Can The Worst Bring Out The Best?

“He is the worst president in all of American history.”

Helen Thomas

Removing the historic burden of incompetence from the shoulders of Reagan, Clinton and others, the outspoken woman says what most spineless men of the press cannot bring themselves to utter. She represents the best in American media, and contrasts with the worst, which repeat lies, avoid truth and act as lap dogs for leadership.

The tragedy of lives lost in war research disguised as space flight briefly removed from consciousness the lives lost every day through wars, traffic accidents and other forms of violence. But however sincere, choreographed mass grief cannot last long , given daily bulletins that contradict the regime’s program of idiotic immorality and bloody disrespect towards Iraq, Palestine and ultimately, the world.

The proposed link between Saddam and Osama is ridiculous , swallowed only by the gullible or bigoted. The unmistakable connection is between Tony Blair’s lips and America’s butt. The British toady is the ultimate shame of the old mother country, crawling before the bogus administration of the former colonies.

Having previously groveled before Clinton, Blair now snivels before Bush, revealing Britain’s New Labor as twin to the New Democrats of the USA. Both represent old Republican values with new packaging and product branding. These soft-core submissives front for hard-core dominators, behind phony grins and pious rhetoric that mask the reality of bloody empire.

The political liturgy of USrael and its flunkies has as much divine content as that of the demons from Terrorist Central. Both groups claim direct connections to deity, with humanity left wondering which loonies pose the greater threat. Most of the world fears the U.S. colossus and its Israeli satellite, though you’d never learn that from major US media. The most powerful nation on earth seems to be threatened by one of the weakest , and this while it brags about how much damage it will cause if not obeyed. The planned Iraqi slaughter is merely a prelude to USrael exercising more total control over middle east oil , and water. Do we have a prayer?

We might as well be invested in the supernatural , given our mortgaging of the future to expenditures for waste, murder and stupidity. At the beginning of the 1980s, the total of all consumer, business and government debt was about 4 trillion dollars. Near the end of 2002, that figure had escalated to over 30 trillion. During the same period, our prison population grew from 1.8 to 6.4 million. And those prisoners were not composed of the corporate thieves who were briefly part of our national story, before 911.

Who owes that massive and socially murderous debt, and why was it incurred? The government portion has been squandered on war and other forms of immoral waste, while business and consumer loans have enabled most of us to live in a style we cannot afford, purchasing things we don’t need, and for which we should never have to pay. But we are part of a majority which somehow owes interest to an unprincipled minority of loan sharks. They own most of that debt, and employ government to insure that they get payment.

That minority group receives ever more “affirmative action”, widening and deepening the gap between it and the majority , as its taxes are lowered while theirs increase. That’s what it pays its employees in government to assure; that it remains on top, reaping profits while the majority carries the loss, in material debt and mental depression. Meanwhile, we are warned about their problems, which become ours. Like, their foreign policy of terror, which becomes our domestic threat of terror.

White America’s favorite black man recently informed the world that Iraq menaces everyone, according to plagiarized British term papers and fictionalized Israeli spy reports. He showed aerial photos revealing 18 refrigerated trucks which serve a dual purpose . They could either be deadly bio-weapons labs , or deliver deadly fruits and vegetables . And, most frighteningly , they might be driven by Iraqi teamsters. The taped conversations between Iraqi military personnel as evidence of dangerous subterfuge – possibly recorded in American studios – left fortunate people laughing, and unfortunate people fearing nerve gas attack . It’s more likely that we’ll suffer brain death from toxic poisons seeping into our minds, all emanating from our government and media.

The last administration downsized government, ravaging democracy in the process. Clinton, beloved by many with stars in their eyes and sawdust in their heads, never received a majority vote in his two terms. But this more dreadful minority regime, which received less than 25% of the electorate’s vote and lost the election , is downsizing consciousness, sanity and civil liberties, even faster. Many Americans believe “Saddam bin Milosevic” is coming to get them in their beds, that Iraq was responsible for 911, that TV wrestling is reality , and that the economy is fine, except for the economy. While they are distracted by color-coded terror alerts – yellow and orange for common folk, mocha and espresso for the upscale – their freedoms are being stolen by cowardly thieves disguised as brave patriots.

But there is a growing global movement to upsize democracy, evidenced by millions the world over who joined hundreds of thousands in the USA to demonstrate against this planned slaughter, euphemized as war. There has never been such a massive outpouring for peace , however varied the motivation of its supporters. There may even be a decent candidate or two among the awful bunch of Democrats proposed for the next election. The worst is far from over, but the best is yet to come. The world has begun treating Bush and his minority America with the contempt it deserves. Now, the majority Americans are beginning a move to take democratic control of their nation. They – we – need to hurry.

Mr. Frank Scott contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from Bolinas, California.