Bang of Alarm Bells

With extensive deployment of its troops and tanks along border with Lebanon–”Israel has once again placed the global peace to the altitude of–”a big risk.

Such a perilous posture of Tel Aviv manifests the reality that–”there is no let-up in Israeli aggression against its unarmed neighbour–”Lebanon, which is mounting with every sunup.

On the pretext of securing release of–”just two soldiers–”the belligerent Jewish State has so far killed–”almost over 500 civilians, mostly innocent children and feeble women by striking their homes with toxic shots of its fighter jets.

As the reports from the soils of Lebanon reveal–”over 100 people were put to death–”in one day–”on Wednesday alone while on Thursday 20-tonne bombs were dropped on a Mosque.

If one analyzes with a fair mind with judicious approach–”what would come to light would be that the magnitude of the devastation caused by the Israeli aggression is such–”that it has sent alarm bells around the world about the humanitarian catastrophe.

Yet, paradoxically–”there are, by now, no signs that the comity of nations–”exclusively the big powers are in mood to induce Israel for an instant cease-fire–”which has been hideously refused by the aggressive State.

At this moment–”a truce looks to be a distant possibility–”with John Bolton claiming that there can’t be cease-fire–”what, he phrased as–”with ‘terrorist group’.

Despite, the traditional crusade of mêlée, set-off by India against Pakistan and keeping in view the probabilities and all-out fears and apprehensions–”that the swelling crisis in Lebanon may escalate and engulf other countries–”President Pervez Musharraf explicitly opted to make the Lebanese scenario–”as number-one topic of his latest address to the nation–”two days ago.

Through his typical crystal-clear style–”with sincerest devotion vis-à-vis global peace, he made a fervent appeal–”to the world community to de-escalate the conflict and resolve it through dialogue.

The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, however–”aired his voice–”blaming both Israel and Hizbollah for the problem.

Seemingly, the continuous state of affairs are unlikely to calm down–”as instead of brokering peace–”besides others, the masters of the world today–”have evacuated their nationals leaving Lebanese Muslims at the mercy of the slayer–”Israel. Still more are engaged in such a course.

Virtually, the silence of these powers is somewhat comprehensible. Prima facie, it fits well within the regional and global strategy of the US and the West–”to terrify, coerce and keep the Muslims under–”an ‘invariable and stiff’ check. In fact, Israel is doing their bidding in the Middle-East–”so why should they stop it?

We, simultaneously–”feel flabbergasted by the recurrent ‘mum’ of well-built and vibrant podiums of the Ummah–”with the Organization of Islamic Countries [OIC]–”atop.

This manifests a covert mind-set of representative organizations of the Ummah–”which is composed of sovereign, self-reliant and mostly affluent Muslim world.

Hence, this type of stance–”being pursued by the Muslim world in broad-spectrum and the Arab world in meticulous–”is not less than a matter–”which is disgusting and shocking.

Amid, self-conceived computation–”they are envisioning, as if nothing grave or grim is in the offing–”in their neighbourhood.

Let us make clear to such realms that–”such an outlook by them is–”just an illusion which would, eventually place every-one of them into a large trouble–”when the current situation in Lebanon or Syria aggravates with a big bang.

Keeping in view the unsafe smokes and clouds–”camouflaging the horizons of the Middle East–”we would like beam a caution for the Arab League–”to take instant steps for teeming and all-out security of the brethren in Faith–”lest it faces an awful end like the league of Nations–”almost six decades ago.

If at all, it asserts itself–”to be the victor and winner of the Arab rights–”it [Arab League]–”owes a few obligations to prove its claim as a bit of truth.

To this effect, it should at least meet–”at-once to be followed by frequent interactions–”with all the nations–”irrespective of ones’ faith, colour, cast, creed or credo–”to make sure that a durable peace stands established onto the ill-fated terrain–”indexed in the topographical history as the Middle East.

The AL can meet–”at some neutral resort–”if not in or around Lebanon to analyse in-depth, the gloomy situation with a solid strategy for peace–”preferably via a swift process of judicious and logical dialogue.

If, the Arab League continues to keep quiet over the on-going risky events–”its impotency would spell havoc with the upcoming of the entire Arab world–”making the innocent kids, men and women–”as the target.

Despite their existing policies or posture, we–”with a ray of optimism affix great expectations with big powers–”with the US atop [as the pedestal for universal peace in the silhouette of the United Nations, is located on its territory]–”that in the light of their pushy endeavours for peace around-the-world, they will take urgent notice of the fast deteriorating circumstances in the Middle East–”by making sure that Israel brings its’ ferocious hostilities to eternal end–”forthwith.

In case, they would persist with the policy of lack of interest for the world in entirety by staying glued with a prejudiced approach, negating the established rules of equilibrium–”they would be synchronized with those who ruled the world in centuries long-ago–”yet now stand vanished like murky billows and vapours–”sans their clue in the folio of the global records–”for the reason; “candid and truthful historians do not exonerate or forgive any-one.”