Delusional Sharon Can’t Remember Family History



On Feb 22, in remarks intended to rally Israelis to escalate the violence against the Palestinians, Sharon claimed that he, his father and grandfather had been fighting the Palestinians for 120 years.  The only problem is that his father didn’t immigrate to the Holy Land until 1921, after Palestine passed from the hands of the Turks to become a British mandate.  Sharon’s father, Samuel, immigrated from Brest Litovsk, which was then part of the Soviet Union.   The story is that his parents had moved to Palestine to avoid an anti-Zionist purge by the Red Army. There is nothing to indicate his Grandfather ever set foot in Palestine. And where did Sharon come up with 120 years?  A century ago, only Jerusalem and Tiberias had Jewish populations of any significance.  Until the British took over the administration of the colony, the Jews of Palestine lived as Turkish subjects along with Palestinian Muslims and Christians who together made up over 95% of the population at the start of the British Mandate.

Inflating the span of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a common ruse to give the Israelis ‘ancient’ credentials.  One of the reasons the Zionists deliberately destroyed their native Yiddish culture, including killing the Yiddish language, was to cut all traces to their Central European origins.  It was a unique act of cultural self-emmulation for the greater political goal of creating the myth of a ‘reborn ancient people returning to the promised land’.   A cursory check of the birthplaces of Begin, Ben Gurion, Abba Eban, Shamir and Golda Meir will clearly demonstrate where these people came from. The conflict between the native Palestinians and Yiddish colonial invaders dates back to the early 1920s.  It is not only Sharon and his Likudnik partners in crime who inflate the span of the conflict.  I recently heard Senator Lieberman voice the opinion that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict had raged on ‘for centuries’. Of course, he knew better. But, he is a Senator and that is close enough to the truth for a Senator with Yiddish supremacist leanings. Each Israeli political faction distorts the span of the conflict to suit their particular political fantasy.

Someone needs to remind the delusional Sharon that he was born Ariel Sheinerman on 9/27/1928 in Kfar Malal, north of Tel Aviv, to Russian immigrant parents who had just landed in Palestine in 1921. His daddy’s name was Samuel Sheinerman and his Moma was Vera. And due to genetics, he was born a war criminal and a compulsive liar. Even his mentor, Menachem Begin, a notorious war criminal who was also born in Brest Litovsk, said that Sharon is deceptive.

Once we clear up the story of his family past, maybe Sharon can start explaining a few details about his long rap sheet of war crimes.

Of Course, Sharon can make up whatever fiction he wants and have it go unchallenged by his fellow travelers at the New York Times and CNN.

Will Ariel Sheinerman be made to explain why he doctored his personal past? Don’t count on Sulzberger’s crew to ask any hard questions.  If a prominent political personality of any other nationality made such outlandish claims about his ‘roots’, you can bet that we would have a breaking story on our hands.