Arabs winning their Freedom–Americans, Rise up for your Freedom from Israel

Why Do They Hate Us—Israel
Why Do We Hate Them—Israel

"Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the long-standing, even increasing, support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan and the Gulf states. Thus, when American public diplomacy talks about bringing democracy to Islamic societies, this is seen as no more than self-serving hypocrisy.’

— US Defense Department’s Defense Science Board: (Christian Science Monitor: 11/29/2004)

There is nothing more phenomenal and delicious than historical irony.

While the Arabs are peacefully protesting and gaining their freedoms, Americans in the land of the free are occupied, subjugated, oppressed, controlled, and denied their freedom of speech against a brutal foreign occupier—Israel.

Americans, like the previously mocked and silent Arabs, have long accepted their fate that rather than being “One Nation Under God”, they are in reality, “One Nation Under Israel.”

Just who is the Boss in America?  Who is the Super power?  Who do Americans pledge allegiance to–the red, white, and blue, or Israel’s Flag, the Star of David?

As Israel demands a “loyalty” oath from its citizens, Americans must demand a “loyalty” oath from their government and politicians to serve only America.

By God if the Arabs can do it, surely Americans can do the same, if not more.

Hey, Israel:

How does it feel to be the most hated despised nation on Earth?   How does it feel to be called the greatest threat to world peace?  How does it feel to put future Jewish generations in jeopardy due to Israel’s racist terroristic history and genocidal policies?

From In Haaretz, Israeli Newspaper, March 7, 2011

“A poll conducted by the BBC revealed Tuesday that Israel is one of the most negatively viewed countries in the world, ranking at the bottom of the chart along with Iran, North Korea and Pakistan….In 2011, 22 out of 27 countries leaned toward a negative view of Israel…many more Americans chose to rate Israel negatively in 2011, marking an increase of 10% since 2010.

Views of Countries Influence

From the German International Broadcaster, Deutsche Welle; “EU Names Israel Greatest Threat to World Peace”, April 11, 2003:

“59 percent of EU citizens see Israel as a bigger menace to the world than Iran, Iraq or North Korea.

The survey was carried out in October by EOS Gallup. The pollsters asked 7,515 citizens from the 15 EU member states which countries posed the greatest threat to world peace. In the Netherlands (74 percent), Austria (69 percent) and Germany (65 percent) the largest percentage of people said Israel was a menace.  In second place, after Israel, were Iran, North Korea and the United States, which 53 percent of the EU citizens deemed a threat”

From Haaretz, March 9, 2011: “World looks at Israel as it looked at Apartheid-era South Africa”

Do Americans know that in supporting Israel they are supporting a Racist State?

Some of Israel’s Racism that Americans are deliberately kept in the Dark on:

1.  “Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman at the United Nations says:  “Peace Must Be Based on Territory Exchange” in effect an implementation of the historical “Transfer” of Palestinians out of Israel, even if they have Israeli citizenship”

— Jerusalem Post, September 28, 2010

2.  “Former Foreign Minister Tipzi LIvni “Proposed Moving Several Israeli Arab Towns to Palestinian Side of Border.”  Again, the historical “Transfer or Ethnic Cleansing” Proposed by Jewish Zionists before the Founding of Israel.

— Haaretz, January 25, 2011

3.  From the San Francisco Sentinel, “Racism, homophobia and religious discrimination more prevalent in Israel”, January 23, 2011

“From rabbinical prohibitions against renting homes to “non-Jews” to government crackdowns on left-wing activists, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said a “wave of racism is threatening to pull Israeli society into dark and dangerous places.”…A recent Israel Democracy Institute poll found nearly half of Jewish Israelis don’t want to live next door to Arabs. But the list of unwanted neighbors didn’t stop there. More than one-third didn’t want to live next to foreigners or the mentally ill, and nearly one in four said they wouldn’t want to share a street with gays or the ultra-Orthodox.”

4.  Haaretz, “A Time to Hate”, January 1, 2011

“On the street, on the roads, on the Internet – hatred, expressed in verbal or physical violence, is on the increase everywhere around us hatred is the atmosphere in which we exist; sometimes it leads to violence of the physical variety, sometimes it is virtual. But in its diverse forms and shapes, hatred has become our preferred companion, the default of our lives.

5.  Haaretz, March 6, 2011

“Ministers reject all bills submitted in honor of International Women’s Day Rejected bills include allowing flexible working hours for mothers, equal employment opportunities, and eradication of abortion committees; ministers pass bill preventing the increase of women’s legal retirement age.”

6.  Haaretz, September 11, 2006

“Knesset Member Effi Eitam.   who heads the Religious Zionism faction has publicly supported deportation of Palestinians, a concept espoused by assassinated National Union founder Rehavam Ze’evi as "transfer."….."We will have to expel the great majority of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria," Eitam urged, referring to the whole of the West Bank.”

No country on earth has been so widely condemned by the world as has Israel for its continuous ethnic cleansing of Palestinians pushing them, their families, and tents further and further to ever smaller concentration camps to force them to leave their land altogether.   No country on earth has been so reviled for its murderous invasions of Arab and Palestinian land, its multiple genocides in Lebanon and Gaza, its demolition of thousands of homes often with the elderly, disabled, and children still in them, its non stop annexation of Palestinian land, water, and farms to build illegal settlements, its destruction of Olive farms and trees the sole income for many families, its destruction of mosques and churches to make room for illegal settlers, and its inhumanity in digging up a centuries old Muslim cemetery that thus far has yielded over 1,500 Muslim skeletons to build the ironically named “Museum of Tolerance:; and so much more. (See this link)

If Americans only knew what Israel has done to this nation’s credibility and standing in the entire world there would be a call of outrage from coast to coast.  To the world America’s image is impacted so negatively, as revealed by several polls, because of its subservience, cowardice, and blind support of the rogue nation of Israel.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of statements made by American politicians, military leaders, journalists, academicians, Human Rights and Non-Governmental Organizations, Activists, and many many more, I’m only including these quotations to highlight the stranglehold and power of Israel and its American Zionist supporters over this nation’s government.

President Clinton, speaking at a Toronto Jewish Fund Raiser:

"Clinton drew applause for his own commitment to Israel when he stated that should the Iraqis ever cross over the Israeli border for aggression, "I would personally get in a ditch, grab a rifle, and fight and die."

—, July 30, 2002

Nahum Barnea, Israeli writer in the Washington Report, July 1996, pg. 17, writes: "President Clinton behaves like an obedient child of Israel and does not know how to say `No.’"

Haaretz, October 14, 2004, “Peoples and Politics” by Akiva Eldar

"On the other hand, the president’s (Bush) political advisors are afraid that if their boss doesn’t find a way to remain on the fence, and tries to twist Sharon’s arm, the prime minister won’t hesitate to show the American voter who’s the real boss in Washington.”

CounterPunch, “Attacking Iran for Israel?”, October 31, 2007

“More troubling still, in the fall of 2004 Gen. Brent Scowcroft, who served as national security adviser to President George H.W. Bush and as Chair of the younger Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, made some startling comments to the Financial Times…..A master of discretion with the media, Scowcroft nonetheless saw fit to make public his conclusion that Sharon had Bush "mesmerized;" that he had our president "wrapped around his little finger." Needless to say, Scowcroft was immediately ousted from the advisory board and is now persona non grata at the White House in which he worked for so many years.

Americans, won’t you join the peaceful independent movements in the Arab world and seek your freedom from Israel?    If you truly love this country you will begin a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Campaign to gather the largest crowd in American history to meet on the National “Tahrir” Mall and demand freedom and independence from the only nation that has the power to steer this nation to pay and die for its interests.

Congress is literally snatching food from the mouths of American children to feed the military genocidal IDF of Israel whose sole purpose is to use these weapons to massacre Palestinian and Lebanese children. The offensive use of American weapons is prohibited by Federal Law but who in Congress dares investigate such a matter? Surely, not Rep. Peter King, Chair of the House’s Homeland Security Committee. His courage only extends to Islamophobia for a few more Jewish dollars.

We are losing the Arab world because of our long blind support of Israel. Since the fifties Israel has done nothing but harm our relationship with the entire world, but none more so than with the Arab and Muslim world who are now the leaders in freedom’s march. Forgotten is that the Arab world holds fifty percent of the world’s oil and sixty percent of it gas. High Gas prices anyone?  Blame Israel.

America, know the truth, raise your voice and America’s flag, and demand a future for America where no child goes hungry, sick or is denied an education because Congress is sending your tax dollars to Israel, one of the richest countries in the world, and not to serve the needs of your children.

Watch this week as our cowardly pandering greedy politicians flock in large numbers to AIPAC’s annual conference where they kiss the hand that feeds their campaigns and receive their instructions for Pro Israel policies.

America the Beautiful?  Hardly, not as long as the government serves Israel and the powerful interests of AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies.