Bush Brings On More and More Insurgency

While George W. Bush and his minions have tried to accuse John Kerry of "aiding and abetting the enemy", any thinking person can see that Bush himself has been the most effective recruiter both for Iraqi patriotic insurgency and Islamic "terrorists" around the world. We also know that there are long historic links between the Bush family (including both presidents) and the bin Laden family and between the American government and the same organizations that ultimately morphed into Al Qaeda.

If Bush had not pursued disastrous policies of slaughtering countless innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Qaeda would be reeling under the loss of personnel by security services from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. A high proportion of arrests of Al Qaeda leadership have occurred based on foreign security operations, with the U.S. as the beneficiary. Yet, for every "terrorist" taken out of operation, the U.S. government has motivated many aggrieved persons to take arm arms against the "crusaders" and seek revenge.

The Kurds have played their role in restructuring Iraq, including the apprehension of Saddam Hussein. And Iraqi citizens have turned in former Baathists to the U.S. occupiers. Yet, the insurgency strengthens on the basis of intense Iraqi resentment of U.S. brutality, including well-known prisoner torture at Abu Garib and other U.S. detention facilities. The Iraqi people hear President Bush insult them by telling them how much better off they are since Saddam Hussein’s torture regime has been halted, as if Iraqis can take comfort in being tortured by Americans and Brits instead of by Iraqis!

Every day the news brings more accounts of devastating aerial attacks on Iraqi cities by U.S. forces. And Arabic news outlets carry graphic photos of removal of innocent small children, women and other non-combatants from the ruins. Who can forget the graphic footage in Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 911" of the Iraqi woman calling down curses from God on America after the destruction of her family home and deaths of totally innocent family members. This scene is repeated daily across Iraq.

It would be hard to imagine how George W. Bush could enact a more effective policy of alienating Iraqis from America. One must wonder if Bush is deliberately pursuing policies of not only alienating Iraqis, but also possibly in promoting civil war as a form of a "divide and conquer" strategy. The manner in which the American military invades cities like Samara using overwhelming American military force, only to then occupy the city with Iraqi recruits who then become the targets of the insurgency is guaranteed to promote killing of Iraqis by other Iraqis and to minimize killing of Americans by Iraqis. The Americans know full well that insurgents will not tolerate a proxy Iraqi military occupation under the illegitimate appointed government of Allawi. Thus, by occupying cities using American force and then substituting Iraqi police, the Americans hope to turn Iraqi against Iraqi — a form of civil war.

The loss of Iraqi lives is utterly unimportant to the American government. Unlike earlier combat in Iraq during the Gulf War, we currently hear the American military speak of numbers of insurgents killed, as a mark of "progress" in the subjugation of Iraq. To the American military, the more dead Iraqis the better. The subjugation of Iraq by killing men, women and children is not unlike the subjugation of the North American continent by the forces of the U.S. army, with famous massacres at Sand Creek, Wounded Knee and across the continent.

However, the Iraqi insurgents have lessons of history aiding in their resistance. The North Koreans fought the U.S. to a standstill, despite grievous, horrific losses. The Vietnamese drove the Americans from their land and are now free of America, as many Iraqis long to be.

The future of Iraq is at question. The immediate future promises to be bloody and the world watches and waits. The "civilized world", which privately admitting the illegality and immorality of the American occupation and attempted subjugation of Iraq, is not willing to take effective action, or take any risk on the side of principle. And the blood continues to flow.