Countries’ interests or coalitions control the decision for war and peace

For the sixth day in a row Israel continues to wage a destructive war that does not aim at "saving" the two soldiers held captive by Hezbollah forces, but at destroying the Lebanese economy and terrorizing the investors away from Lebanon.

One does not need a high level of intelligence to know this fact which can be seen, heard and read in the tangible effects of the raids –” from air, land and sea –” being carried out by the Israeli army against Lebanon from its north to its south, passing through the main and secondary Lebanese infrastructure.

If the preliminary estimates made by the Lebanese minister of economy regarding Lebanese losses are already at half a billion dollars, then the final figure will undoubtedly be much greater than half a billion dollars.

Some may analyze the destructive Israeli operation as an attempt to incite the Lebanese against Hezbollah (and cut off its own economy) and weaken it in preparation to defeating it. This analysis is, however, near sighted and direct in reading the events and does not link Israel’s crimes against humanity and the vindictive destruction to the plans to destroy the Arab economy, plunder Arab wealth and submit Arab peoples to the control of international cartels and oil and money centers in the world.

Israel has played, and continues to play, a major role in depleting and plundering Arab wealth and hindering useful investments and their accumulations that should lead to scientific, social and cultural advancement that will strengthen the Arab nation, protect it and ensure its dietary security and the security of its citizens and lands.

In 1956, Israel participated with the colonial countries in invading Egypt to prevent the nationalization of the Suez Canal; that is, to prevent Egypt from using revenue from the canal in internal investment to develop agriculture and industry. Israel also participated in destroying what was built during four years of revolution under the leadership of Abdel Nasser.

Colonial circles hindered the construction of the [Aswan] High Dam, and prevented Egypt from building its army and arming it in order to force it to submit and bring it to its knees.

Israel played the main role in suspending economic development and the accumulation of results of internal investments in Arab countries by keeping the sword of military superiority –” built and funded by colonial circles –” over the heads of Arab countries and their people.

This led to funds from useful investment being wasted on buying weapons that quickly became ineffective in the face of the alleged Israeli colonial superiority backed by international colonialism. The Arab countries would then have to waste more money to buy weapons that the East was selling with the approval of the West as part of the framework to maintain Israel’s superiority qualitatively and quantitatively over the Arab countries.

In 1967 the colonial order was issued to destroy the accumulation achieved by the Arab countries whose regimes raised the banners of liberation, progress, socialism, unity and justice.

Israel was supplied with all that was needed for this operation of destruction, and was aided in information and battle leadership by the Hollis base in Libya, the Liberty spy ship and the Sixth Fleet and so on until this moment (the intervention of the international colonial power to protect Israel in the October 1973 war (the direct US intervention in Sinai). In 1982 Regan gave the green light for the invasion of Lebanon and the destruction of its economy. The colonial powers supported Israel’s occupation of the border strip for two decades until Israel had to withdraw as a result of the brave strike by the Lebanese resistance led by Hezbollah.

The Israeli occupation delayed the process of rebuilding and development in Lebanon for 20 years. When the path was open again, Israel waged a war to destroy what the Lebanese were able to accomplish during the time of the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the southern border strip. This is Israel’s strategic role in the Middle East.

However, the cartels’ dependence on Israel is beginning to diminish after these cartels decided to do what was needed directly. Following the invasion of Iraq, and keeping it under occupation, it became apparent that Israel’s role had become a secondary one. With the emergence of an opportunity to reach an international understanding with Iran regarding its nuclear research and reactors, the role that could have been given to Israel (striking at the Iranian nuclear reactor) waned.

Israel’s diminished role does not, however, mean that the international colonial power has abandoned it or that it is close to the point of imposing a political solution in the Middle East.

Indeed, these powers are aiding Israel and supporting its aggressive actions and its use of the cartels’ superior weapons to commit war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese people, and is paying Israel large amounts of money as compensation or to strengthen its expansion projects in Palestine.

The cartels’ positions, which were expressed by a number of Arab leaders during the past six days, are not, however, the true positions of these countries that have become directly involved in the Middle East and no longer need Israel to carry out tasks it is assigned.

While these countries make statements supportive of the Israeli war crimes and use the Veto to prevent Security Council resolutions to stop the Israeli crimes from being stopped, they silently seek to return to the roadmap to find a political solution in the Middle East that they need.

Naturally, Israeli strategists realize the dimension of this change in the position of the powers of financial centers and world coverage. Therefore, Israel seeks and works to blackmail the position of these countries (or the rulers of these countries) that form the global orbit for those international centers (money and oil).

Israel is doing this through the brutal and vindictive use of an arsenal that was provided to them by those centers in order to force them to "pay" what Israel is asking for. This is what Israel is doing now in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Lebanon.

Israeli General Dichter stated that Israel would take Lebanon twenty years back by targeting everything that Lebanon has built and destroying its investments along the path to economic progress. The goal then is not to free the two captive soldiers. General Mofaz stated that Israel should continue with the destruction before dealing with the G8 or UN initiative.

Gradually, Israel’s role is becoming a new type of "Mafia" role. A mafia on an international level and a mafia on a regional level. With the diminishing need of the world power centers, Israel’s role becomes that of a "local implementer of their plans". Israel’s role diminishes as a regional force that the global orbit needs and supplies with means for military superiority to implement its plans. Israel’s self determined role grows accordingly as an international and regional mafia that blackmails the countries globally and regionally.

This is where Hezbollah’s regional role and its defense of Lebanon and struggle to free the Lebanese lands occupied by Israel emerges in terms of putting limits on the Israeli mafia’s role regionally.

Through its liberation struggle and courage, Hezbollah is defending not only Lebanon but all the Arab countries, especially the ones that invest billion of dollars in economic development. By its steadfastness and its standing up to the occupation forces and the Israeli aggression, Hezbollah is establishing a fundamental concept: the Arabs can protect their investments and guarantee their funds.

This begins in Lebanon, which could remain under the mercy of the Israeli mafia forever if it does not prove its ability to confront any military escapade carried out by the Israeli mafia.

The battle of self defense being waged by the Palestinians and the Lebanese in the face of the Israeli aggression and hatred is a battle that is not only connected to the liberation of the land but is also closely connected to the dawning of a new age in the Middle East in which the Arab peoples will be assured that the Israeli mafia will not be able to destroy what they build. Therefore, the victory of "preventing the aggressors" must be achieved or who will protect Dubai, the Gulf countries and other countries?

Let us assume that the mafia sent a force made up of a thousands trainers and placed them in Dubai in civilian clothing, heavily armed, and had then carry out control and capture operations. Let us say that their demand was a billion dollars. Who would protect Dubai and who would protect other Gulf countries?

If the resistance does not impede this "mafia" it will not need to land forces to adopt countries or emirates. It would be enough for it to make a phone call to ask for its share of the money!

War is a decision resulting from the economic interests of some group or country. The decision to go to war is a political decision that is the result of an accumulation in a certain economic situation that could seek expansion or the search for raw materials or energy sources or to open markets that were closed or need money and manpower.

Israel’s project was and still is a Jewish investment project, as Herzl said in his book The Jewish State, exactly like that project of the company founded by England to occupy India and plunder is wealth (the East Indies Company) and the South Africa project.

As the role that the global colonial power has set for Israel has begun to diminish, we need to confront the "beast" in its new role, the role the beast set for himself. The farsighted vision, however, indicates that the countdown for the occupation has begun.

Finally we say that what the global power centers (oil and money) are planning is met with resistance from other power centers in the world that are undoubtedly centers that are outside of the global orbit we spoke of.

Undoubtedly, there is a battle waging between the desire of the power centers in the global orbit for absolute control and dominance, and the rejection of the other power centers of this control and dominance.

An example for this is the positions of China, Iran and North Korea rejecting the attempts of these global power centers to have them submit to their terms. It is natural for this battle between global oil and money centers and the centers of power refusing to submit with the battle being waged by liberation forces against one of the tools of the global colonial power, Israel (before this role diminished) to be entangled. This entanglement is natural. To some analysts, who see the outer side of matters, it may seem that the battle to defend Lebanon and the Arab nation –” being led by Hezbollah in Lebanon –” and the battle being fought by the Palestinians in Palestine, are battles that serve the interests of Iran, china or maybe North Korea.

It is not like that. It is the natural entanglement and the dialectical connection between the conflict on a global level and the conflict on a regional level.

The other side of these people saying that the battle being fought by Hezbollah and the Lebanese against the Israeli aggressors serves Iran’s goals is that the attack being carried out by Israel serves the international cartels. This is not true. Israel wants to blackmail the international centers and the regional countries, while the Lebanese and Palestinian liberation powers seek to impede this mafia and protect its rights and investments and its right to progress and development. It has every right to seek help in this battle and achieve its direct and strategic national goals.

Regardless of what Israel does, regardless of the war crimes and crimes against humanity it commits in Lebanon and Palestine, and regardless of how much it destroys, it is the one who is losing.

A government waging a war using all West’s modern arsenal and failing against brave fighters using light weapons. Israel’s government, which promised the Israelis it would eliminate Hezbollah and the Palestinian resistance, is now forced to negotiate over a cease fire and a prisoner swap.

Olmert impeded Israel at the hands of Lebanese and Palestinian resistance fighters. He will not escape the wrath of those he tricked, who were bribed with the smell of blood he promised them.