Cynical nature of immoral former Iraqi sanctions becomes more evident with time

We know that for a decade or more, the U.S. government, under presidents of both parties, systematically starved the Iraqi people of the ability to conduct international commerce. We know that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children as well as adults died from the immediate results of the U.S. led sanctions that deprived Iraqis of vital medical supplies and infrastructure that would have preserved innocent lives and prevented mass numbers of innocent deaths. We know that those sanctions so weakened the Iraqi military that no meaningful military resistance could slow down, much less stop an American invasion, colonization, and occupation of the country, forcing Iraqi nationalists to resort to guerilla warfare tactics. These Iraqi tactics would play into the propaganda needs of the U.S. colonizers, who would call any guerilla resistance by the new term of "terrorism" Now, we see more of the cynicism that must have been involved in the long-term U.S. plan to overthrow Saddam Hussein under the U.S. doctrine — "What Uncle Sam Giveth; Uncle Sam Removeth When He Damn Well Pleases"

Recall that Saddam Hussein himself was substantially aided into power with the assistance of the American CIA and government. For years, the US armed Hussein with weapons of mass destruction (yes, the very weapons we because so concerned about years down the road), and we considered Saddam Hussein and his regime to be buffers in our competition with Iran. For a time, the Iraqi people thrived under Saddam Hussein’s rule, with among the highest education and standard of living of any Arab nation. The Iraqis enjoyed their highest standard of living under Saddam Hussein, even as he repressed and killed insurgents and threats to his own hegemony — again with full American knowledge and acquiescence. All of that changed, not when Saddam became vile to the Iraqi people, but when he ceased cooperating adequately with the US government in matters of commerce, such as pipeline installations favored by the US and rejected by Saddam.

So, in order to ultimately remove Saddam Hussein and control Iraqi society with a new Vichy-style government, the U.S. first engaged in a long-term campaign of imposing severe suffering on the Iraqi people by the sanctions. Starvation, illness, and infrastructure decay were imposed on the Iraqi people by the American government through these sanctions. Appeals by prominent world leaders and UN administrators to lift the sanctions were ignored, and the suffering of the Iraqi innocents by the US was continued — and apparently there was a deliberate strategy involved that is now showing its ugly, cynical self.

We know that even Bill Clinton proposed a national (US) goal of removing Saddam Husssein from power. Now that Saddam has been removed, the cynical nature of the sanctions is revealed. Now the U.S. blames Saddam Hussein for ALL the suffering of his people, and the American public, never bothering to investigate the truth, sees a "recovery" of the Iraqi people and treats Saddam as the instigator and the US government as the benefactor. The reality is far different, but the cynicism continues. Now the Iraqi people themselves may be quick to forget the source of their previous woes, and quick to accept the artificial reviving of their economy and the reprovisioning of their infrastructure and consumer larder. Now many of the Iraqis themselves may be so happy to see the end of sanctions and the promise of more consumer goods that they will quickly acquiesce to a fraudulent new system that will systematically suck the profits out of the Iraqi economy and into the US corporate financial system.

Again, it is generally unknown to the American people, but American corporations and banks and institutions have been placed in leadership and ownership roles throughout the entire Iraqi economy. American corporations and their lackeys are writing the entire set of regulations of the Iraqi government and economic protocols. American institutions, banks and corporations have been awarded ownership of Iraqi infrastructure and corporations and institutions and will siphon the profits in short order. Ultimately, Iraqis will pay for their own subjugation and colonization and Iraqi wealth will be taken off to New York and Chicago and probably even Tel Aviv.

While Iraqis may enjoy the re provisioning of their economy now, after suffering years and years of US caused deprivations, the day will come when Iraqis will be enslaved to US corporations just as US citizens are. President Bush talks about "freedom", but Iraqis will not be free, even as Americans are not free. Americans are enslaved to their jobs and their debts and their standard of living in ways that Iraqis will eventually experience.

The principal freedom the Iraqi people have now is freedom to be fully exploited by American corporations. Iraqis should take a look at Haiti and see how that experience will affect them.