Apathy: An American Tragedy of Global Proportions

It is tragically ironic that we claim to have recognized this nation’s sad brutality against Native Americans during the settling of our own “frontier lands” yet have so long actively supported the settling by (and arming of) Jewish extremists on Palestinian land. Indeed, the bulk of the settlers are Jewish extremists exported from America to guard stolen Palestinian property. Justice would call them “squatters.”

Perhaps a greater tragic irony is the current racist and brutal invasion of occupied Palestine by descendants of Holocaust victims, even withholding water to entire camps of refugees for more than a week, thus forcing them to collect and drink urine to survive. Horrible crimes are being committed, and confirmed by reputable sources–Israeli sources.

Like a beaten child often becomes a child-beater, Israel seems to have manifested its immense sense of victimization in the creation of highly efficient killers of the oppressed along with a wealth of willing liars to justify their actions. Though brave bands of Israeli human-rights activists still carry on with grim urgency, they too are in harm’s way. Violence has become Israel’s final solution, and the phrase “never again” has been hijacked and weaponized.

As an American of Jewish ancestry, I could not be more ashamed and disgusted by these events, and by the overwhelmingly careless attitude of American leaders and citizens. While the public swallows US media falsehoods with alarming gullibility, our leaders, by supporting Israel’s aggression, signal to the non-Western world that violence is our best solution, thus perpetuating myths of hatred and inviting our own descent into chaos.

At a time when leadership with great vision would initiate an era of global peace, we aspire to peddle arms and be masters of the world. Clearly, we are welcoming terrorism by sanctioning Israel’s unjust war. And when the next terrorist attack comes to America, who will you blame? Blame should justly fall to any who fail to fully inform themselves and act decisively and constructively in matters involving injustices heaped upon others. Blame should fall to all parties responsible for dangerous policies that threaten the very future of humankind.

Sadly–though so many lives are at stake and US media coverage is at odds with coverage throughout the rest of the world–the truth is but mouse-clicks away from America’s computerized populace and yet still too far for most to bother investigating before judgments are handed down.

It was said of the Holocaust, once the truth was revealed, that too many did too little to stop it. But unlike today, news was not readily accessible. Thus, during this time of great tragedy for a people about whom we have consciously decided to care so little–as if Palestinians were savages on stolen land–there is simply no excuse for the apathy of American citizens.