Coloring outside the lines

Meria Heller’s Column

When I was a child everyone said to color inside the lines when using crayons and coloring books. It wasn’t “right” if you colored outside the lines. That’s where conditioning begins for most people I guess. What color hair to use, what color clothes, trees, etc., all dictated to us as to what is “right and wrong” on pre-printed pictures of whatever something “lovely or family style” was at the time. Of course I later learned that there is no such thing as bad art or bad artistic expression. In art, rules are meant to be broken. Well, I was the kid who drew my own deeper, darker lines on the coloring book page, and added whatever designs and extras I thought should be in the picture. I was the one using colors that weren’t the colors for things considered “correct”. Now as a grandmother I remind my granddaughters to let it flow. I also make a point of telling them not to leave the skin color off their latest cartoon or color-in Barbie. Most people don’t think of coloring in the skin color. Interesting. Perhaps a topic for another day. The intention of this article is to remind you to live your LIFE outside the lines. I ask you to stretch your imagination (seat of all talent and intelligence) and read along with me about the lines that have been created for all of us long before we were born. We must accept that some of these lines have been created by some pretty nasty people.

A lot of people actually believe the reality they see around them. Others believe that they create their own reality. I’m of the mind that at best we can only create our reaction to the reality around us. So much of what we see, hear and read seems so real, yet it only a top layer to an onion deep as Planet Earth. There is a Wizard of Oz behind every door, and one behind that one. What am I speaking about? The deceptions we have been conditioned with since we arrived on this planet.

Like so many other people, I was pretty much skipping along in my life and not wanting to pay attention to the “ugly” side of things. You know é politics, religion, poverty, pollution, war and such. I choose to paint professionally and do private counseling work. I also did a little bit to help our planet environmentally. I just assumed that everything else in the world was taking care of itself. Like a lot of people, I didn’t question things and pursued my own interests and those of my family.

Then radio “happened” in my life. From radio, to the internet show at I had no intention of hosting and producing a talk radio show, but there is was, and still is. After almost three full years of webcasting I can say I’ve probably read hundreds of books from many different authors on different layers of the “onion”. Lo and behold, when I put all the shavings together é it paints quite the picture. It becomes a collage of deception, a canvas so surreal, Dali himself would be impressed. We are living in an abstract that Picasso himself would be shocked at and it all comes down to a secret so huge most people won’t believe it even when more than enough proof is there.

Let me paint the picture for you as only DaVinci could have. The canvas is the Earth. The medium is propaganda and mind control. The colors are murky and dark. Throw in a few angels, a few devils and the painting starts to take shape. Dante’s “Inferno” is more than just a painting. The canvas fills with environmental destruction, political corruption, corporatism, globalism, rich people, poor people, racism, religion, nationalism, world government, huge egos vying for control, religions, prejudices, judgments and all other deliberate creations of lines within which we are allowed to color. Color outside the line and you are accused of being a dissenter, a rebel rouser, anti-American and worse. You find yourself railroaded from the very medium you thought you were working with.

For people just waking up to their talent, and searching for their canvas to paint the portrait of their own individual life it is hard to choose the right tools. For so many years we’ve been told that the tools we have: religion, nationalism and all the other “isms” are the tools of choice. What if all those tools were created to be sure you can only paint one picture? Well, it’s time to start drawing from the left side of your brain.

I started this article out by saying I like coloring outside the lines. Heck, I don’t need any lines at all. My study of the painting has alerted me to several limitations that must be broken before true expression can happen. Here they are:

Freedom is a concept. It is a life choice to live free, not a right or some gift from some government. It is how your heart tells you to live, and giving yourself permission to do so.

We live in a grand illusion created by some pretty dark, murky watercolorists who intend to control and own all the planets resources and the very people themselves.

We live with a Renaissance of the worse mind controlling, life slaughtering beings that ever walked this planet. Selfish, greedy, egotistical “painters” who want to own the whole Museum of Fine Art called humanity.

In order to erase or correct the mistakes on this painting called life, we must recognize them, critique and expose them in order to correct the painting.

The power and resources of this entire planet lay in the hands of a relatively few families of great wealth. They meet, consort, and decide on the fate of the entire planet at secret meetings of the rich and elite. No media is allowed to cover these meetings, and the people have nothing to say in their decisions.

The U.S. Government is under total control of this “secret” group of globalists who have no loyalty to any nation, only to the bottom line. These are not artists that willingly sign their name on their paintings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize them by their palette. They are showing their colors more and more on a daily basis.

These flim-flam artists of great skill I may add go by the names of: World Trade Organization, Federal Reserve Bank, Military Industrial Complex, Pharmaceutical Industry, Major Media, International Monetary Fund, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Monsanto, Bechtel, Eli Lilly and many more. I suggest getting a copy of the “Who’s Who of the Elite” by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. (need to know who your competition is for gallery space, my friends)

Their painting flows thusly: Sweep a whole layer of WHITE over the canvas, and eliminate as much dark races as possible. Take a whole lot of resources wherever you can in the name of privatization and reduce the incidental portion of the painting (the people) to barely scraping out an existence. Throw in some religion to give them the promise of great things after they die and keep them in the painting as willing peripherals through fear and manipulation, or tell them you are giving them safety and freedom.

Black is white, white is black. That is the canvas they have placed us in, yet we don’t realize it. Their covert operations of mind control go back for decades. Nothing is as it seems, although most people think it is. What a masterpiece!

Distract the eye with a splash of bright red somewhere on the painting. In any given year since the cold war, there have been at least 40 wars being fought, lots of red splashes there. Distracts the eye as it’s intended. While the red is being splashed no one notices all the GREEN that is being taken out of the painting by these greedy self serving masters of deception. They have created the best optical illusion pieces on the planet é the Reichstag fire, Pearl Harbor, World Trade Center disasters, Oklahoma City, Columbine, and many more.

I think you’re starting to get the whole painting, I mean picture. If I were to tell you that:

There is no difference between our political parties; our votes don’t count; there is no real freedom of speech, press, privacy; our government is controlled by the world comptrollers, globalists, international trade treaties; our country is bankrupt and has been for years what would your reaction be? You’d probably think “I’d better stay within the lines”. However, I am telling you firmly that what I say here is true, with lots of proof behind it from every author from Greg Palast, Howard Zinn, Thom Hartmann, Victor Thorn, David Icke, David McGowan, John Kelly, Kristina Borjesson, Ronnie Cummins, Howard Lyman, Jim Marrs, Al Martin, Gore Vidal and many, many more. You may find portions of their “artwork” unreal, far out, too much, as I do at times é however é the central theme of all the books I’ve read and studying I’ve done is the same. The painting comes together in one grand sweep of the brush é One World Order, One Bank, One Currency, One Government, One Police Force. A masterpiece of evil. The true axis of evil on one horrible canvas that grows larger every day. While the globalists behind this masterpiece keep us concentrating on the top layer of their painting, with a little turpentine we can get to see the masterpiece lying beneath it. I’m asking you to get some turpentine, color outside the lines and help create a canvas so beautiful and powerful with the colors of all humanity that their painting becomes known as the trash it is.

How can you get more information? There’s lots of it out there on great news websites such as this, checking out my show, reading the books you are prohibited from reading due to censorship or their being derided by the same masters that own the way you were conditioned to think. The masters that created the religions, nations, politics, and views we all fall into from birth on. Don’t live and die by the same deceptions. It’s time to think like Da Vinci.

Meria Heller is MMN‘s columnist and one of the most popular webcaster on the Internet. She hosts an international webcast heard in over sixty countries, and has for over two years now. She believes in truth, justice and humanitarianism for all living things.