Arab League condemns Israeli escalation in demolition of Palestinian homes

Arab League condemns Israeli escalation in demolition of Palestinian homes

Cairo (UNA-OIC) – The Arab League on Saturday condemned the Israeli policy of escalation and demolition of Palestinian homes, which saw a 200 percent increase during this year.

Arab League Assistant Secretary-General for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories Ambassador Saeed Abu Ali said this escalation was part of the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, worsened by the silence of the international community.

Abu Ali told WAFA News Agency that the occupation authorities demolished more than 76 buildings this week, including housing facilities owned by 11 Palestinian families of 71 members, in the northern Jordan Valley.

“This is the largest forced displacement operation in more than four years as three-quarters of the residents lost their homes… this is a blatant violation of the rules of international law and international covenants,” the Arab League official said.

He explained that these practices coincide with the Israeli threats to demolish more than 52 Palestinian schools, including the Ras El-Teen School, funded by the European Union and its member states.

Abu Ali pointed out that the occupation authorities also intend to demolish a neighborhood and a commercial market embracing more than 200 industrial and commercial establishments in the Wadi Al-Joz district in Jerusalem, noting that this would be one of the largest projects of the Judaization of the city.

“The international community must confront this continuous and escalating Israeli aggression which not only targets the Palestinian people and their rights, but also violates the will of the international community, its charters and laws,” he said.

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