BBC Fundamentalism

BBC Television network has not only started programmes to show the Christian side of crusades on television but has started inviting leaders of questionable integrity and qualification from different school of thought in their news programmes one such was on the morning of 11th September 2001 in News in Asia, which went on air repeatedly, the same day some hidden hand succeeded in counter blasting their action programme of rogue states against Islam and its followers by media war that the attackers on World Trade Center & Pentagon are imaginary foe called Osama Bin Laden. Now the mighty powers are ganging up to destroy countries in golden triangle, which is considered threat to their globalization agenda. In Holy Quran Yahood-e-Nassara meaning thereby Jews and Christians have been described as enemies of Islam and this continues to be so even today more than fourteen hundred years later and will continue to be so for all times to come. According to an Islamic conviction this is Mashiet-i-Ilahi meaning thereby the Will of God. In this situation one cannot let lose the ground before the enemies of Islam. The Musalmans have to struggle hard to survive. That is why Muslim mettle is at its best when the clouds are dark.

Islamist all over the world have been dubbed as fundamentalist by Western politicians and the Western media. Needless to say that every Christian, every Jew, every Hindu for that matter every human being if he or she professes any religion is a fundamentalist and this is evident on the show of crusades by BBC Television network a few weeks back. It’s a pity that the Musalmans all over the world do not have that unity which has been commanded by the Holy Prophet, if they have the same unity as commanded by the Holy Prophet and later enunciated by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his famous slogan – Unity, Faith & Discipline, the Musalmans will rise again as they did in the days of Khulfa-e-Rashideen and spread all over the Middle East and also Europe from which emanated the name of Eurasia combining Europe and Asia, they are one land mass, this is what the non-Muslims and the West are scared of in the Muslim character.

Fundamentalism has been made a political tool rather than a truthful and sincere enunciation of the terminology; the Hindus in India today are the greatest fundamentalist. Hindu-Muslim riots are a common feature in India after the downfall of the Moghal Empire. The present government of BJP in India is wholly dependent on the support of the Hindu Fundamentalist but this naked fact is not discernable to the eyes of the Western politicians who put on a tinted glass on their eyes for political purpose and call India a secular state even though their own co-religionist are being exterminated in secular India but because of newly formed India-Israel axes every thing is justified for the champions of human rights and fair play.

The Yahood and Nassara thrust the dagger of Israel in the heart of Arabs in 1947 and yet they are secular, this is an irony of history. Let us not make a farce of fundamentalism. The BBC should be directed to withdraw the one sided show of crusade on television. Sultan Salahuddin who defeated the Richard the Lion King in one of the 2nd crusade is also a matter of history, but is being conveniently side tracked by the Christian BBC media. It does not behoove to a national media to show a one sided fundamental programme and remain silent over the massacre in Palestine and Kashmir by Israel and India, whereas they have not spared any avenue to blame Osama Bin Laden and Afghanistan their blue eyed protégé of yesterdays as the main culprits of terrorist attack on America.

The rise of Talibaan in Afghanistan and their control of Afghanistan is yet another example of fundamentalism of the West against Islam, what right the non-Muslims of the world under the leadership of United States a conglomeration of yahood-e-nassara to deprive the Muslamans of Afghanistan even of fresh air, if they can, simply because Osama Bin Laden lives there in safety, who has been imaginably plotted in the most precision attack carried out by four aircraft’s on 11th September, which is if not failure of the American security and defense system is a conspiracy to rope the Musalmans living around the golden triangle for attaining their One World government programme led by the world Jewry and the Money Mafia. The rise of Osama Bin Laden is yet another story to tell to the world, he has been nurtured and planted in Afghanistan as a move against Russians. It is because of the anti Islamic policies of the United States that Osama Bin Laden turned against them and took refuge in Afghanistan. American policy of hate Osama Bin Laden has led the Musalmans all over the world to name their newly born children as Osama Bin Laden. Any future adventure based on falsehood and power struggle to destroy economically the weaker nation like Afghanistan who are suffering for no fault of theirs, have remain victims earlier of policy of détente and now after the fall of soviet power hostage of the West in the garb of alleged responsibility for the tragedy of World Trade Center and Pentagon may lead to more powerful struggle and acts of nature, wheels of which are moving in its own right direction inspite of all the small men claiming the zenith of power in this world.

It is therefore imperative that all the OIC Countries develop a programme of Unity, Faith & Discipline in order to meet the Western fundamentalist onslaught and challenges in the coming days of this millennium.