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For a day or so there was a lull in CNN’s hate propaganda against Islam and the Muslims. Maybe, we thought, that CNN was turning a new leaf and hopefully become representative of different shades of opinion. During that brief period we heard some kind words like Islam was the fastest growing religion in America and that Muslims too abhorred terrorism as much as the ‘civilised world’. The Bush trip to the Washington Islamic Centre and his speech there was also featured in the news.

But foolish of us for thinking CNN is changing for the better! Yesterday CNN once again was in full cry slandering the Muslims and projecting Islam as a fanatical religion. All they needed were a few pictures of some Muslims dancing, screaming and waving copies of the Qur’an like as if they were in some kind of frenzy; and a ‘talking head’ on ‘Islamic terrorism’ to give his ‘expert’ comments. CNN, after all, is owned by a Jewish entrepreneur, Ted Turner, and is only one in a long list of the Zionist propaganda apparatus.   Hence to expect CNN to give us impartial views is asking for too much.

It seems that more Jewish entrepreneurs are getting into the media business. Rupert Murdoch is one of them. He is the owner of Star TV and it is believed he has a big share in ZEE TV of India. He also bought the New York Daily Mirror immediately after which he sent a memo to its editors telling them that their criticism of Israel and Zionism must end or they will be out on the street looking for other jobs. Murdock’s former name is Mordecai.

In 1945 more that 80% of US media were independent. However, by 1994 just 23 corporations owned more than 80% of media outlets in the US. The Washington Post (owners of TIME magazine) is owned by Jewish Zionists, as is The New York Times.

The picture given to the American and also to the British public by ‘their’ media is that their countries are engaged in a ‘crusade’ as the good guys to give the ‘uncivilised’ world democracy and freedom. It’s a new version of the White man’s burden. Never has the Western media ever told them that their countries are indeed seen as Terrorist States along with their ally Israel, which has been planted in the Middle East, as we were told at the start of the Palestinian occupation, as a bastion of ‘Western Civilisation’ in a sea of ‘uncivilised’ Arabs.

More than 10 million Non-Whites (more than half the Australian population) have been slaughtered by these three ‘terrorist states’ since World War II ended. But the American or the British people are never told that. What is at play here is RACISM. It’s easier to kill Non-White people because already ‘their’ media has projected to them that these people are sub human, badly in need of ‘civilisation’ by Western Nations. So pictures of Non-White Iraqi mothers or Non White Vietnamese mothers crying for their dead children don’t feature in the Western Media. And even if they do sometimes they somehow won’t evoke the kind sympathy and sorrow that is evoked when pictures of Americans crying for the dead are shown .So pictures of White folks crying for their dead with Gospel music in the background after the American bombings are featured frequently on our TV sets evoking sympathy and passions in the audiences. …and of course a cry for revenge. It seems Non White mothers are not equal as human beings to the White mothers. Perhaps Charles Darwin’s’ theory of evolution where he places the White man on the top of the heap as the ‘most evolved’ has taken root in the White folk’s psyche. Of course, one cannot paint all the White folk with the same brush. There are many of them who are conscious of the atrocities their countries have committed in recent history; and they are doing something about it.

But theirs is an uphill task, especially as the media moves into gear with its hate propaganda against the Muslims and Islam in particular and the rest of the Non-White World in general. (Extremists White Christians have attacked a ‘Lebanese’ Church Australia. in an act of vengeance over the American bombing.) No church or synagogues in Muslim lands have been attacked in spite of the terrible atrocities that the West along with Israel has committed against Palestinians and Iraqi Muslims and Christians. The Synagogue in Kabul is still standing.  This should serve as an example to those countries that claim to be ‘civilised’.

The role of the Western media has always been to ‘manufacture or engineer public consent’ in the West’s favour as it launches its many campaigns abroad in pursuit of its objectives to globalise the world for its own benefit and to the distinct disadvantage of the ‘third world’. The home audiences will be ‘engineered’ to stand up and cheer oblivious of the fright that such a campaign provokes in those living in ‘third world’ countries. Such is the power of the Western media. The ‘home’ audiences are blissfully unaware of events or feelings of people in other parts of the world. What they know is what ‘their’ media tells them. And the media ensures that they know only what the corporations, multinationals or their governments want them to know. The Western media is unique in ‘the range and effectiveness of the methods employed to RESTRAIN freedom of thought’, because largely the ‘home’ audiences are seen as ‘less endowed’. Reinhold Niebuhr (in 1932) said that given “the stupidity of the average man it is the responsibility of the ‘cool observers” to provide the “necessary illusions” that provides the faith that must be instilled in the minds of the less endowed” (cited by Richard Fox, Reinhold Niebuhr Pantheon 1985, 138, and quoted by Noam Chomsky in his book Pirates and Emperors). The ‘home’ audiences must become conscious of the claim that ‘their’ media is free is nothing but  “necessary illusions”. Besides a ‘free’ media is not necessarily a true media. In some ‘third world’ countries, like India and Sri Lanka, a large section of the media is actually ‘free’ and ‘true’. Government Media in these countries have been so biased that a ‘free media movement’ has actually grown and prospered.

The claims of being ‘free and fair’ that the western media makes are nothing but nonsense. If they are honest and true to their word then they should give the same time and exposure to scholars and journalists like Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, John Mahoney, Richard Curtis, Ramsay Clark (past US attorney general) Edward Said, John Pilger and others of their mindset that they give to ‘their experts’. But then these honourable people are regarded as ‘dissidents’ and as such are treated with contempt by the elite media. But remember it was the same media that gave extensive exposure to Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Why was that? Was it because he was a Russian dissident that he was given that exposure and ‘progressive’ coverage? Or the Chinese dissidents over the Tiannamen Square incident? Were they pro-democracy or pro-west dissidents? If it were democracy and freedom that the west wishes to promote then why did they support the cancellation of democratic election in Algeria that the FIS, an Islamic party won hands down? These are questions that need answers…fas

The terrorist attack on America, which deserves to be condemned, was not an attack against the cherished principles of freedom and democracy as the Americans claim; rather it was a retaliation of America’s support of terrorism and oppression of people in Palestine and elsewhere. It’s time America and her good people asked WHY they were subject to such a terrible attack. The answers would be an eye opener. The sooner the question is asked the better; or else the world would be engulfed in flames and those ‘doomsday cultists’ would have their ‘prayers’ answered and the elite media will be left spewing its venom against Islam and the Muslims if humanity is still around.