Barack Obama as the Left Wing Ronald Reagan

Barack Obama told us how he admired the political strategies of Ronald Reagan. And the media and so-called "progressives", in their lust for Democratic Party power and trickle down economics never paid attention.

Thomas Frank, who figured out what was the matter with Kansas, has not figured out the matter with Detroit and Washington DC. Norman Solomon, who sees the hypocrisy of the Republicans, is a Democratic Party nominee for Obama and is blind to the hypocrisy of his candidate. Amy Goodman can tell you every foible of Bush, Palin and McCain, but is mesmerized by Barack Obama playing the same role as Ronald Reagan did.

Reagan got to office by focusing on style instead of substance. His speech affectations, such as "now, there you go again" had a similar effect as Obama’s "oratory" which is similarly focused and falsely comforting to those who want to believe in his vague promises of change.

Reagan promised the moon, knowing full well that he could not deliver on his promises in full. He promised to enlarge the military, cut taxes, and balance the budget. Impossible! But he sold it as a master salesperson and later used the imbalanced budget process to defend his unwillingness to support social progress and programs for the disenfranchised.

Barack Obama promises the moon, too. He knows he cannot cut taxes, dramatically increase social funding, and expand the military while increasing warmongering. So he will wait until AFTER the election to tell his disenfranchised supporters how his priorities of warmongering and bailing out the sub-prime mortgage investors will take priority over his social contract with the poor and the greatly increasing pool of Americans moving downward in the financial food chain.

Obama is a deceiver who uses his style to bamboozle those who find him attractive, just as Reagan did. Obama is quite content to persuade the working poor to vote against their own interests, just like Ronald Reagan did for the Middle Class in the Rust Belt and elsewhere.

Barack Obama apparently studied Reagan tactics and recognized the political brilliance in them. He sold his soul for power and his enthusiastic supporters on the Left are so manipulated at looking at the failures of the past that they couldn’t see or feel the coming failures of the future. It is frightening to see this reality emerge because the nation is on a permanent downward trend and there will be less and less trickling down even possible in the contracting economy that accompanies the inevitable collapse of the American Empire as we have known it. Barack Obama is happy to allow others to use his skin color as evidence of "progress" in American politics, but the fact is that his agenda is not the Black Agenda and his allegiance is not to people of his skin color and their needs.

Ronald Reagan sold out the American Middle Class. Barack Obama will sell out the poor and those who Ronald Reagan sold down the river. Obama will forever prove that, while the Republicans were bad, it was possible to do even more damage. He will finish the job Ronald Reagan started using tactics perfected by Reagan. Like Reagan, Obama will likely win in a landslide and America will lose in a huge way. And the media will scratch their heads and wonder once again: "what happened to the America that we used to know and believe in?"