Asia on the March

Economy is going to rule the roost in the 21st Century. This is evident by the formation of a union of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyastan, Tajakistan and Uzbekistan. Who have now signed a security cooperation treaty at Shanghai and this is the foundation for the decline of the West.

Economic power and not military power is going to rule the roost in the in 21st Century, the 20th Century saw the dismemberment of USSR because it entered into race for military superiority wherein they were very ably assisted by another super power and thus the USSR dismembered. It was not the failure of Communism as described by many religious groups but failure of ambitious misadventureism.

Time is not far of when more states in Asian Continent will follow suit to become an economic power within the ambit of the Asian Giant. This Asian Giant will be a much stronger super power in juxtaposition to the present sole super power, who thrives on its two subsidiaries one political and the other economic namely the United Nation and the World Trade Organization. It is an economic fact that the Asians do have the capacity to rise to their aspiration and they have proved it economically while it has taken fifty eight years for America to double its per capita out put. It has taken forty-seven years for United Kingdom to do the same; Japan did it in thirty-three years, Indonesia in seventeen years, South Korea in eleven years and China in ten years. Thus the Asian Giant has a much bigger capacity to pose a threat to the superiority of the West.

The principle of trade is based on barter system but in the present day system sponsored by World Jewry and ably assisted by the International banking and financial Mafia it is through paper currency, which has no intrinsic value. At the moment under WTO umbrella Americans are busy selling their most sophisticated computerized garment manufacturing machinery to the Asian Giants with the promise and guarantee to buy back their products at an attractive price, hence these plants are selling like hot cakes, which in 2005 when quota regime will be lifted is going to loose its efficacy and the finished product will have no buyer and no market, these machines sold by the West will be dumped in junkyards. IMF and the World Bank have been established to provide this paper currency, this paper currency of no intrinsic value mainly to the Asians who are lured into this debt trap and then they easily walk into it. It is therefore all the more necessary that Asians should realize this eventuality and unite to save the onslaught of the Western Hemisphere. WTO will die its own death and UNO will be reduced to a forum for formal discussions only.

The recent visit of the American President under the shadow of American nuclear missile defense programme has been an abject failure where the Russian President showed his displeasure at the continuance of the American Nuclear Defense Missiles, even smaller countries including Pakistan all over the world have expressed their opposition to the American nuclear defense missiles, on the one hand they talk of CTBT and NPT and on the other hand they develop American Nuclear Defense Missiles. This is nothing but blowing hot and cold in the same breadth, which is the hallmark of American foreign policy.

To start with there are only two major members of Shanghai Cooperation Organization ( SCO ). But think of the day when all the Asian nations join hands to save themselves from the onslaught of the West, politically, economically, and militarily. Time and history has proved that beggar thy neighbor has been the policy of IMF and the World Bank. These Institutions could be replaced by a more feasible institution, who do not meddles into the internal affairs of the borrowers and bring them under the heels of their subjugation.

The resurgence of Islam under the motto of Unity, Faith and Discipline given by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah of Pakistan is yet another bulwark against the Western domination and may lead the Islamic countries alongwith all their resources to Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Allama Iqbal has aptly said ” Shayed Qurah-e-Arz kee Taqdeer badal jaiy, Tehran ho gaar Allaam-Mashriq kaa Geneva. ”  It may be in the destiny of Pakistan to lead the OIC out of the Western domination to equal partnership in Asia, with their own monetary fund and their own political organization to meet the challenges of the capitalist West, Pakistan will not have to run after them with a beggars bowl for peanuts in economic and financial aid.

One of the items for which this Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has been formed is to lay a strong foundation for the joint efforts to combat the forces of separation, terrorism and extremism. The main stress is on Afghanistan and Talibaan, who are a victim of wrath of United Nations under the dictates of super power, and that too simply because Talibaan has refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden to the American. Little does the world realize that Osama Bin Laden is the child of America? He was promoted, trained and planted in Afghanistan to promote American interest there on the one hand and oust the Russians on the other hand. Now when the Russians have met their waterloo in Afghanistan, General Ziaul Haq died in a mysterious plane crash and Osama Bin Laden is on the hit list of the Americans. Probably the American nuclear defense missile is to kill Osama Bin Laden in hide out in Afghanistan for which several attempts have already been made by the American.

The formation of Shanghai Cooperation Organization will put an end to this kind of hegemonstic politics of the super power and the third world countries would be living in peace and not dictated by either China or Russia or for that matter any member of the organization.

All this surmises depends on leadership of the member nations and how they think and how they act and how they behave with fellow member and they are not out to project their personal image and prosperity. We in Pakistan look forward for success and glory and expansion of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.