Can a Jew be an Anti-Semite? :: Daniel Pipes Takes the Stand ::

Anti-Semitism is peculiar to Jewish history in Europe, more than any thing else. It may have expressed itself in its most dramatic way during the first half of the last century. Its motivations, by and large, were political. This does not mean that in some Catholic quarters there are not traces of anti-Semitism that are rooted in religious justifications… European reaction towards Jews may not be as simplistic as to be called an ethnic dislike for the Jews (the Europeans being Aryans and the Jews being Semites!) European Jewry had climbed to new political and financial heights on the continent which may very well have generated palpable resentment by the Europeans against this newly landed position of influence by the Jews. In this “climb to power” by Europe’s Jews there may have been mistakes and retorts that the Jews may have unintentionally triggered. This internal European cleavage between both societies is beyond the scope of this paper. What concerns us is the inter-faith relations among Jews, Christians, and Muslims – all of whom in their own ways have much to say for or against ecumenical relations. “While Europe struggled to emerge from the chaos left by the collapse of the Roman Empire, Muslim scientists, engineers and architects were the most the most advanced in the world, and Muslim leaders nurtured a cosmopolitan culture that was often remarkably tolerant of the Jews and Christians who lived in its midst… Christian and Jewish readers of the Koran are struck by the familiar names they encounter. Adam, Eve, Abraham, Moses, David and Jesus all figure into Muhammad’s revelations, sometimes in ways that coincide with the Bible and sometimes in ways that are strikingly different. ‘The three [religions] came from essentially the same place,’ said Frank Peters, a professor of Middle Eastern studies and religion at New York University. ‘The all worship the same God, as they all admit.’ (Chicago Tribune, From Golden Age to an Embattled Faith, by Stevenson Swanson, Feb., 8, 2004)

These three-way relationships among followers of the Abrahamic religions have bushels of books that go into the nitty-gritty of the nature of their relations with each other.

“In the Second Vatican Council held in 1962, the Catholic Church issued its Decree of Ecumenism to restore unity among Christians. This Vatican Council is often credited for ecumenical understand of the Jews and Muslims. Muslims were hailed as those who ‘profess to hold the faith of Abraham and together with us adore the one, merciful God.’ But beyond this pronouncement, although the Jewish-Christian dialogue was pursued vigorously following World War II, Muslims were tangentially involved and nothing of substance was accomplished.” (Tracing bridge building among Abrahamic Faiths, 10/2/2003 – Social Religious – Article Ref: IV0310-2104)

What we are concerned with here is the return of “anti-Jewish” sentiments not only in on its familiar European terrain, but this time almost all over the world! This we shall explore through the public pronouncements or writings of a particular Jewish character who dwells in his literature, texts, and journalism on the “non-Jew,” and how he has helped enhance or raise the anti-Jewish decibel – simultaneously diminishing the good-feelings and good-will towards the Jewish people in general; and some would add: bringing sympathy with the Jews to an all time low.

Who is Daniel Pipes?

Daniel Pipes is a non-Semitic Jew whose genealogy goes back to a land that once belonged to the now-defunct Soviet Union. His father was a specialist in Communist affairs who spent a long stretch of time researching and writing, speaking and instigating against Communism. It appears that Daniel Pipes inherited his father’s penchant in assailing the “ism” phenomenon. But now with the change of generations came a change of “isms” and Pipes junior affixed himself to academically assume his new position that extols an anti-Islamic “wave of the future” with all the extravagant turnover and revenue that comes with it.

For some time now I have cultivated a curiosity for trying to keep up with the intellectual naughtiness of this character. And I remain restive with Pipes’ almost satanic writings about Islam and the whole Islamic phenomenon. Dr. Pipes, for all intents and purposes, sweeps almost all Muslims into this category of extremism and terror. He is very liberal in throwing all Muslims of social consciousness and organizational affiliations into either the fundamentalist or the extremist groupings. Any Muslim who is remotely linked to an Islamic organization or association is almost by the Pipian definition a “terrorist” or a potential “terrorist.” I personally exchanged opinions with him on the pages of Middle East Affairs Journal as well as Middle East Forum. I also invited him as a guest to speak at one of the dialogue sessions, which we sponsored as a way of opening up new channels with non-Muslims. We thought that this type of meeting would serve to bring to light his deep-seated animosity towards Islam and Muslims. We were hopeful and optimistic that this encounter would help us correct his stereotypical view of Islam and the Islamic experience. But after this encounter we came to realize that he is a man who is inextricably tied to his political agenda. At this attempted liaison meeting, Pipes repeated his erroneous ideas. He was cornered and ill at ease with the questions and comments that came his way. He was less than reasonable and somewhat incoherent when he did manage to react to some questions. The gist of his presentation was his attack on Islam as a political current in society. He stuck to his guns saying that there is no radical or moderate within this Islam. It is all extremist and terroristic. Asking Daniel Pipes is Islam terroristic is like asking a Christian: is the Pope Catholic? “Fundamentalists dominate in the United States, to the point that moderates hardly have a voice. They control every major Muslim organization, including the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Committee for Palestine, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim Students Association. They also control a growing majority of mosques, weekly newspapers, and communal organizations. (The New Anti-Semitism, by Daniel Pipes, Jewish Exponent, October 16, 1997)

Daniel Pipes has staked his future on the assumption that Islam and the Islamic movements are a threat to the West and to the United States. This has become his bread and butter issue. Whatever logic or common sense you try to throw into assumption he will resist and reject. This is a man who is not looking for the truth and accuracy as much as he is twisting the facts, raising the level of hatred, and trying to extend the distance between Muslims and the West. If anything, this divulges his Zionist priorities, which interpret an understanding between the West and Islam or a bridge between Muslims and Americans as a mortal threat to Israel and an end to the Israeli iron grip on influential decision-making positions in the US government. Israel will then lose its “special relationship” with the US. Israel has been operating through the American superpower position to lock-in the whole Middle East to its advantage and interest and bypass any international or United Nations resolutions. And this overarching status quo has to continue in the eyes of Mr. Pipes.

The Scenario Begins to Unfold

In times past I thought that his war or words were limited to Muslims who were active and moved to action on behalf of certain Islamic causes – in particular Palestine. But what began as an understandable defense mechanism by a Jewish professor against an Islam that was beginning to pick up momentum was winding down as a dragnet and witch-hunt of Islamic Institutions known for its moderation and flexibility. And this broad sweep of real and imagined enemies was not to be limited to Muslims. Pipes and his likes went beyond the Islamic circle and began to round up non-Muslims. His finger pointing turned to very well known and respected Christians in academia who spent most of the last two decades trying to build bridges of understanding between Christians and Muslims while fostering an atmosphere of awareness between the West and Islam. It turns out that Daniel Pipes has company. Joining him were the likes of Steven Emerson and Martin Kramer. This axis of evil was aiming at the defamation of – among others – John Esposito the head of the Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, as well as Dr. Tony Sullivan of the University of Michigan along with Dr. Charles Butterworth of the University of Maryland.

Pipes and his comrades went beyond accusations via lectures and conferences. They now were ensconced in their own institution and Internet positions. This gave their allegations an echo within academic circles. Pipes’ jackboot position did not spare any academic personality who showed either sympathy for Palestinians or aversion to Israel.

Daniel Pipes has set out to wreck every serious effort that honestly seeks to narrow the gap between Islam and the West. Every Muslim or Christian who is serious about reconciliatory moves towards each other has become fair game for Pipes. Opinionated and self-centered interpretations by Pipes have gone into their absolutist mode: you are either with us or against us: Jew vs. goyim style. Pipe has become, in a sense, a Pharaoh whose worldview is the only acceptable one and whose direction leads to salvation!! This has become Pipes’ obsession.

Where is Pipes?

Islam and American Muslims came under attacks from Franklin Graham the Evangelist preacher. Jerry Vines, former head of the Southern Baptist Church, said some very disturbing things about Prophet Muhammad (P), and televangelist Pat Robertson went on record with some unbecoming remarks about Islam and the Prophet (P) as did Jerry Falwell. And in the middle of all this we did not hear Mr. Pipes disagreeing with some of the outlandish things they said. Why? Because this must be music to his ears. Pipes has been laying the groundwork for these types of statements; and once they were announced he must have been delighted that his efforts are beginning to bear fruit. And wouldn’t you know it, Daniel Pipes is then nominated to the board of directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace. And to that position he brings with him all the vindictive attitude towards Muslims that a human is able to harbor. Dr. Pipes does not tire of saying that militant Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution. Isn’t it Pipes who said: “mosques require a scrutiny beyond that applied to churches and temples.” (Washington Post, The Battle of Daniel Pipes, Charles Krauthammer, August 15, 2003_
If Daniel Pipes and his buddies think that mosques are the places from where terrorists spring, then we should also pose the equivalent question about the synagogues to which Israeli terrorists originate.

The Fuel for “Anti-Semitism”

It is very unfortunate for the Jewish people to have visible, public, and brusque individuals like Daniel Pipes externalizing notions and impressions that are not forcefully and forthrightly repudiated by representatives of the Jewish community. It is this blatant “Jewish” incompatibility with the “other” that feeds what has become known as anti-Semitism. Pipes has to know that the silence of his own co-religionists towards his professed antipathy vis-à-vis Muslims and Christians will undoubtedly spawn what is called “anti-Semitism.” This may begin by certain reactions within the academic spheres. And from there it may spread to all corners of society. It is Pipes in his own words who wants to pull the rug from under the Middle East Studies programs in American universities. “Martin Kramer pointed to the need for Congressional intervention in his 2001 book, Ivory Towers on Sand. Stanley Kurtz picked up the idea and made it happen in Washington, testifying at a key House hearing in June 2003. My role in promoting this advisory board? Writing one favorable sentience on it eight months ago, based on an expectation that the board creates some accountability and helps Congress carry out its own intent… But Congress should consider more drastic solutions One would be to revoke post-9/11’s $20 million annual supplement for area studies at universities, using this money instead to establish national resource centers to focus on the global war on terror… A second solution would zero-out all government allocations for area studies… (Defund Middle East Studies, by Daniel Pipes, / February 24, 2004)

One visit to his website and you can see what type of personality we are talking about. No wonder he is unwanted or undesirable in academic circles. If Pipes has it his way intellectual freedom will no longer be found on campus. Freedom of expression and freedom of thought will become past relics in the “land of freedom and liberty.”

According to Pipes universities cannot accommodate Muslims and Jews together. It is either us or them! “The institutional preponderance of fundamentalists in the United States makes it extremely difficult for American Jewish organizations to build constructive relations with Muslim counterparts, for all the main Islamic groups are fundamentalist, with the possible exception of W. Deen Mohammed’s movement. Faced with a choice of dealing with fundamentalists or no one, the Jewish organizations should choose the latter course. Otherwise, they run the risk of legitimating their own worst enemies.” (The New Anti-Semitism, by Daniel Pipes, Jewish Exponent, October 16, 1997)

Out of Context

The poison out of Pipes would have us succumb to the notion that anti-Semitism is an Islamic phenomenon. The truth is quite contrary to that notion. And I will not stop here: Muslims have always been pro-Semitic. Jews, historically, have on more than one mass-survival occasion found refuge and shelter among their Semitic kin: the Muslims. Europe, and you should know this very well Mr. Pipes and all other Jews blinded by Zionism, was the Jewish ghetto continent. Jews were existentially threatened in Europe and not in Islamic Asia or Islamic Africa.

“Anti-Semitism, historically a Christian phenomenon, is now primarily a Muslim phenomenon…” The New Face of Anti-Semitism, by Neil Lazarus, The Jewish Agency for Israel, Department for Jewish Zionist Education.
Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America, writes:
“Hatred of Jews is widespread throughout the Muslim world. It is taught in the schools and preached in the mosques. Cartoons in Muslim newspapers routinely portray Jews in blatantly anti-Semitic terms.”
Source: Daniel Pipes

We are surprised how learned people have the ability to selectively lump things together. The fact of the matter is that Zionism and the Zionist Israeli enterprise have stabbed the Muslims in the back. And in doing so they may have also wounded Judaism itself. Palestine is proof positive that Zionistic Judaism is willing to shed Semitic blood [both Hebrew and Arab] for the survival of a racist military establishment that hides behind a phony historical bogus of ‘anti-Semitism.’ The sadistic anti-Semitism that is coming out of Israeli terror in skies, on land, and sea by killing innocent Palestinian Semites speaks volumes about Israeli anti-Semitism. Muslims, the world over, are anti Zionist and anti Israel. Not anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish. How can anyone expect Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians to be anything else when the likes of Israeli Herut Party chairman, Michael Kleiner, said that “for every victim of ours there must be 1,000 dead Palestinians”… “The Sharon government is a giant laboratory for the growing of the anti-Semitism virus”. [Uri Avneri]

“But we can take comfort that 28 brave academics have signed a petition condemning President George Bush’s build-up to war and Israel’s support for it and warning that the Israeli government may be contemplating crimes against humanity on the Palestinians, including ethnic cleansing.

Have Mr. Pipes and his chums put the names of these good men and women on their hate list? You bet they haven’t. Because all of them are Israeli scholars at Israeli universities. I wonder why we weren’t told about his.” (How to shut up your critics with a single word, by Robert Fisk, Independent, 21 October 2002)

Islamic Fairness

An American young lady goes to Palestine to help the Palestinians weather some of the imposed policies of annihilation by Israeli-Semitic phonies. She stands in front of an Israeli bulldozer trying to prevent it from bulldozing a Palestinian home to the ground. The Israeli driver of the bulldozer, true to his Zionist pulse, crushes her to death. Rachel Corrie became another victim of this Zionist expansionism. And if Muslims are what Pipes thinks they are Ms. Corrie would not have gained a hero’s status among Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims. Her sacrifice is becoming a legend among Muslims – not because she is an “Islamist” but because she stood up for justice. And justice is a word that is absent from all of Mr. Pipes’ characterizations of all other human beings who do not share his Zionist beat. If Muslims were racist Semites Rachel Corrie would never have become the heroine that she is now in the minds and hearts of all Muslims. All human beings qualify for this status if they stand up for justice. The Jews themselves would be qualified for this honor if they could only bring themselves to the point of taking issue with Zionism and opposing its Israeli expression.

Daniel Pipes does not have a gene of Semitism in him and that may explain why he can see no wrong with a criminal Zionist establishment that has tasked itself with policies of genocide against the stock of Semites that inhabit the Holy Land and its surroundings.

Daniel Pipes is a Disaster for Jews and Judaism

After one session of listening to Daniel Pipes I asked myself: what do Jews get out of supporting a person who adds force to anti-Jewish sentiments? This is equally the case among Muslims and Christians who cannot but feel a dislike for Jews after tuning in to Daniel Pipes. When decent Christians are trying to understand decent Muslims and vice versa then comes Daniel Pipes to spoil and sully this attempt at understanding it is only natural for both the Muslim and Christian sides to disapprove of such a character. Why can’t level-minded Jews come out in the open and disavow Pipes and his equivalents? Why does this crooked character continue to receive support from his coreligionists? I have not found a satisfying answer to this question. The only conjecture I have is that the Jews have lost their sense of direction, which they had gained in the aftermath of the Holocaust. The horrific experience of European Jewry propelled them unto unprecedented political heights and financial summits – but that was before Zionist Israel corrupted their conscience and fiddled with their faith and muddied their minds! Jews are not going to gain anything by permitting their “Jewish” brethren to stoke the attitudes of anti-Zionism and anti-Israelism that is erroneously referred to as ‘anti-Semitism.’ Daniel Pipes, whether Jews are willing to acknowledge it or not, is an instigator, fomenter, and promoter of the deadly generational outbreak of ‘anti-Semitism’; but only if the Jews remain silent or passive about him and his provocations. The arrogance and insolence and audacity of such a character is enough to stoke the fires of ‘anti-Semitism’ for a long time to come.

The silence of the majority of Jews and their inability to publicly take issue with Pipes’ hallucinations will inevitably lead people to think that the Jews are complicit in Pipes’ wild ideas that have the potential of becoming policies due to the positions that he occupies. Dr. Pipes does not operate in a vacuum; and if the Jews do not break with him they will eventually break down with him. There is no Biblical law or secular law in the world that says that Muslims will have to agree with Pipes to become full-fledged Americans or full-fledged Muslims or full-fledged Palestinians! That is nonsense. Anti-Semitism was six-feet under until hotheaded Zionists like Pipes and Sharon resurrected it from the grave. Now is the time for all Jewish organizations that support Daniel Pipes directly or indirectly to desist and call a halt to such cooperation or affiliation. Jews of conscience and leaders within the Jewish community are called upon to assume their responsibilities and put an end to thoughts-against-humanity that are committed in their name. If this “Jewish” dehumanization of Muslims and Christians continues and the time of reckoning arrives and they find themselves no longer able to seek refuge with Muslims or Christians – at that time they should only blame themselves and perish knowing that they “had it coming to them.”

Pipes is no Samson

The Biblical Samson brought down the temple on himself and his enemies. But Pipes is bringing down the temple on himself and his friends. There is a Semitic adage for Pipes and that is the grave-digger who is only concerned with how many graves he has dug because that translates into how many bodies are going to go down into those graves; which translates into money coming into his pocket. The more cavities in the ground the more fillings in the pocket! And it doesn’t matter who occupies the burial place as long as that transmutes into profits. It could be Pipes’ own flesh and blood, a member of his family, an affiliate of his religion. The end result is material gain and to hell with human values and personal principles.

Now, before it is too late, is the time for prudent Jews, and I pray for them to do so, to review the works of Daniel Pipes and to carry with them a Jewish public opinion that will distance Jews from the foul intents and the foolish course that Pipes has outlined for nothing other than future Islamic-Jewish friction and feuds. This will go a long way to neutralize any future human catastrophe, G-D forbid.

Discussions among Muslims and Christians have it that Daniel Pipes has succeeded in investing in the anti-Islamic atmosphere post 9/11. His speculative rational stock has gone up – as short-lived as that will turn out to be. He now finds more demand for making the lecture circuit to speak about the threats and dangers of Islamism. He also is invited to TV programs; he is appearing more often in the print media. And he continues to unabashedly ax his way to innuendo and fabrications about the Islamic movement and Islamic scholars.

All of this reinforces the Muslims’ sense that this whole issue is macro-managed by the US against the Muslims in the world who are coming of age. And this in turn drives the Muslims into the inevitability of thinking that the US has become the long-arm of the Israeli Zionist interest.

Anti-Semitism: Crying Wolf

The Jews who are worshipping Israel have run out of milking other people’s sympathy. This they did for some time now, but not any longer. “Israel has become the most hated nation in the world… anti-Semitism has always been the Jews’ trump card because it is easy to quote some crazy figure from history and seek cover. This time, too, the anti-Semitism card has been pulled from the sleeve of explanations by the Israeli government and its most faithful spokespeople have been sent to wave it. But the time has come for the Israeli public to wake up from the fairy tale being told by its elected government.

“The rhetoric of the perpetual victim is not a sufficient answer for the question of the timing. Why all of a sudden have all the anti-Semites, or haters of Israel, raised their heads and begun chanting hate slogans? Enough of our whining, “The whole world is against us.”

“Israel has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of the world and we are guilty for what has happened.

“The Jewish people, who went through a Holocaust just decades ago – a short moment in historical terms – must not oppress another people and deny them their rights and any shadow of hope for a future. We must not be blinded by the unrestrained support from “Uncle Sam” – even the United States is being run by a radical, aggressive government that is, therefore, also failing.

“But if anti-Semitism was until now found exclusively in the extreme political fringes, Israel’s continued policy of the cruel occupation will only encourage and fan the spread of anti-Semitic sentiments. (Fanning the Flames of Hatred, by Roman Bronfman,, 19/11/2003)

In Summary Pipes’ drive to criminalize active Muslims since a decade and a half ago may be encapsulated as such:

1- Defamation of Islam and Muslims in North America; first by maligning Muslims of Arab and Asian descent; i.e., immigrant Muslims. Then the next move was to vilify African-American Muslims, and finally he rounded up his baggage of accusations by slandering Euro-American Muslims. His catch phrase is that these Muslims in the final analyses are terrorists or supporter of terrorism or developing in that direction.

2- Detracting from any Christian-Islamic dialogue. This effort is surrounded by Pipist accusations. Pipes’ Campus Watch has listed a litany of professors, lecturers, and instructors whom he accuses of showing bias when it comes to Middle Eastern issues. His long list may be reviewed at his Middle East Forum site.

3- Dr. Pipes stirs the worst in racial instincts whenever he expresses himself on campus. His feat is to polarize students on campus between pro and anti Jews (read Zionism). You come out of his presentation thinking that Judaism and Islam are at war!!

4- He has a knack for instigating Jewish/Islamic polarization on campus and for assailing Islamic history and the Prophet Muhammad (P).

5- Dr. Pipes has placed Muslims in America in a dangerous precedent as he dehumanizes them and prepares the mental atmosphere for their exclusion from American life. This has grown out of proportion since 9/11 to a degree that Muslims and Arabs in America feel a palpable discrimination and prejudice against them.

6- He has abandoned objectivity in his journalistic writings. He has dipped into a cesspool of hatred and artificiality. This he has done in an evident manner to serve the Zionist and Israeli interest. His agenda is wide open now.

7- He tries to widen the distance between American Muslims and the Republican administration. He mines the field whenever and wherever it is possible to undercut any attempt by American Muslims to enter into an active civic position in their own government.

8- Dr. Pipes does not desist from trying to cut off any effort at integration by the Muslims into American society. Muslims had made considerable progress along these lines by making it into political circles and inter-faith communications with Christians and Jews. The initiative was there and progress was being made; but Pipes and his cohorts are trying very hard to spoil all that.

9- Finally he is trying to divide and polarize. American Muslims are supposed to be the “other.” American Muslims do not belong to the Judeo-Christian context. American Muslims are these aliens who do not fit into the American social fabric. And eventually American Muslims are a fifth-column!

All of these taken into consideration and we realize how destructive and corrosive Daniel Pipes is. He does not serve the purposes of equality and social cooperation. Daniel Pipes himself is anathema to a melting pot American society. A society that has managed to become pluralistic should not be set back by Pipes’ phobic approach to Muslims and Islam.