CIBAFI and Ivey Business School hold their 6th joint annual Executive Program

CIBAFI and Ivey Business School hold their 6th joint annual Executive Program

Manama (UNA-OIC) – The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI), the global umbrella of Islamic financial institutions, and Ivey Business School continue their productive collaboration and successfully launched the 6th series of their joint Executive Program on Sunday.

This year’s program, which runs for four days, is held online under the theme: “Strategic Thinking and Agility in Crisis and Transformation; Leadership Style, Character, and Grooming”.

This program gathered 30 Senior Executives of Islamic banks as well as regulatory authorities. Through this world-class and highly interactive learning experience, the participants will be able to mainstream their leadership roles that are faced with the challenges of the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Shifting to remote work culture, caused by the unexpected pandemic, has transformed the thinking of business leaders by highlighting some opportunities that could increase the performance of the employees. The way institutions deal with these opportunities and challenges will define their success, and this cannot be achieved without strategic leaders and decision-makers. On another hand, success in this transformation and transition to new technologies and innovative solutions will require leaders with special skills and competencies such as strategic thinking, innovation, agility, and an attitude of forward advancement.

This timely program aims to develop and improve agile leadership in an era of exponential change. An era of change that requires executives to hone capabilities for deeper reflection and exposition, to re-engineer mindset as they grapple with the pandemic and post-pandemic changes, and to understand how innovations may be the “game-changer” for financial services institutions.

To be an agile leader and organization, one must equally focus on leadership and people issues. Thus, this program also includes an individual assessment of leadership style under normal and stressful conditions and practical aspects of managing and influencing others with different leadership preferences.

As a leading international organization, CIBAFI continually supports the Islamic financial industry through specific activities and initiatives which promote growth, uphold ethical practices, and Islamic finance values in all financial dealings and transactions. CIBAFI is committed to facilitating cooperation between members and institutions of common interest as well as in providing platforms to discuss emerging issues, and sharing knowledge through specialized publications and comprehensive training programs.

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