Comparing the New Orleans "Insurgency" with Fallujah

The U.S. military and the New Orleans police department have reported their personnel being fired upon by armed gunmen from the streets of New Orleans. Even helicopters on rescue missions have been fired on, causing personnel to fear for their lives and to abandon certain rescue missions.

Yet, we have not seen attack helicopters fire missiles into abandoned buildings where the New Orleans insurgents are thought to be hiding out or operating from, and we have not seen F-16 fighters dropped 500 pound bombs to take out the New Orleans insurgents.

Who knows, maybe there are some Al Qaeda terrorists in the New Orleans bunch. For all we know, the suspicious fires are acts of terrorism, but we have yet to hear the U.S. government or the New Orleans police use the word "terrorist" to describe such persons.

If we were talking about Fallujah, these people would be called "terrorists", or "jihadists" and massive use of firepower would be considered justified in exterminating them, even in occupied apartment buildings with innocent civilians, including women and children present. Iraqis are treated the way the U.S. Army treated some American Indians in the Old West, with no concern for safety of innocents. One American officer said in those days, "Nits make lice", and turned the automatic rifles and artillery on a native village with no compassion and no remorse.

The riffraff of New Orleans may be shot, but mostly they will be arrested and charged with crimes. Buildings in New Orleans will not be bombed to the ground in order to kill individuals, no matter how violent those individuals are. New Orleans will be treated with kid gloves compared to Fallujah.

And that is why the insurgency in Fallujah grew to this day and why America will ultimately be thrown out of Fallujah. New Orleans criminals will go to jail, where they will be house for a few years until they can return to a rebuilt New Orleans and can continue their crimes in the rebuilt city. We don’t know whether Fallujah will ever be rebuilt, but dead "terrorists" will not be part of that city — their decomposed eyeballs will never pass the required retinal scans.