COVID-19: Brazil reaches 526,400 cases, 29,900 deaths

COVID-19: Brazil reaches 526,400 cases, 29,900 deaths

The daily report released by the Health Ministry on Monday (Jun. 1) includes 12,246 new people infected with COVID-19, bringing the total to 526.447, up 2.3 percent from Sunday (May 31), when the number of people infected stood at 514,200.

The updated figures show 623 new related deaths, raising obits throughout the country to 29,937, up 2.1 percent from the previous day’s 29,314.

Of the total case tally, 285,430 are being monitored and 211,080 have recovered. There are also 4,412 deaths being analyzed.


São Paulo is still the epicenter of the disease in the country, with the highest death toll (7,667), followed by Rio de Janeiro (5,462), Ceará (3,188), Pará (2,925), and Pernambuco (2,875). Deaths have also been notified in all 22 other Brazilian states.

According to the global map by Johns Hopkins University, Brazil ranks second only to the US (1.8 million) in the number of cases. The country occupies the fourth position in the amount of deaths, behind Italy, (33,475), the UK (39,127), and the US (104,812). Brazil is lower on the list when figures are considered in proportion with its population.

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