Bush ushers another ‘century of liberty’

It is Sept. 02, 2004. President Bush is at Republican convention. He is ‘right’ on so many points though “W” stands for wrong. He is right that none could have envisioned four year ago what these years would bring. He is right that ‘men of Normandy’ are proud when they see Americans in uniform storming mountains strongholds, and charging through sandstorm, and ‘liberating’ millions. He is right that every child can learn and every school must teach. He is right that it is the moral responsibility of all Americans to honor’s America’s senior. He is right that America’s workers are energetic and innovative. He is right that family and work are sources of stability and dignity. He is right that a caring society values its weakest members so we must make a place for an unborn child. He is right that religious charities provide a safety net of mercy and compassion, and government must never discriminate against them. He is right that union of a man and woman deserves an honored place in a society, so it should be protected from activist judges. He is right that judges should know the difference between personal opinion and the strict interpretation of the law. He is right that drag on our economy is the current tax code, which is a complicated mess –”filled with special interest loopholes, saddling our people with more than six billion hours of paperwork and headache every year. He is right that his opponent Democratic nominee for president Sen. Kerry supported his ‘education reforms.’ He is right that tax and spend hard-core liberal from Massachusetts proposes more than two trillion dollars in new federal spending so far. He is right that Kerry’s policies of tax and spend of expanding government rather than expanding opportunity are the policies of the past. In contrast, he is on the path to the future and he is not turning back. He is right that it is not a conservative value to find heart and soul of America in Hollywood, to vote against bipartisan Defense of Marriage Act and calling Reagan presidency of eight years of moral darkness. Kerry did all. So Bush is right that Kerry is not a candidate of ‘conservative values’ as he claimed recently. He is right that he proposed and the Congress overwhelmingly passed, 87 billion dollars in funding needed by our troops doing battle in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both Kerry and Edwards voted against this money for ‘bullets,’ and ‘fuel,’ and ‘vehicles,’ and ‘body armor.’ He is right that when Kerry was asked about this vote, he said, “I actually did vote for the 87 billion dollars before I voted against it.” Then he said he was proud of that vote. Then, when pressed, he said it was a complicated matter. Bush is right that there is nothing complicated about supporting troops in combat. He is right that Kerry called America’s allies a coalition of the coerced and the bribed. And he is right that both Kerry and Edwards voted for the use of force in Iraq.

But the problem is that opponents of Bush claim that he did nothing to correct these problems. Preaching of principles is fine. Talking about families, seniors, religious charities and education is fine. But action is needed to implement the principles. And that is lacking in Bush Administration as welfare of the masses is concerned. They say that “W” itself stands for wrong. He is wrong on domestic issues and wrong on international issues. He is wrong on programs, wrong on direction, and even wrong on policy. They labeled his 4 years as failure. He failed to give new ideas. He is best on negative and false attacks. He failed on key issues like jobs, economy, health care, homeland security and national security. He is such a thick-necked bull that he did not come up with a single new idea to change his course of failure. He is the president who first opposed the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. He did not adequately fund nation’s first responders. In 2005 budget, he is cutting training grants by nearly half for first responders. On his watch, nation’s ports and borders are unsecured. Air and sea cargo are not properly screened, and there is no unified list of ‘terrorists.’ No Child Left Behind is under-funded by $27 billions. There is nation wide dissatisfaction about No Child Left Behind. Twenty-two states considered changes in the Act or opting out completely. He talked about family institution. Note what he did with this basic institution of a society. He added 5.2 million uninsured Americans to the list of uninsured Americans. Total numbers of uninsured has reached 45.0 million. It means that every 4th or 5th American is uninsured. He has made health care less affordable also for Americans. Families are paying $792 more in health expenses and individuals are paying $168 more than just four years ago. And above all, ‘Medicare reforms’ will not deliver promised-goodies to the seniors.

President Bush is not blind as some think. He is not stupid as some think. He knows what he is doing. When he makes a statement, he knows what he means. When he says that shaken economy has risen on his feet, he knows it is not true. When he says that Americans in uniform are ‘liberating’ millions in Afghanistan and Iraq, he knows it is not true. When he says that his superb Vice president has calm and steady judgment, he knows it is not true. When he says that now seniors are getting immediate help buying medicine. Soon every senior will be able to get prescription drug coverage, he knows it is not true. When he says that he is running for president with a clear and positive plan to ‘build a safer world,’ and a ‘more hopeful America,’ he knows it is not true. When he says that story of America is the story of ‘expanding’ liberty: an ever-widening circle, constantly growing to reach further and include more, he knows it is not true. Our nation’s founding commitment is still our deepest commitments: In our world, and here at home, we will extend the frontier of ‘freedom,’ he knows it is not true. When he says that he has fought the terrorists across the earth not for pride, not for power, but because the lives of our citizens are at stake, he knows it is not true. When he says that he is working to advance liberty in the broader Middle East, because freedom will bring a future of hope, and the peace we all want, he knows it is not true. When he says he will prevail in the war against ‘terrorists,’ he knows it is not true. And Pat Buchanan has a message for President Bush. He is the same Buchanan who gave death of thousand slashes to Bush Sr. He says ‘son’ retreat. This is what the imperial powers like France, Great Britain and Russia had to opt. He says ‘son’ retreat. This is what the Israelis had to do. They had to retreat from Lebanon.

But Bush will not retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Because he is not occupying these countries. By ‘liberating’ them, he has ‘fulfilled God’s mission under the “Manifest Destiny.” Muslim world and Chinese brothers, watch how again you are chosen to ‘fulfill the God’s mission.’ Today Congress was debating to shower God’s blessed ‘democratic form of government’ over Syria and Hong Kong, which are ‘occupied’ by Syrians and Chinese themselves. Until the U.S. flag does not fly there, Syria and Hong Kong will not be really free. By ‘liberating them’ Americans will fulfill ‘God’s mission.’

In historical perspective, Americans have been fulfilling ‘God’s mission’ for the last four hundred years. When the British occupiers (present day Americans) were occupying the Native Americans’ land, they were not occupiers. They were fulfilling God’s mission. So this occupation was a ‘divine occupation.’ When these occupiers were committing genocide of Native Americans, it was not a crime against humanity. Why? They were fulfilling God’s mission. When after establishing beachheads in the East of America, they were eyeing West of America. This act of Americans was not to occupy more land. They were fulfilling God’s mission. When they were humiliating the Mexicans brothers again and again, they were fulfilling God’s mission. When they ousted France, Spain, Portugal and Russia from both continents, they were not eliminating other occupiers to take their place. They were fulfilling God’s mission. And when these British occupiers turned against their parent country Great Britain and started cutting the throat of their British brethren, they could not be labeled as ungrateful human beings or traitors. They were ‘sons of liberty’ because they were fulfilling God’s mission. When President Monroe (Monroe Doctrine, December 2, 1983) was declaring himself the undisputed occupier of the American continents, he was not expanding the American occupation to both of the Continents –”North and South of America. He was fulfilling the God’s mission. When the Democratic Republicans during the presidency of James Madison (1809-1817) were shouting on the top of roofs that occupation of ‘America was divine,’ they were not warmongers or expansionists. They were only crying for the fulfillment of God’s mission. When the U.S. president James Polk (1845-1849) urged the U.S. imperial congress that Monroe Doctrine should be used to grab the West of present day U.S., he was not urging anything immoral. He was only fulfilling God’s mission. When the cowboy Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) was declaring that the U.S. had the right to intervene in the affairs of Latin America and particularly in the affairs of Caribbean countries, he was not an interventionist’ at all. He was simply fulfilling God’s mission. When President Wilson (Fourteen points – January 8,1918) was advocating for no secret agreements, world without borders, disarmament, ‘occupation’ on ‘equitable bases,’ evacuation of Russian, Belgium and French territories, readjustment of Italian borders, autonomy for Hungarian, Romanians, Serbians, Montenegrins, dismember of Turkish state, an independent Polish state, he was selfless like an angel. He was not asking anything for himself. He was only fulfilling God’s mission. When President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill issued ‘Atlantic Charter’ to save the ‘world wide occupation,’ they were fulfilling God’s mission. When Truman (1945-1953) was declaring that the ‘free world’ under U.S. ‘divine occupation’ should be saved from a communist takeover, he was only declaring that occupied of the ‘free world’ had no right to opt any other system, no other occupation except the ‘divine occupation.’ When President Eisenhower (1953-61) was declaring that U.S. occupied nations must receive aid and support to save them from Soviet Union occupation, he was not declaring that U.S. occupation of the ‘free world’ should be continued. He was saving the ‘free world’ from Soviet occupation. By doing so, he was fulfilling God’s mission. When Kennedy (1961-63) was declaring that he would oppose any formation of communist government in Latin America, he was showing the determination of U.S. that U.S. occupation of the Latin America would continue. By showing this determination, he was fulfilling God’s mission. When President Johnson (1963-69) was declaring that U.S. would intervene in the Western Hemisphere to any communist threat to any government, he was saying to the human beings of Western Hemisphere that America is there to protect you. By doing so he was fulfilling God’s mission. When President Nixon (1969-1974) was declaring that he would train and assist native rebels of a country of conflict where he could not intervene directly. He was fulfilling God’s mission. When President Carter (1977-81) was declaring that no outside challenge to the U.S. occupation of Persian Gulf would be tolerated and military would be used to maintain the U.S. occupation of Persian Gulf region. He was fulfilling the God’s mission. When Reagan (1981-1989) was declaring that anti-communist ‘freedom fighters’ be supported because they opposed tyranny, he was protecting ‘democratic form of governments’ from ‘tyranny.’ By doing so, he was fulfilling God’s mission. When President Clinton was declaring that best way to maintain U.S. occupation of large areas, is to combat anti-occupation forces in small-occupied areas. By doing so, he was fulfilling God’s mission. And when goose Bush was quacking that U.S. had the right of first attack if evidence suggested threat of attack by a nation or a ‘terrorist’ group. He was fulfilling God’s mission.

So every atrocity committed in the last 400 years and every inch of the world occupied by the Americans is justified under “Manifest Destiny.” What does it mean? “Manifest Destiny, meaning ‘obvious or undeniable fate’ was a belief originally held by Democratic Republicans, specifically War hawks during the presidency of James Madison, that stated the United States was divine and its mission was to spread democracy, the only ‘fair’ practice of government to the West.”

And who coined this phrase. He was a New York journalist John O’Sullivan. “The phrase ‘manifest destiny’ was coined by New York journalist John O’Sullivan in 1845, when he wrote that ‘it was the nation’s manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us.’ That same year on December 2, U.S. President James Polk announced to Congress that the Monroe Doctrine should be strictly enforced and that the Untied States should aggressively expand into the West.”

U.S. occupation of the Native Americans land by the British was not ‘divine’ initially. No angel came from God and told the British occupiers that God had chosen them to occupy the United States and expand their occupation to the four corners of the earth. It was a slogan that was coined in a later stage by the most deceptive and brutal leadership in the history of mankind. It justified their brutal acts of the past and the future. It helped them to look champion of freedom and justice before the Americans and the world. Manifest destiny was not coined in vacuum also. Greed and wild ambitions played an important part in the formative year of this occupying power. Other slogans were also used to justify U.S. occupation in the initial stage. Circumstances also helped the U.S. to occupy as much land as possible in no time. The first victims were the Native Americans. “In theory, one aspect of this desire was its principle to bring the ideals of democratic self-government to any peoples capable of it; in practice, however, this often means excluding Native Americans and those with non-European ancestry. Native Americans, whose usage patterns of the land were at odds with the desire of the expanding nation, represented an obstacle to the goals of Manifest Destiny. In large part, the expanding settlements and the resulting impact on the natural ecology (such as the mass slaughter of bison) were enough to push aside the Native Americans. In other cases, the indigenous inhabitants were removed through negotiations and military force by the Federal government.”

So Muslims you are ‘lucky ‘that you are chosen by the Americans in the 21st century to fulfill the God’s mission. And America has to do not so much work to fulfill God’s mission. Only two countries are left where U.S. flag is not flying. They are Syria and Iran. How many days they resist, time will tell. By the way, what was the European population between 1610-1619? The estimated European population in the colonies was 210. What was the Native Americans population in 1600? “The Indian population of what was to become the U.S. was about 1,000,000.” Today where are Native Americans called Indians and what is their population. According to some estimates Native Americans population on both the continents would have been in billions if the Europeans did not slaughter them. There is a lesson for Muslim World also. The way their genocide begins in Afghanistan and Iraq in 21st century, pray that they do not meet the fate of the Native Americans.

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