Capitalism and the Fight for Survival in the Economy


The term capitalism means the sovereignty of capital, a free and unrestricted economic system totally based on profit and where society is in competition within these criteria. There are three important elements in capitalism: individualism, competition, and profit-making. Individualism is important because people see themselves not as a part of society, but as “individuals” standing alone on their own two feet. “Capitalist society” is an arena where individuals compete with one another under very harsh and ruthless conditions just like that described by Darwin, where only the strong survive, where the weak and powerless are crushed and eliminated.

According to the logic capitalism is based on, every individualéand this can be a person, a company, or a nationémust only fight for its own development and advantage. In this war, the best producers survive, the weak and incompetent are eliminated and vanish. What is seen as worthy of attention is not human beings, but economic development, and goods. For which reason the capitalist mentality feels no ethical responsibility or conscience for the person whom it crushes underfoot and climbs on top of and who has to live in great difficulty. This is Darwinism put into total practice in society in an economic way.

In the view of Herbert Spencer, the main theorist of Social Darwinism, who introduced the principles of Darwinism to the life of society, if someone is poor then that is his mistake; nobody must help this person to rise. If someone is rich, even if he has acquired his wealth by immoral means, that is his competence. For this reason, the rich man survives, while the poor man disappears

Social Darwinists used Darwin’s theory of evolution as a “scientific” comment on capitalist societies. As a result of this, human beings began to lose such concepts, which religion had brought with it, as mutual assistance, philanthropy, and co-operation, and instead of these virtues to give pride of place to selfishness, cunning, and opportunism.

In his article Darwin’s Three Mistakes, the evolutionary scientist Kenneth J. Hsé, reveals the Darwinist thoughts of America’s foremost capitalists:

Darwinism was also used in a defense of competitive individualism and its economic corollary of laissez-faire capitalism in England and in America. Andrew Carnegie wrote that the “law of competition, be it benign or not, is here; we cannot evade it.” Rockefeller went a step further when he claimed that “the growth of a large business is merely a survival of the fittest; it is merely the working out of a law of nature.” [1]

As has been seen from what has been explained so far, capitalism has dragged human beings to worship only money and the power that comes from money. This capitalist morality holds sway in almost all societies in our day. For this reason the poor, the helpless, and the crippled are denied charity, and are not looked out for or protected.

Today the reason for countries such as Ethiopia falling victim to drought and starvation is the dominance of this capitalist morality. While aid and support from many countries could save these hungry people, they are abandoned to starvation and poverty.

Another feature of capitalist society is the way it gives room to inequality within itself. In societies of this kind the divide between rich and poor grows ever wider, as the poor grow poorer, the wealth of the rich grows greater.

Throughout history there have always been societies where the poor and weak were trodden down, where only material things were important, and where selfishness, self-interest, and cheating were seen as the only way to become rich But from the second half of the 19th century people with such views entered a very different period. For the last 150 years people and societies which possess this ruthless make-up have begun not to be condemned or criticised like the others. Behaviour of this sort began at last to be accepted as a law of nature.

Robert E. D. Clark explains the situation this way:

Evolution, in short, gave the doer of evil a respite from his conscience. The most unscrupulous behavior towards a competitor could not be rationalized; evil could be called good. [2]

As we have seen, lack of religion and the Darwinism which inspired it lay behind all the people, systems, and ideologies which have brought worry, difficulty, pain, and hopelessness to the world, particularly in the last 150 years. Those who thought that they could protect their own interests saw Darwinism as a savior for themselves.

They were not aware of it, but these people who thought they were preparing a great trap for all of mankind, actually prepared it for themselves. Because no matter how much they struggle to survive,, there is actually one Judge, one Lord, and one Master, whether of themselves, of the whole world, of everything they try to possess. Allah is the one Judge and Power. The wealth, strength, and power which a human being thinks he gains by himself are actually given to him by Allah to try him. No matter how much he may believe that he is in an arena of struggle, in actual fact every human being is living a test set by Allah for himself. Allah reveals in a holy verse that he tries human beings by means of the opportunities he gives them:

We made everything on the earth adornment for it so that We could test them to see whose actions are the best.                                                 (Surat al-Kahf: 7)

Those who think that they have won what they possess as the result of a “fight for survival” will feel a heart-rending pain for which there is no compensation, and great sorrow when they come face to face to face with reality in the hereafter and see what an empty idea they followed:

The Companions of the Garden will call out to the Companions of the Fire, ‘We have found that what our Lord promised us is true. Have you found that what your Lord promised you is true?’ They will say, ‘Yes, we have!’ Between them a herald will proclaim: ‘May the curse of Allah be on the wrongdoers those who bar access to the Way of Allah, desiring to make it crooked, and reject the hereafter.’ …. The Companions of the Ramparts will call out to men they recognise by their mark, saying, ‘What you amassed was of no use to you, nor was your arrogance.                               (Surat al-A’raf: 44-5, 48)

As for those who have not been influenced by Darwinist-capitalist thinking and who have not forgotten the reason for their being in the world and the existence of Allah, they see other human beings as living things created by Allah. As Allah has ordered them, they always treat other human beings pleasantly, feel affection and compassion, and do everything that they possibly can to take away their difficulties and worries. They always speak the pleasantest words, look after the orphaned, help the sick and crippled, and protect and watch after them. People like this avoid sin and keep their duties to Allah as it is revealed in the Qur’an and are the most superior in Allah’s sight: they pay no attention to wealth, race, colour, class, ideology, or philosophy.

(For further information on the subject, see “Disasters Darwinism Brought to Humanity” by Harun Yahya)


[1]  Kenneth J. Hsé, “Darwin’s Three Mistakes”, Geology, vol.14, June 1986, p. 534

[2]  Bolton Davidheiser, W E Lemmerts (ed) Scientific Studies in Special Creationism, 1971 p. 338-339.

Harun Yahya is a prominent Turkish intellectual.

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