CNN conspires with IDF to cover-up murder



    On December 9th, Israeli troops invaded the Palestinian town of Anabata and shot dead four Palestinians.  Anabata’s mayor called the killing a cold blooded murder.  Phil Reeves of the Independent wrote another of his excellent articles that debunks the official Israeli line that the Palestinians were killed in an exchange of fire.  Before reading the Reeves account, I watched eight half-hour segments of CNN in which the only version was the one in which “Israel says they were killed after firing on Israeli troops.”   I gave Ted Turner’s  bastard children eight chances and they lied eight times.  Their daddy must be so proud.

    Now, if this was a criminal case, which it ought to be, those who cover-up murder would be considered accomplices after the fact.  A news organization that sanitizes this kind of thuggish brutality should be held accountable.  It is easy enough to prove that CNN has a severely compromised news operation in Atlanta; an organization run by too many of those Yiddish jingoist types who glorify the war crimes of Ariel Sharon.

    When the history of the Palestinian people is written, it will have a very extraordinary chapter.  Unlike all the other people who have struggled against foreign repression in the last century,  the story of the Palestinians has an odd assortment of villains.  Every Palestinian child seems to be fully aware that there is a constituency for repression in the United States, dominated by Israel Firsters in smart suits who own and operate mass media outlets, including CNN.

    Imagine if you are a Palestinian living under Israeli siege, seeing your people daily pulverized and humiliated by the armed forces of the last remaining belligerent foreign occupation army on the planet.  As a Palestinian, you have watched Israeli troops murder and mutilate hundreds of your young.  You have watched your people’s land being stolen to build exclusive Jewish settlements. Like many of the native people of the Holy Land, for 34 years,  you have endured the racist laws that allow for collective punishment, imprisonment without cause, torture, murder and the assassination of your political leaders.  You watch the Israelis steal land and lie. Kill innocents and lie.  Israel elects a serial war criminal to the highest office and the New York Times actively works to market him to the American people as a ‘peacemaker without a partner’.    Hail Sulzberger, chief of the Yiddish propagandists.

    If you happen to be a Palestinian from Anabata, you ask yourself why the Independent of London had a reporter who can tell the story of the murder of four Palestinians.  Yet CNN, a major ‘international’ network deliberately and repeatedly airs an IDF press release as fact.  ‘Israel says this…and Israel says that …’.  That is CNN for you. Just a bunch of cheerleaders for repression in the Holy Land.

    What would it cost CNN to tell the truth to the American public about the despicable practices of the Israeli occupation army? How come an English paper like the Independent consistently has accounts that prove CNN anchors deliberately feed their audience Israeli propaganda.  Even my local paper, The Seattle Times, reported that the Mayor of Anabta said the four were killed “in cold blood”.   Both the Independent and the Seattle Times also gave the Israeli account.  But, unlike CNN, they did not cover up the fact that the people of Anabata say it was murder.

    Isaccson and the other Yiddish supremacists who operate the CNN news division for Levine know exactly what to do for their war-criminal blood brothers in Israel.   This news outfit brazenly misleads the American public on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. More than likely, they are prone to be deceptive in reporting other stories.  If you cover-up murder, what kind of ‘other journalism’ could you possibly do?  Well, CNN will tell you its ‘Real Fast’ news.  Seriously, that is their new slogan.  I have a suggestion for the deviants at CNN.  How about “FIRST AND FAST WITH IDF NEWS”? or maybe “Real Fast. Real Fake.”?  Or “Israel First and FAST. 24/7”?   CNN has been struggling with an image problem and losing ground to Murdoch’s line-up of bigots.  That is how rotten this outfit has become. They can’t even compete with the daily KKK rally operated by Rupert Murdoch.

    What can you do about it? Well, help us spread the real news about CNN trash and make it real fast.  If you see a company advertising on CNN, boycott its products.   Don’t bother writing CNN, it only encourages the bastards.  They don’t  just make mistakes, they have racist agendas. Let your relatives, your co-workers, your neighbors join the boycott.  If you get Time Magazine, cancel the subscription.  If it is a Time/Warner product, avoid buying it.  And curse Ted Turner for creating this instrument of repression.

    Finally, to our readers in the Middle East, a little useful intelligence on CNN.   Note how they sometimes have a little balanced news very very late in the evening, when America is asleep.  The idea is to appear ‘legitimate’ to international audiences who know better and then do the propaganda during American prime time, when Europe and Asia are asleep.  This technique allows them to claim ‘balanced coverage’.  By my estimate, there is only one single news organization in the world that has  taken such a belligerent attitude against Palestinian aspirations for freedom.  FOX, home of the United Bigots of America. CNN is, for all practical purposes,  a belligerent in the Middle East.  The number of anti-Arab bigots they hire as ‘experts’ clearly demonstrates that they have a nasty agenda.  It is not an American agenda, does not represent  American views or American values.  Indeed, part of the task of the Yiddish supremacists at CNN is to incite anti-Americanism in the Middle East by giving the illusion that Americans hate Arabs.  On the flip side, they actively try to convince Americans that Arabs have mindless hatred for Americans.  All for Israel’s sake.  That is CNN for you. Just another Yiddish supremacist organization actively assisting Sharon to spill the blood of innocent Palestinians.

    Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).