As goes the neo-con agenda, so goes Bush

The President’s ratings are slipping into the abyss just as the people of the United States are becoming fed up with the neo-cons. The neo-conservative "Israel first" political agenda pitted Americans against one another. It ripped our constitution nearly to shreds with its series of controversial "anti-terrorism" legislation that has eroded centuries of US law and legal precedent, and our Bill of Rights. Neo-conservative inspired anti-terrorism laws chilled, and in some instances actually criminalized Constitutionally protected rights. Rights such as free speech, religious freedoms and expression, political association, dissent, and even political fundraising, have been attacked in order to make it difficult, or impossible for anyone to effectively challenge Israel’s continued occupation of Palestine, and Israel’s quest to dominate the Muslim world.

The neo-cons tore our nation into red and blue states as we struggled for unity during wartime, encouraging, and introducing some of the most hate-filled and divisive political diatribe, camouflaged as analysis, ever heard over the US airwaves. Through talk radio, cable TV and some of our nation’s leading newspapers, neo-conservative pundits sought to reverse years of American struggle, suffered by the American people as we fought to create a national conscience that is accepting of religious, racial and class differences. The US civil rights movement left in its wake a national conscience that is repulsed by racism and that rejects negative stereotypes of minorities as a basis for domestic or foreign policies. That national conscience has been under assault by the neo-conservative call for racial profiling, and politically correct and neo-con dictated religious expression for non-Jews. The neo-con agenda also staked billions of US taxpayer dollars and our children’s lives in a game of military conquest that was based upon perhaps one of the worst, and most dangerous lies in political history. To top that off, the President appointed John Bolton, in a recess appointment, to a UN post, as a representative of the American people, even though the people’s representatives in the Senate had hesitated to confirm his nomination based upon his past as a Zionist ideologue, and political operative.

Only the media is ignoring the scandals surrounding the US led invasion of Iraq. Every where you go, people are talking about the AIPAC spy scandal, people are talking about Israel’s and the neo-conservative’s attempts to lead the United States into a war with Iran and Syria. The people are beginning to wonder if the neo-conservative push for war in Iraq was a plot to lead the US into the arms of a waiting insurgency that hid quietly until we declared, "mission accomplished." Once we began nation building in Iraq, the so-called insurgents began nation destroying, and have continued their destruction of Iraq ever since. Their weapons are getting more sophisticated, and also more deadly. They unleashed holy hell on the Iraqi people, daring them to live, to survive, to vote, and to be free, making it very hard to believe that Iraqi nationalism, rather than international Zionism feeds this insurgency. The so-called insurgency has carried out a shock and awe campaign of violence in Iraq that makes the US led invasion look like a cakewalk by comparison, and nearly 2000 young Americans, and scores of Iraqis have been killed in the process.

If anyone wonders why the US opinion of the war is souring, and Bush can’t find his pre-inauguration supporters, just look at how his term began. Bush’s first official act was to reward the former head of the CIA, George Tenet, Paul Bremer, the agent provocateur who set the fires of insurgency blazing in Iraq, and lost billions in US taxpayer money, and US Army General Tommy Franks with Congressional medals of honor. What message did that send? Only Frank’s award made sense, because it was his genius that spared the Iraqi people the initial "Shock and awe" campaign that the bloodthirsty neo-cons had originally pushed for. Immediately following the invasion, some of the neo-conservatives even appeared on cable news shows to suggest that we drop nuclear bombs on Iraq, hoping perhaps to eliminate Iraq all together, and to kill of most, if not all of its people. Bush’s first steps were the wrong steps for the US Presidency, yet they were perfect for Israel. In the Clean Break policy paper, wherein lies the Israeli strategy that spawned the invasion of Iraq, and calls for war with Syria and Iran, it says Israel will reward its friends, and punish its enemies.

Fortunately, the world has been spared the worse of the neo-conservative’s nightmarish vision of a world embroiled in perpetual war, fought for the aggrandizement of Israel. We have been spared since the people are waking up to the fact that we are really at war, and our children are dying. The American people are waking up to the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It is becoming all too obvious that the same neo-con political and media machine that guided us into Iraq, is now at work, attempting to push us into war with Iran and Syria, just as planned. They don’t care that our national treasure is being squandered, and that the blood of our children is being spilled in a war being fought for someone else, or that this someone else could care less about us, or our children.

There are those who are perhaps quite satisfied with these turn of events. It seems that Bush is getting what he deserves, having staked his presidency on serving a mere sprinkling of Americans, rather than the majority. The majority of Americans who voted in record numbers for the President, had perhaps done so, hoping that he had listened to the campaign rhetoric of his opposition, and that he had learned from his mistakes. Most Americans probably assumed that after the Iraq stumble, our President would at least consider that he is the President of more than 280 million people, and not simply Zionist Christians and Jews. Most perhaps hoped that he would hear the voices of the real conservatives, crying in the political wilderness, saying that he must use his 2nd term in office to get our nation on a true conservative course, and succeed at advancing a truly American conservative agenda. Most had perhaps hoped that he would re-unite the nation, find a way to speed up our exit from Iraq, and bring our troops home, while also leaving a stable Iraq standing, that has a real future, and is allied with the US. Contrary to what the media wanted us to believe, it was the true conservative base, and not the neo-cons, and Evangelicals that re-elected Bush. These American people re-elected Bush, hoping that he would give up his neo-con ways and come back into the fold of real America. They are the people who had trusted their children and treasure to him, praying for peace and security as a result of a war that he said had been cast upon us.

It’s not too late for President Bush to turn his numbers around. The man that we see periodically on our television screens, saying, "stay the course" is the same George W. Bush that we trusted in November. The only difference is that he has temporarily lost his voice to the sounds of mother’s sobbing over the deaths of their children. We can’t hear him over the sound of the people fussing and fuming over the increasing price of oil, and the faint sound of a war drum, still beating for blood as Iraq explodes daily covering our consciences via satellite, with conflict, while media pundits keep pushing for more wars. If Bush wants his legacy to be a legacy of peace, and victory, he must turn his back, as is the rest of America, to the neo-conservative Israel first agenda, no matter what the price. The people who stood in the long lines, and who waited patiently to cast their votes to return Mr. Bush to Washington, are still waiting for their President, the man they knew could get the job done. Reunite us, make us one nation under God, again, give us hope, make us a friend, rather than a foe to the world again, and guide us to a real victory. Return us to the America of our dreams, and away from the America of our fears.