Congress’s Political Dynasty Shinning over BJP’s Feel Good

The three weeks of political battle in the election process in the world’s largest democracy, ended with negating all the pre-poll surveys and exit polls. The ruling Democratic Alliance (NDA) headed by Bharatia Janta Party (BJP), unexpectedly, could not achieve a target of 272 which is required to make a government in Indian Loc Saba (Federal Parliament) of 543 seats.

As I am doing my analysis, BJP only managed to win 192 seats while unpredictably Congress Party gained 219 from 539 seats. Another surprise is the 128 seats secured by Samaj Wadi Party, Bhojan Samaj Party (BSP) and other left wings, which has made all the exit polls wrong.

The high-flying modern slogans, ‘Feel Good’ and ‘India Shining’ used by BJP in the election campaign might have attracted the print and electronic media but these tools could not win the hearts of ordinary farmers and labours. Even in the major cities like Mumbai and Delhi BJP could not attract the majority by its election agenda.

BJP tried to reintroduce Atal Bihari Vajpayee as a new Gandhi in this campaign. The entire election has been associated as a Vajpayee-brand. However, Vajpayee’s long career experience and political devices could not motivate the majority to vote in BJP’s bank. Putting the Ram Mandir issue on low profile, induction of Muslim politicians in the front row, promoting Indo-Pak friendship, all these cards could not bring BJP’s majority in the Loc Saba.

BJP frontline leadership in their speeches criticised Sonia Ghandi of her foreign background. Yet the coming results show that this card also did not provide any gain to BJP, oppositely, it went against BJP and counted as negative campaign. Congress party is yet to achieve a clear-cut singly-party majority to form a new government, grabbed many seats from BJP’s constituencies and gained more seats than expected.

On the other hand, the Congress Party the oldest Indian political party has ruled about 45 years in the past maintained their traditional style of election campaign. Perhaps, the political gurus in Congress understood the fact in that part of the world political dynasty still counts in politicians’ credentials. Congress brought Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi –” the children of Sonia Gandhi and late Rajiv Gandhi –” into the election race. This move ignited Congress election campaign. The simple and plain language of Priyanka and Ruhul which generally never work in Asian Politics probably impressed the ordinary people of India in the changing world. Sonia Gandhi and other frontline leaders of Congress party focused on tradition election agenda of poverty, jobs, rising prices, power and development. And today’s results endorse Indian voters’ needs of daily life are more important than claims of the high-tech achievements.

Sonia Gandhi has been considered as an inexperienced politician in Indian traditional politics but she turned out to be dynamic leader for making a united voice of Congress Party. She travelled all over India and conducted more quite a large number of election gatherings. Sonia Gandhi has been found more focused on common issues of common people like poverty, jobs, electricity, water and basic necessities of the daily life. Though this time BJP did not use the Hindu-religious card but Sonia Gandhi and her top line key players openly recalled, in their speeches, the religious and sectarian violence and clashes during the BJP tenure particularly in Rajasthan.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, recognised as an honest and visionary leader, has very boldly and open heartedly has accepted his party’s defeat. According to Latest news BJP has decided in its cabinet meeting to sit in the opposition and Vajpayee will submit his resignation to the President tonight.

As the results are coming Congress party is now holding the number game in Loc Saba and its traditional allies and left wings also hold enough seats in the house. BSP leader Mayawati and Samaj Wadi leader Mulayam Singh Yadu have also said in their statements they would not support any communal-base party and would support Congress Party, if asked for support.

So, it seems that in coming hours, India will make history by making the first non-native woman as country’s Prime Minister.