Brazil reports 1,300 deaths from COVID-19 in 24 hours

Brazil tops 60 thousand deaths from COVID-19

The daily report published Tuesday (Jul. 14) by the Health Ministry registers 41,857 new cases of the novel coronavirus and 1,300 deaths from COVID-19 in 24 hours.

The death toll reached 74,133—nearly as many people as the population of historical city Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais. The figure represents a 1.7 percent increase from Monday (13), when the number of fatal cases was 72,833.

The case tally since the beginning of the pandemic added up to 1,926,825. If this were the population of a single city, it would be the country’s ninth most populous. The amount is up 2.2 percent from the total unveiled the day before (1,884,967).

As per the official data, 643 people are being observed and 1,209,208 have recovered from the disease. There are also 3,928 deaths under investigation.

The lethality rate (number of deaths divided by the total amount of cases) is 3.8 percent, whereas mortality (deaths for every 100 thousand people) came to 35.3. The incidence of COVID-19 in every 100 thousand people is 916.9.

COVID-19 across the states

The Brazilian states with the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 are: São Paulo (18,324), Rio de Janeiro (11,624), Ceará (6,977), Pernambuco (5,715), and Pará (5,318), compared to the ones with the lowest amount related deaths: Mato Grosso do Sul (177), Tocantins (267), Roraima (398), Acre (436), and Amapá (483).

São Paulo (386,607), Ceará (139,437), Rio de Janeiro (132,822), Pará (128,570), and Bahia (110,029) are the states with most confirmed cases. The states with the smallest amount of people infected are Mato Grosso do Sul (13,934), Tocantins (15,723), Acre (16,479), Roraima (22,968), and Rondônia (27,528).

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