Brazil extends restrictions on incoming foreigners for another 30 days

Brazil extends restrictions on incoming foreigners for another 30 days

The restrictions on the entry of foreigners of any nationality in Brazil through land or water has been extended for another 30 days. The move follows a recommendation made by Brazil’s sanitary watchdog Anvisa as a result of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

The limitations do not apply to Brazilians, born or naturalized, return trips, immigrants with definitive residence, foreign professionals on a mission with international entities, foreigners who are “spouses, partners, children, parents, or caregivers of a Brazilian national,” or those “whose entry is specifically authorized by the Brazilian government in view of the public interest or humanitarian issues” or in possession of the so-called National Migratory Registry document, or RNM in the original acronym.

The exceptions regarding immigrants with a residence permit or foreign spouses, partners, children, parents, caregivers, and RNM holders “do not apply to foreigners coming from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

The decision does not impose a ban on the entry of maritime crews through air or water for the exercise of specific duties on board or on a platform operating in jurisdictional waters, “provided the appropriate migratory requirements are observed, which includes carrying an entry visa when demanded by Brazilian law.”

Also, no restrictions have been imposed on maritime crews authorized by the Federal Police to disembark for medical assistance or connections on trips returning to their country of origin.

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