Arabs, Oh Arabs, Revolt against America’s Tyrants

“The greatest jihad is to speak the word of truth to a tyrant."

–Islam’s Beloved Prophet Muhammad

One down, twenty one to go. The young man who burned himself alive in Tunis, Mohamed Bouazizi, was a university graduate prevented by police from selling fruit and vegetables to make a living He committed suicide to protest the loss of his humanity under Ben Ali’s tyrannical rule.

His death sparked a revolution in Tunis and awakened the minds and souls of oppressed Arabs across the region who sprang to the street to revolt against their own American owned and run tyrants. Ben Ali was one of America’s favorite brutal Arab tyrants who for decades oppressed his people, denied their humanity, freedoms, and abused at will and whim their human rights. He embezzled billions of the people’s money for himself, his wife, family, and cronies. At the end he could not withstand the power of a spontaneous mass uprising demanding his removal. He escaped like a frightened mouse from the unleashed peaceful wrath of his subjugated subjects.

The light of this young man’s fire has lit a spark across the Arab world where people overcame their fear and apathy to demand their freedom from their American owned and run tyrants. From Algeria to Egypt; from Yemen to Jordan, from Lebanon, Syria, to Palestine, the streets are alive with the sounds of humanity long deprived of their most basic needs: freedoms, jobs, housing, an education, health care, clean water and sewage systems, electricity, and above all safety and security from multiple and brutal security services who only serve to protect the monarchs and military dictators

The Wikileaks papers proved the treasonous inhumane surrender of these tyrants to the will of America, a nation whose foreign policy in turn is surrendered to Israel. America and Israel have massacred millions of Arabs under the pretext of security and war on terrorism. To secure their power Arab tyrants have given a free hand to both imperial powers to commit genocide against those who seek freedom from their oppressive hegemony, occupation, and destruction of lives and property.

Thus these American tyrants have engulfed in whole without any conscience that all who oppose Israel in the region such as Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas, are also a threat to their power. Hence, protecting Israel’s security means protecting their own. Because these entities do not submit and surrender to the imperialism of Israel and America they are called “terrorists”. But murderous dictators who do are “moderate regimes”. That’s why to these tyrants Iran is their primary enemy that must be attacked and bombed, not Israel, that is Judaizing Jerusalem, threatening Al Aqsa mosque with destruction, or massacring Palestinian children who go through the cracks of the Apartheid Wall to go to school.

Now come the “Palestinian Papers” that not only reveal but confirm what Palestinians and Arabs have always known–the Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Balfour Abbas, Saeb Sharon Erakat, Ahmed Ben Gurion Qurei, Mlohammed Zionist Dahlan, and others, have practically conceded Jerusalem and Palestine to the murderous genocidal Zionists. To these thieving traitors Hamas is the enemy, not Israel, that on a daily basis murders their people, including children, demolishes their homes, burns their olive trees, confiscates more land, continuously builds illegal settlements, steals precious water from thirsty masses, and permits settlers to kill at will innocent civilians. These murderers not only knew but supported Israel’s genocide on Gaza that killed 1,500 civilians, including hundreds of children, as well as the deadly four year siege of 1.5 million people. As Saeb Sharon Erakat said: “I hate Hamas.” Yet in none of the documents does he say he hates Israel. Despite all the concessions the Palestinian Authority surrendered to Israel, Israel would slap them in the face with total rejection as it did to President Obama’s “request” to freeze settlements.

Erakat is the worst of these traitors. He is impulsive, thoughtless, willing to sell his family for a few photo ops in the White House. An insecure, weak, and inept man who’s overwhelmed by his sudden fame. Yet all are illiterate, inept, and corrupt in the art of politics, diplomacy, and negotiation. However all do live in palatial villas and possesses several Mercedes cars. Not even the late Arafat surrendered Jerusalem as these thugs have done.

Only the total resignation of these Palestinian leaders and their judicial prosecution can give the Palestinians the dignity and just righteousness of their cause. These traitors have now severed all remaining ties and good will with other Arab tyrants.

So, my dear brothers and sisters in the Arab world raise your voices, fill the streets, have courage, and do not stop until every tyrant, monarch or military dictator has been toppled. This is your Islamic and humanitarian duty.

The greatest values in Islam are freedom, democracy, and justice. Always be just for that is a command from God. Islam calls for all affairs amongst people to be settled by democratic consultations. No matter what, protest peacefully to protect the sacredness of lives and people’s property.

“Their affairs are decided after due consultation among themselves” — (Quran: 42:38)

The uniting power and energy for your Jihad is Islam. Unite under its banner and trust in God. Islam must be your weapon of mass demonstration.

Do not relent, do not give up, and do not rest until freedom rings from every mosque, every church, and every home. Bring these tyrants to justice to answer for their crimes against humanity and their theft of national wealth. .

The Arab world does have nationalistic patriotic men and women who can be democratically elected to be your leaders. Such as the Noble Laureate Dr. Mohamed El Baradei in Egypt, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti and Dr. Hanan Ashrawi in Palestine. There are many competent leaders both within the Arab world and living in exile.

Do not ever allow the military back into the political arena. Your leadership must all be civilian and a new constitution must never allow the military to rule but to be under civilian control The military is the most dangerous threat to any democracy. Democratically elected civilian leadership must replace all the Monarchs and Emirs who inherit power.

It is time to free your bodies and minds from the decade’s long scourge of tyranny.

The biggest winner in these revolts will be you and the future of your children.

The biggest loser in these revolts is America, long the protector and savior of these tyrants.

The eventual cutting off of all ties to Israel, boycotting its products and the products of any American or western company that deals or supports Israel, and ending all peace treaties with Israel will be the eventual path of freedom of Jerusalem and Palestine. All American military and intelligence bases in the Arab world must be removed. Islamophobia is rampant in Europe and America yet we offer them cheap oil and our land for their military and intelligence operations against Muslim nations? As the Jews say; “Never Again”.

Despite the Palestinian traitors many nations are recognizing Palestine as a State and upgrading its diplomatic representation to the status of Embassies.

America overthrew and killed Saddam Hussein because he was a tyrant who oppressed his people. How profoundly hypocritical that this land of the “free” supports such tyrants and supports the most racist, tyrannical, and genocidal regime in modern history—Israel.

Arab lives are cheap and expendable to America, Europe, Israel and most of all to Arab tyrants, willing to allow America to bomb at will and wipe out entire villages in the Arab world as long as they can remain on the payroll of the CIA.

Let Freedom ring throughout the Arab world and then learn the word “NO” to America and Israel’s genocidal policy for oil and land.

God be with you. Allah Akbar.