Bush’s Monkey Business


The two important members of the Bush administration have expressed their phoney concern regarding the level of tension currently prevailing between India and Pakistan.

In his testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary Colin Powell has maintained that the stand-off between the armies of the two countries constituted a very dangerous situation.

Speaking before the Senate Intelligence Committee the same day, CIA director George Tenet pointed out that the chances of war between the two nuclear armed states were higher than at any point since 1971.

And at the same time, US and its protégé Israel have signed multi-billion dollars deals to supply arms to India.

The “coalition against terror ” has decided to make India a vast and “legitimate” market for weapon sales.

On the eve of President Musharraf’s current visit the US may also allow sales to Pakistan to ensure “regional balance”.

Will America stop this “monkey business” so that South Asia is not pushed into a nuclear confrontation?