peace continues in Iraquistan and the depressing recession continues ending at home, the president of nimble talk and spineless walk proclaims change in policy towards Israel; he will separate his scraping from his bowing. This is wildly lauded by those desperate to find something to praise in a failed regime which owes its future to the nearly imbecilic opposition. When Netanyahu treats the American congress like an AIPAC meeting and that congress behaves as a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate israel, Americans need to wonder why they put up with such nonsense and how much longer it will be tolerated by the rest of the world, if not nature itself.

The Libyan slaughter continues as the European hit team trying to perpetuate the white man’s empire are running into the cost of warfare as their societies show signs of crumbling from within. Workers fight savage cuts to public spending while their privately controlled governments kill Libyans to maintain their former control of Africa. Under Khadaffi, the latest in a demonized line of leaders of former colonies ,Libya became a prosperous country with the highest standard of living on the continent. It has played a major role in attempting to organize the former European dominated region into an independent member of what passes for an international community controlled by very few nations and even fewer banks. While hagiography may overdo his virtues, the delirious propaganda about the Libyan leader should come from people wearing propeller beanies and drooling on themselves. Unfortunately, they look like typical class servants to power as they spout incredible tales of terror that have less relation to reality than do the ravings of a Fox TV commentator. The revival of a Reagan era script that called Khadaffi a madman bent on global destruction should clarify the foreign policy of presidents as allegedly different as arch-conservative Reagan and arch-liberal Obama: There is no difference.

The system is the same, whether represented by a speech reading flunky from the old all-white school or a speech reading flunky from the new half-white academy.

The global rule of finance capital has brought the system closer to collapse than it ever was under industrial-productive domination. While the devastation of environments owes its beginning to the profit accumulation lust of private capital, production at least created commerce that benefited some, though always at the expense of others. Nevertheless, the rising material status of a growing middle class in many nations could help cover the blight on global conditions that were the cost of this advance. But under financial rule profiteers greatly decline in numbers as their obscene wealth grows, inequality increases and those formerly able to enjoy some benefits of material production are reduced to buying the goods and services of survival on credit. This contradiction between a shrinking minority that expands its wealth at the expense of a growing majority that pays for it with debt and poverty is leading to social explosions.

Outside the castles and casinos of affluence masses are beginning to create the most dangerous threat minority rule has ever faced: democratic majorities threatening to take control of political, economic and natural environments. Nothing terrifies the imperial rulers more and present vicious attacks on pubic spending in the developed states and on disobedient regimes in the developing ones are signs of their terror.

Citizens of the USA are threatened with more devastation of what pitiful social services remain in order to assure growing wealth for a minority and continued wars all over the world. Even supposedly untouchable programs like social security are menaced by a president afraid he may be thought not pragmatic enough to be refinanced by his masters. But his disgraceful performance is exactly what they hired him to give.

In Europe, Africa and across the Arab world social desperation is bringing on an aroused population demanding transformational and not simply rhetorical change. The level of desperation here in the USA has hardly reached a point of total social breakdown, but if the conscious desire for democracy doesn’t come soon and create a majority out of minorities, it will. Motivated humanitarians who try to reach Gaza with compassionate letters of support would be better advised to descend on Washington DC with letters of contempt. Attention needs to be focused on the imperial center from which not only Israel but the entire axis of domination originates. It is long past time for the American people to take action, and that action should begin and end right here in the USA.