COVID-19: Brazil has 67,860 new cases in 24h

COVID-19: Brazil has 67,860 new cases in 24h

The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Brazil reached 2,227,514 since the beginning of the pandemic. Among the figures released by the Health Ministry on Wednesday (Jul. 22) is the highest number of positive diagnoses of COVID-19 in 24 hours: 67,860.

The daily update also shows 1,294 deaths from Tuesday to Wednesday, bringing the death toll to 82,771. There are also 3,795 fatal cases under investigation.

According to the ministry, 1,532,138 people have recovered from COVID-19, 68.8 percent of the people infected with the virus. A total of 612,605 patients are being monitored.

The lethality rate (number of deaths divided by the amount of cases) stood at 3.7 percent. The mortality rate (deaths for every 100 thousand people) reached 39.4. The incidence of COVID-19 cases for every 100 thousand people is 1,060.

COVID-19 across the states

The states with the highest number of deaths are São Paulo (20,532), Rio de Janeiro (12,443), Ceará (7,317), Pernambuco (6,152), and Pará (5,581). The ones with the lowest number of fatal cases are Mato Grosso do Sul (257), Tocantins (315), Roraima (451), Acre (470) e Amapá (544).

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