Bush: Even More Stupid Than He Looks

Edna Yaghi’s Column


During the US elections held in November, I rooted for George Bush. Had I thought that my expat vote would have gotten in on time, I would not have voted for either Bush or Al Gore, but for Ralph Nader. In my opinion, Nader is the only honest man in politics and this is exactly why he didn’t win the election or even come close to it.

So, Bush it was then. Every time he opened his mouth, I cringed. Every time he debated Gore prior to the election, I prayed that no one would notice the fact that Gore was the better speaker, was better informed, had a much better vocabulary and though I felt he was a hypocrite and not sincere, at least he didn’t look stupid.

But looking stupid and acting even more stupid are two different things. Some people can look stupid but in actuality be very intelligent. Not so with Bush Jr. OK, he looks stupid. But when he speaks, he proves beyond all doubt that he is a complete idiot.

His foreign policy is preposterous and has no purpose other than to exploit underdeveloped countries and promote American Imperialism. However, his policy in the Middle East is not just stupid, senseless, unintelligent, nonsensical, inappropriate and preposterous, but it is that of a brainless muddleheaded imbecile and one that supports Zionism.

At a recent news conference, just after Israeli helicopter gun-ships blasted civilian targets in Gaza and Jewish tanks shelled Palestinian villages, Bush had the nerve to insist Palestinian President Yasser Arafat speak out forcibly and clearly to condemn violence. Violence here is seen by Bush and his affiliates as when a single suicide bomber blows himself up and kills one or two Israelis in the process, or when children armed with stones and slingshots pelt heavily armed Israeli soldiers and army tanks. Whatever demoniacal “reprisals” the Israelis take to quell the rebellious “natives” is done only in the name of security and protecting the Israeli people.

And on Thursday, as Israeli air strikes bombarded Palestinian civilian homes and villages, US Secretary of State Colin Powell telephoned Arafat to “discuss” the situation in the Middle East. “I hope Chairman Arafat hears it loud and clear,” Bush later said at the news conference.

It is very likely that Bush praised Sharon’s bloodbath of Palestinians as brilliant and the way things should be. After all, this is how the Americans wiped out 90% of the indigenous Indian population. But what the world hears loud and clear is the fact that Bush and his counterparts support without a conscience the massacre of the innocents.

Everything that is just and right, honorable and holy, Bush is against as long as he can get away with pretending to the world quite the opposite. But Bush is not as good an actor as Gore. He did not get the Jewish vote in America and the Israelis didn’t want him to become president. But Bush, stupid as he looks, even more stupid how he thinks, doesn’t care.

He does not care if Palestinian children are killed on a daily basis. He doesn’t care if medieval tactics are employed to drive out the rest of the Palestinians from their homelands. He doesn’t care if children are fighting for the liberty of their country. He doesn’t care how brutal the Israeli government is or how horribly they suppress and oppress the people they are occupying. He doesn’t care because he has no conscience, he has no heart and because he is brain dead.

Next week Bush will be visited by Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Jordan’s King Abdullah. But when asked if he would receive Arafat, he dodged the question and said that he had much to do. Perhaps Sharon hypnotized him into not allowing Arafat to go to America. However, he plans to pressure Mubarak and Abdullah into convincing Arafat to speak out against the violence, that is, the stone throwing children and the two very dead suicide bombers who can’t hear anyway, in a language the Palestinians understand.

Anyhow, Americans are renowned for their inhumane acts of collective punishment. We should not forget the atomic bombs dropped on the Japanese cities, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, or the merciless yet intense allied bombing of Iraq during the Gulf War. And let us not forget Korea and Vietnam.

Even Clinton, as corrupted and immoral as he was, had more sense, more brains and didn’t look as stupid as Bush.

The horrible thing is, that Bush is the man who is running America and controlling the world. May God save the Palestinians and may God help us all.

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