Axis of Pragmatism

The new Spanish government’s decision to go ahead with plans to pull its troops from Iraq constitutes the most pragmatic moment we’ve faced since 9/11. It’s what happens when sanity faces the Axis of lying tyrants and deceivers.

Let’s start with the Axis of Liars. The world is told that it is up against a terrible nihilistic enemy. To cover their crimes against humanity, the world is told to think about what the “Islamist terrorists” are doing. Iraqi’s resistance against an illegal invasion and occupation is called needless killing to fail the US. Those who resist the bloody American occupation are presented as the extremists, fighting so Iraq collapses into civil war, so even a glimmer of democracy never takes root in the Arab world.

This axis of Liars is supported by the advocates of war who complain that the “pigheadedness of the Bush team” and the “softheadedness” of his few allies did not assign enough killing troops to Iraq. Ignoring to see the result of Israel’s disproportionate power against the Palestinians for more close to 40 years, the advocates of war insist that more troops are needed to “build a new Iraq,” and prevent “foreign terrorists.”

The US did not take a lesson from history and it is destined to fail despite Paul Bremer’s “heroic success” in helping the hand picked Iraqis sign a mock constitution. The US will lose it. When it did, it will not be due to the Pentagon’s inability to secure Iraq. It will be due to the lies which the war infected “intellectuals have been telling the policy makers for years now. They have been telling them that the US troops will receive a red carpet welcome. They were told the whole world will march with the US in its mission to “civilize” the Muslim world.

These promoters of war now admit the reality. Thomas Friedman in his March 18 column in the New York Times concedes: “As Spain proves, we had a few friendly governments, but most people in Europe and Asia have never been with the Bush team –” especially when it continues to insist that we are going to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify the war.”

Despite this realization, the pigheadedness does not give way to pragmatism. Friedman suggests: “It’s time for the Bush team to admit it was wrong about this and move on.” Is it so easy that you go on a killing spree, kill thousands upon thousands of civilians, occupy a country, enslave its people and then just say sorry for the lies “and go on.” Go on where? And, with what authority? After committing such crimes against humanity, no one can keep going on. The culprits face trial and receive due punishment.

The advocates of war never stop repeating the lies that support the Axis of Liars. Friedman continues to repeat the lie that the war on Iraq was imposed “to depose the genocidal Saddam regime in order to partner with the Iraqi people to build a decent government in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world –” because it is the pathologies and humiliations produced by Arab misgovernance that are the root causes of terrorism and Muslim extremism.”

The best word to describe this line of thinking is rubbish. It is the smokescreen used to hide the US injustices and full-scale sponsorship of tyrannies and tyrants, and their crimes against humanity.

Spain is planning to do something pragmatic: to try to listen to the argument of the oppressed by pulling Spain’s troops out of Iraq, calling the occupation “a fiasco” even though the Axis of Liars call the bloodletting a “democracy-building project.”

The Axis of Liars are trying to present the Spanish decision as appeasement to terrorism. Appeasement to the real terror is what General Musharraf in Pakistan is doing. Real terrorism is that of which even the causality figure are not available.

Irrespective of the exact figures, the responsibility for the deaths of at least 100 Iraqis civilians to a more credible 35,000 can be pinned on to the United States and United Kingdom. By American military admission itself more than half of the 30,000-strong Republican Guards, which incidentally was 250,000-strong at the beginning of Gulf War I, were wiped out in the Daisy Cutter attacks. Unofficial and unconfirmed estimates peg the casualty figures at close to 200,000.

This is terrorism, not to speak of the casualties from the 12-years genocidal sanctions. It is this kind of terror that forces timid leaders, such as General Musharraf, into killing their people in hundreds, thinking they are embracing the lesser evil and saving them from dying in thousands. Therefore, the Spanish vote will not be remembered as an act of appeasement, but of cleansing the world of tyrants.

The notion that UK, Pakistan, etc can separate themselves from the United States’ onslaught on the Muslim world in the name of democracy and modernization by withholding their support in the fake war on terror is a fantasy. Bush, Boykin and others have called it a crusade and they want to fight it that way.

Continued killing of our own people, turning parts of our countries in Gaza and West Bank and supporting the US in its war on Islam would only bring to mind Churchill’s remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich pact with Hitler: "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war."

Remember Musharraf cpreferred dishonor as a result of the “with us or against us” threat from Bush. See, he is now killing his own troops and his own people. We do not need US to attack and weaken us. That is how pragmatism gives way to the Axis of Liars on the other end of the world.