Coalition forces in Iraq: Are they Liberators or Dictators?

It is a well-known criterion of war not to bring triumph or symphony for those directly or indirect involved with war. In fact mediocre or moderates all deserves plenitude or equal (mal) treatment by the wining authority. This is what the Iraqi innocent civilians are facing these days. Even after raising slogans of “Liberal Iraq,” or rather it would be more appropriate to say “Saddam free Iraq,” coalition forces are repeating the same torture once Saddam was famous for. Worse kind of war crimes from verbal abuse to mental & physical torture the open violation of human rights provisions has been witnessed throughout Iraq. Although strict measures has definitely employed by the occupied forces not to leak out any information regarding the extensive violence over the prisoners of war. Somehow war of weapons in Iraq has turned it self in to war of image to rectify the clear depiction Iraqi prisons of war of war are facing at the hands of most civilized, rhetoric & peace loving troops of USA & Britain.

When the evidence of the Iraqi POWs humiliation was presented over CBS’s “60 Minutes II” news show on April 28, 2004, Analysts believed that the Iraq war may never deliver the same image of peace and prosperity US & Britain high profile authoritative figures had once enjoyed. One of the Britain’s leading newspapers “Daily Mirror” dedicates its front-page by publishing British soldier’s alleged involvement in torturing Iraqi prisoners. Not just war opponents across the globe watched sexual abuse of Iraqi prisoners still photographs aired by Arab satellite television and press releases but the internet users also come a crossed the extreme horrid reality, is this what a true liberation Iraqi’s were waiting for.

Although reaction made over these photographs is quite predictable even those who do favor war in Iraq condemned these atrocities made by the occupied forces raising & dragging the heads of coalition forces in interrogate quagmire. Abdel-Bari Atwan, editor of the pan-Arabist London newspaper, al-Quds al-Arabi, said, "The liberators are worse than the dictators. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for America. That really, really is the worst atrocity. It affects the honor and pride of Muslim people. It is better to kill them than sexually abuse them."

Abu Gharib prison runs previously by Saddam rule and now under American authority contains thousands of POW’s. To fracture the strength of resisting power many US allied forces faces as routine, the liberal forces use many torturous tactics. Though Saddam will always remembered as monster an evil figure among the freed prisoners of Abu Gharib, still they consider his tenure & torture tactics far better than the humiliation of being stripped naked by American guards. Under this situation US may tries to win the hearts of Iraqi’s court-martialing its soldiers but may not be able to won the position to acquire the ruling tasks of Iraq.

It seems America & Britain is unaware of difference b/w liberation and humiliation, to won the territory, strategic geo-political and economic sovereignty particularly through war, America must not forget to won the peoples heart to penetrate in the ruling arena.

Few things are quite clear now from the release of these sensitive images. Firstly, the liberation coalition forces were aiming to deliver in Iraq is yet not delivered. Secondly, the images show the open violation of Geneva Convention’s provisions related to the prisoners of war. Thirdly, the performance allied forces are delivering in the name of protecting civilians is worse than detecting Saddam’s loyalists cum terrorists. Plus the degradation of POWs by the coalition forces seemed less restrictive & less interrogative. Fourthly, the images had definitely stir the civilian hatred towards occupied forces in general and American strategic interests in particular, and the out come of this hatred might not resemble with the expected end results of America to liberate Iraqi’s previously in chained with Saddam’s aristocratic authority.

The kind of reaction over the violation actions of coalition forces has reduced or rather erased any major difference if ever made by the civilians between Saddam Hussain’s brutalities and Bush barbarism. Even those who sympathized with the Americans before will stop supporting their barbaric characteristics of the so-called “War Against Terrorism.” What American plenipotentiaries along with the British PM are not detecting is the true essence activated behind insecure America. The question is not of the coalition forces atrocities but the actual policy or hatred of Americans towards those who are either innocent or fighting for their legal, moral and fundamental rights. How can you call people terrorists fighting to liberate their legal land of Palestine from illegal occupation of Israel, how can you call freedom fighters of Kashmir the “Militants or cross border terrorists when their families are facing regular threats, maltreatments, absence of the rule of law, human rights violations including rape, torture and murder in custody. On the contrary, Israel enjoyed a great deal of American strategic, financial and military support, India is still a favored nation of America though Pakistan has recently gain the “Non-Nato Ally” status but is the title enough to combat with the Indian diplomatic & military tactics engaged in Kashmir.

A million dollar question is the exact definition of terrorism and terrorist’s mafia. Who is the exact terrorist the one in custody of US allied forces facing all kind of inhumanity injustices, Or a protagonist actual character possessing custodial authority to violate the rule of law while dismantling the rule of games?

I still remember how American authority behaved when Saddam’s loyalists captured their five U. S. soldiers particularly when their videotapes were shown on T.V broadcast by Al-Jazeera on March 23. How furious American Mr. President was over the question of humane treatment of POW’s “the people who mistreat the prisoners will be treated as war criminals.” How the questions were raised regarding treatment of the prisoners according to the Geneva Convention of 1949. Unfortunately the same timely and active engagement of President Bush is not witnessed yet. And if any action will be made, will it show the true judgment according to the international law? Will the culprits come on surface or face International court of justice are the questions demanded by humanitarian agencies and the Islamic nations in particular.

The question of showing POW’s images does not end here as there’s always involved a high level controversy in rising any issue that could bring injury to Bush Iraq doctrine. If at one side White House administrative staff is quite adamant not to release any sign of discomfort facing either party in Iraq especially when Mr. President is worried about his Presidential future at the same time when Kerry seems to be the next President of America, the images of maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners definitely sour Bush publicity. It is certainly true that the images coming out of Iraq have greatly contributed to public mistrust or disillusionment with Bush’s handling of the issue. Already military is short handed in Iraq, Spain is no more to contribute in this regard, the growing terrorists attacks in Railway tunnels, hotels, embassies raising insecurity in the nations participating as helping hand to US War Against Terrorism plus the regular loss of life of coalition forces is leading massive evacuation of the military personnel’s engaged with US allied forces.

No matter how strongly United States pushes Iraqi’s perception according to their strategic interest in the region, Iraqi’s will never compromise to handle the entire government to western forces. Iraqi’s are devotees to Islam and strong patriots; they die on their cultural, historical and most importantly Islamic ideology. Therefore the resistance would be two sided for American forces one from the Saddam loyalists and other the Iraqi freedom fighters and the strong opponents (Shia sects) of the presence of coalition forces in the Holy sites of Karbala, Najaf & falujjah.

According to Geneva Convention of 1949, it is clearly mentioned in Article 12 i.e. “Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them. Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them.” Therefore, who will take the responsibility of the maltreatment and massive physical, mental victimization of Iraqis detained in various detention and investigation centers? Furthermore in Article-13 POW’s detailed treatment related to physical and moral “Violence or Intimidation” is highlighting and that cannot be seen any where under the occupied forces in Iraq.

A spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, Florian Westphal, told the Crimes of War Project that the ICRC would consider the use of any image “that makes a prisoner of war individually recognizable” to be a violation of Article 13 of the Convention. Therefore, Forian advised both sides to abide by the provisions of the third Geneva Convention, including Article 13.

Wining war by loosing spirit, trust and confidence of the Iraqi people may temporarily led the evaporated satisfaction to America & its central ally Britain, but destroy the peacekeeping image of America in the long run. It is not just the matter of inhuman images of corpses & sexual degradation but it’s a matter of dignity and honor of the people of Iraq.

From Vietnam to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Rwanda, Chechnya and now Iraq mass massacre, killing, torture, rape, verbal cum physical abuse is remaining sin quo non of war it is the way of all sides in all wars. Denying this reality is denial of human rights persistence.

World is shocked over Iraqi POW’s humiliation, criticism is poured from the entire globe. BBC conducted “Your reaction” poll to know how peoples reaction over Iraqi Prisoners Pictures. Comments were sharp and convincing as all responses reflects much anger towards America for being unconscious from the activity of allied forces & support leniency towards Iraqi prisoners. Therefore, all America need is the independent investigation agency to evaluate the actual situation of Iraqi prisoners. Iraq is missing the humanitarian body specially the presence of United Nations executive body to assess and examine Iraqi civilians and prisoner’s status quo.

I don’t think people particularly Americans would ask the principle reason involved in September 11 incidents after conducting crime aginst humanity by their own military men particularly in Iraq. There is no Al-Qaeda in Iraq that is executing innocent civilians in Iraq but it is Americans foreign policy, unachievable strategic interest in the Middle East, Afghanistan & Iraq that had gained great deal of mistrust and hatred of Muslim nations. Under any circumstances Muslims will never divert their legal rights of possession over their Islamic ideology. If America believes to turn this strong perception according to its own will then there might be uncontrollable insecure situation prevail against America. What the coalition forces are doing in Iraq will further enhance the spirit of retaliation via killing more Americans. What a pity instead of ruling Americans are raided by Iraqi militants.

It is high time for America to realize it had not just loose the spirit of War Against Terrorism but in fact had increased the hatred and insecurity for the entire American nation irrespective of the fact where they live & what they do? Fallujah is burning again, resistance is so powerful that led number of casualties from both the sides. It is very true that from the beginning Coalition forces never maintained or established their trust on Iraqi civilians and is still not accepting the definite fact that Iraqi’s will never ever allow any outsider to run their political, economic and strategic affairs.