Behind The Hamas-Fatah Crisis

In January 2006 Hamas won the democratic elections in Palestine. Trouncing a shocked Fatah party led by Mahmoud Abbas, as well as scuttling the wretched and devious objectives of Israel and its American and European backers who were charting a new enslaved and subjugated Middle East.

Analysts concluded that the rank and file voters ousted Fatah because they were corrupt, inept and enriching themselves at the expense of Palestinian people. They did not achieve the liberation of their lands; increased the suffering of the poverty-stricken people and were, in fact, collaborating with the Zionist Israeli occupiers in oppressing the Palestinians.

The Hamas movement had the reputation as being principled, honest and upright. They had developed a social network to help the poor and needy and lived and struggled amongst the ordinary people against the ruthless Zionist Occupiers of their land. They declared a unilateral ceasefire against their enemies, which they strenuously maintained despite the killing of over 700 Palestinians, of whom 141 were children.

Post-election, Hamas generously invited Fatah to form a Government of National Unity (GNU) in order to develop a united front against the Israeli enemy for the benefit of the Palestinian people as a whole. Instead, Fatah collaborated with the Zionist occupiers against the Hamas government in order to make the Gaza Strip ungovernable through crime and lawlessness.

Israel, the United States of America, Europe Union, United Nations and Russia (the Quartet), with some Arab countries, Egypt and Jordan in particular, conspired against the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) by isolating it and punished the people for selecting Hamas to lead it. The hypocrisy of the West who claim that it supports democracy, justice, law and order, was now clearly evident.

Whilst Fatah members were allowed to move freely in and out of Gaza, the plight of the ordinary people worsened because of the financial and economic boycott imposed on them, which was the first ever against an occupied people (Professor Dugard). A policy of starvation, where no food, medicines, trade, or money was allowed to enter, in what is worse than a prison or a concentration camp.

The plan of the West in cahoots with Fatah was to turn the people against Hamas and blame them for the enormous suffering which increased after they won the election. Instead, the steadfastness of the people to face the horrendous onslaught did not weaken their resolve to confront Israel, nor diminish their support for Hamas.

In order to salvage some support Fatah joined a Government of National Unity (GNU), which lasted just 3 months. Cliques within Fatah, unhappy with the GNU, conspired with Israel, USA, Egypt and Jordan, to violently unseat the democratically-elected Hamas government. The Israeli newspaper Haa’retz reports that $86 million arms and ammunition were given to a faction within Fatah and also millions more to train Abbas’s presidential guard.

These renegade factions within Fatah were trained in camps in Gaza, and also in Jericho and Ramallah in the West Bank. The main culprit was Mohamed Dahlan, a protege’ of the CIA and the Israelis. Hundreds of rifles and ammunition were, with Israel’s permission, ferried across the Rafah border by Egypt and Jordan to train renegade forces opposed to Hamas.

There was no alternative for Hamas except to confront this wicked conspiracy; to diffuse this threat to forcibly oust them; and to defend and protect the rights of the Palestinian people. They did this with discipline and even generously granted amnesty to many culprits, bringing in much-needed justice, law and order in the occupied territory.

Hamas has made it abundantly clear that its actions are not against Fatah, but against the paid militia that was, together with the Zionists, scheming to overthrow the legitimate GNU. It urged Abbas not to react hastily. Unfortunately, eager to serve his paymasters, he connived with the Israeli/American axis and declared a new “emergency government”.

Independent researchers and legal experts have pointed out that Abbas has violated the Palestinian Basic Law and has no right to form an unelected “emergency government” led by Salam Fayad. Abbas has no legal right to appoint a Prime Minister that does not represent the majority; the current cabinet governs until it is confirmed by the Legislative Council; and Abbas cannot call for new elections.

Despite this violation, Israel and the Quartet will support the illegal government in order to impose another servile, puppet and corrupt regime copying those in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. The chaos, anarchy and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, so long as they’re black or Muslim, will not deter them.

Hamas has spectacularly foiled the latest coup attempt by these corrupt Fatah faction and stooges aided by the Western “democratic” countries and Israel. There is no doubt that the struggle to bring about peace and justice in Palestine will be a long and arduous journey.