Blame Vulture Capitalism, not God, for Pat Robertson!

On August 22, 2005, Rev. Pat Robertson, a Christian, knee-jerk supporter of the Bush-Cheney Gang and a lackey for Israel’s Ariel Sharon, publicly insisted that the U.S. should assassinate Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez. The incendiary remarks were made by the founder of the so-called “Christian Broadcasting Network” on his program known as the “700 Club.” What kind of Christian is it that suggests on a public television show before a nationwide audience that a leader of another sovereign country should be murdered? Hasn’t Robertson ever heard of the Ten Commandments? I also believe that the-not-so-Reverend Robertson is giving God a bad name.

This is exactly what Robertson said: “We have the ability to take him (Chavez) out, and I think the time has come to exercise that ability. It’s a whole lot cheaper than starting a war…It’s a whole lot easier to have some of the covert operatives do the job and get it over with.” [1] This is the same Robertson who has seen no evil in the unjust Iraqi War. The same can be said with respect to his views of Israel’s Apartheid Wall, its attack on the USS Liberty and its unjustified killing of activist Rachel Corrie.[2] None of the above has shown up on Robertson’s blurred moral radar screen.

As for Venezuela, although oil rich, it is one of the poorest countries in South America. Hugo Chavez, a populist, and ex-Army officer, is its elected president. He has valiantly attempted to come to grips with the social, economic and justice problems that have long plagued that suffering nation. Almost 85 percent of its people languish in grinding poverty. Because Chavez has refused to bow to pressures from ruthless International Bankers, he has been targeted for abuse, and possibly, assassination.[3]

Is there any doubt that fundamentalism, religiously inspired by the likes of the bigoted Robertson, is a curse on our country and on Mankind? Why do we allow these extremist religious types to separate us from each other? Why can’t we have a spiritual theology that brings us all together? [4]

Yet, there is another example of a flawed ideology, that is indeed, more threatening to the world and to its future. Unfortunately, it is mostly overlooked and it isn’t seen as the ultra-evil that it really is! I’m talking about Vulture Capitalism! [5] It is a grasping materialistic system that is related to by many as a religion which shouldn’t be questioned; its ethic holds that Money, and its vast accumulation by any means necessary, is worshipped as a God.

Vulture Capitalism is a fundamentalist ideology with political, economic and religious aspects. Some of its more fanatical adherents are members of what is generally known as: The Bush-Cheney Gang; Tony Blair and the UK Establishment; International Bankers, Big Oil, the Zionist Cartel and the U.S.’s Military Industrial Complex. Its movers and shakers remain in the background. [6] They are so powerful that some of these entities, standing alone, are more powerful than even some nation-states. Each has its own separate objectives, which many times cross over with the nefarious plots of others. People are pawns for them. Morality and the Natural Law are irrelevant to their devilish schemes.[7] In my opinion, these groups represent a real threat, not only to our Republic, but to life on our planet. Only strong nation-states, in the hands of their own people, can meet the awesome challenges of these globalists – opponents of humankind. [8]

Getting back to the deranged Robertson, I met one of his soul brothers, a few years back – the Rev. Ian Paisley. [9] He’s the fiery Protestant preacher/politico from Belfast, in the north of Ireland. His bete noire is the Catholic Pope of Rome, whom he considers the “Antichrist.” Unlike Robertson, however, Paisley does has a sense of humor. He once made me wait until he preached at a church service in Baltimore, Maryland, before granting me an interview. He failed to warn me, however, that he was going to read 32 verses from the Bible as part of that two-hour process.

Absent the massive crime of British Imperialism in Ireland, I’m convinced that Paisley, as we know him today, would not exist! The Brits created him, along with a partitioned Ireland, that pitted indigenous Catholics (Nationalists) in the South, against Protestants (Unionists) in the occupied Six Counties of the North. In the South of Ireland, (mostly Catholic) a 26- county state dominated by arch conservative RC clerics took form, where the hypocrisy of the ruling Bishops was quite evident.[10] Naturally, the Protestants in the North wanted no part of a state ran by RC clerics. The clerics always made sure their narrow minded interests came before the cause of Irish nationhood. Fortunately, things are finally, but slowly, changing for all the Irish people, both Green and the Orange, as the insidious evils of British imperialism begin to fade from that bloodstained landscape.

So where do people like Pat Robertson and Ian Paisley come from? Surely, not from God – but from the religion of the Vulture Capitalists. For instance, absent the ultra Right Wing politics of that late fraud and hypocrite Ronald Reagan, who single-handedly repealed FDR’s “New Deal”, not to mention the politics of Bush I and Bush II, Robertson would be mostly invisible and without a public platform. Hate mongers, like him, can’t exist in a vacuum. I think, however, that if you take a closer look at Robertson, and also around the world at the religious fundamentalists that are instigating violence and/or enmity between peoples, you will notice that, at some level, their wires are being pulled from behind the scene by political operatives. Their horrific schemes, many of which are cleverly disguised “false flag” operations,[11] represent the direct interests of the divide-and-conquer ruling cliques who are the real rulers of this planet.





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