Biden or Bernie: Who will revamp the American Foreign Policy?

Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren’s exit leaves the Democratic field that began with six women is now down to two white men in their late seventies: Biden and Bernie. For democrats for the 2020 election, Bernie Sanders is the place to start.

However, the Democratic establishment, media, lobbyist and cooperation have come together to defeat and humiliate Bernie and his supporters. Among Sanders’s revolutionary movement there is a wave of growing anger and mistrust. It is looking like a convention floor fight which would be fierce because the fissures are like an active volcano from the 2016 debacle. Making Trump a one-time president should be the top priority of DNC and superdelegates.

Could Bernie Sander be the first-ever Jewish to become President?

Yes, Sanders with his Brooklyn accent often touts of his time on an Israeli kibbutz and often states that “Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security, so do the Palestinian people and calls for a balanced approach in creating a Palestinian State.”

Senator Sanders has history and strength of record as a diverse candidate with a commitment to grass-root citizen-driven change when it comes to funding his campaign and defending justice. However, denying Sanders a nomination due to the power of Superdelegates and moderates coalescing around Biden runs a risk of Democrats losing the house and not winning the Senate. Hence, Super-delegates must back him or the backlash would be too dangerous for the establishment (DNC) will be seen as stealing the nomination from him on the convention floor.

Sanders is a unique and exceptional candidate. He’s pushing for a major revamp to American foreign policy — including on Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. That has many Zionist terrified. However, the fears are unfounded as he has constantly critical of Israel’s leadership and pro-Israel lobby.

Sanders’ foreign policy platform is the antidote and has positioned him as uniquely suited to oppose Trump’s toxic extreme brand of nationalism, unilateralism, exceptionalism, and interventionism in the Middle East and around the world. The belief that the US can simply overthrow governments and assassinate leaders of a foreign country will be scrutinized by Sander. Moreover, Sanders’ voting record is consistent over the years of his time in the Senate. He opposes the eighty billion annual increase in Pentagon spending and the three billion aid to Israel.

Sanders has stood firmly for Palestinian human rights, against IDF brutality in Gaza, the building of illegal settlements and advocates his opposition to the BDS bill that enables the state to penalized business and individual that boycott Israel on the grounds that it would violate Americans’ First Amendment right to boycott—a constitutional right.

At home, he wants to end unconscionable human rights abuses being carried out against the refugees seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border. American people are sick and tired of endless wars. Sanders has signed on to a pledge to end “forever wars” raging in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Niger, Somalia, and Myanmar. He is the candidate most likely to stand up to Saudi Arabia. Sanders wants the United States to pivot away from blind support for the Gulf kingdom. Sanders has pledged to undo the damage Trump has done by withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Bernie Sanders is in favor of Medicare for all, returning back to Paris Climate Agreement and passionate ally for environmental justices plaguing millions especially lead poisoning in Michigan.

Biden won super Tuesday largely due to endorsement by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and Black voter-turnout. However, many African Americans have forgotten that Biden colluded with the Republicans to make sure there were no witnesses called on behalf of Anita Hill and then he watched in silence as Hill was lynched by the Republicans? In 1994 “tough on crime” legislation was authored by Joe Biden and it’s the key pieces of legislation that have resulted in 2.6 million mass incarceration to the benefit of corporate America. Joe Biden now plays down his role of writing and working with the segregationist Senators in the 80’s and 90’s.

If Biden wins, Palestinians are destiny to bleak future, Islamophobia will continue and Bedouin House of Saud will continue executions and atrocities against Muslims. If Biden wins the world and the Bedouin Kingdom will embrace Israel, India, China, and Myanmar for the continuation of oppression against the Muslims. If Biden wins bombing and drone attacks of Muslim villages will continue in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

The Muslim American vote will undeniably instrumental to Sanders winning the primary in Pennsylvania on April 28th. I foresee that endorsement by many Muslims and Latino groups of Senator Sanders will continue to ignite the diverse communities in Lehigh Valley to come out to vote. We must galvanize the polls to ensure that we elect a leader that represents the visions of diverse communities in the United States. We are confident that Senator Sanders is and will be such a leader.