Anti-Americanism is no substitute for justice

Over the years Muslim and Arab hatred of the United States is said to have increased. Yet, if you ask Muslims and Arabs on the street, just common people, they will tell you that they don’t hate the United States, or the American people, and they do not support terrorism of any kind, whether it is carried out by Muslims, Arabs, Jews, Americans, or anyone else. Yet, they do believe that the US has been negligent, by ignoring our duties as a super-power and world leader. They believe that US refusal to live up to its own founding creed and ideals hurt the world. Many also believe that by facilitating, ignoring, and denying the pain of Muslims and Arabs in the Muslim world, and the injustices people in the Muslim world suffer daily, we are guilty of blatant hypocrisy, which calls into question our assumed right to play peacemaker, peacekeeper, or arbiter. Perhaps they once believed that the US was a freedom fighter. Still, even though these disappointments migh! t cause anger, they may not cause hatred. If you listen to the people, and not simply to those who have access to the pages, and airwaves of the Arab and Muslim media, we might be surprised to learn that the people are not hateful, but they are angry, and so they should be. The Bible says that people should be angry about injustice, yet not commit sin. The Qur’an says that the believer forgives, even when angry. The people are demanding justice, yet what they are getting instead is a steady diet of anti-Americanism.

Many pundits, East and West, have suggested that anti-Americanism results primarily from the role that the United States has played in denying Muslims and Arabs in the Muslim world democracy, and the biased role we play in the Palestine/Israel conflict. According to this thinking, we have reserved the right to freedom for our selves. How can that be true, when it wasn’t the US that was killing the Algerians because they wanted to vote, and because they supported the FIS? It wasn’t the United States that was killing voters in Egypt because they supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Did the US order Saddam Hussein to kill and gas, and torture people? Did the US grant the Mandate that supposedly created Israel on Palestinian land? If these are the causes for anti-Americanism, and if the US is hated due to injustices suffered over the years by Muslims and Arabs in the Muslim world, how have the Arab governments escaped this hatred, and why are they still in power? W! hy do Arab nationalist cry, kill and die for the same Saddam Hussein who was unbelievably unjust and brutal to Arabs and Muslims, yet they curse the US? Why do they recognize the government of Israel, and reject the Iraqi interim government, calling it a puppet government, and an illegitimate regime? They prefer Saddam Hussein’s 99% of the vote victories, Mubarak’s murderous elections, and Jordan’s monarchy. They justify violence in Iraq by claiming that there can be no democracy under an occupation, and so resistance in Iraq, and killing Iraqi civilians is legitimate, or so they say. Yet, they will not resist the injustices of the governments that harbor, arm, train, and cover for the so-called insurgents in Iraq. They support them even though these same governments kill and oppress their own people, and will eliminate the insurgents after they use them, same as they did the Muslim and Arab freedom fighters that returned to their countries in the Muslim world from Afghanistan. I! srael is occupying Palestine and there is going to be an election there. Where is their insurgency against Israel and why aren’t they acting against the Palestinians in the same way they are acting against the Iraqis? Is it because the Palestinians are not Shiite?

Are there two standards of judgement and accountability? If there is, by what standard do people judge those who collect taxes, and live lavish lives, while there is unbelievable poverty, illiteracy, torture and denial of freedoms? If they are "Islamic" they must judge by God’s standard. To allow these governments to escape accountability, while we vent anger only against the United States is an equally atrocious type of hypocrisy.

It appears that Steven Emerson, Daniel Pipes, and other pro-Israel propagandists also rely heavily upon this wicked untruth, that Muslims and Arabs are mindlessly driven to carry out acts of violence against the US because we supposedly hate and envy the US. They perhaps use this argument to suggest that all Muslims and Arabs are potential terrorists. When you hear Arab and Muslim intellectuals adopt and promote this same mistruth, you have to wonder if all these pickles didn’t sour in the same barrel. Perhaps it is that barrel, the essential nature of the barrel, that should be our primary concern if we want to hold off the probable conflicts that might result from the suggestion that Muslims and Arabs are so hateful that we can kill innocents without compunction. The resulting conclusion, instigated by belief in this fiction, is that if they are out to get us, we must get them first, and so predictably, we have the US preemptive strike doctrine.

The actual truth, as has been demonstrated over the years, is that the nationalists and their governments, including the Zionists, are the ruthless murderers of innocent people, including Muslims, Arabs and Americans. Perhaps the question that the entire world should ask, is where did this strategy, to pit the US, Muslims and Arabs against one another originate? Does the common usage of terms, approaches, logic and prognostication suggest a common agenda, or objective? The question that Americans might ask, while Muslims seek to understand their plight, is "why" and "how" did our government put the United States at risk by cooperating with people whom we knew were acting against our values and principles, and not in our interests? We knew how their actions towards their own people, and others who they had attempted to eliminate and whose lands they sought to occupy had caused their countries to be violent, bankrupt and unstable. We might also ask what our le! aders at that time, expected to receive in return for that cooperation? None of these governments have anything of such value to trade for our own anti-American behavior, and the harm we caused to our own country by the serious and suspect changes in law, legal philosophy and custom, we adopted to accommodate them.

There are many questions to be asked and answered, and they must be asked and answered if we are to turn directions and end the war on freedom created by a now, nearly defeated new world order that had hoped to eliminate truth, justice, God, and freedom from the human experience. Under its influence we would have possibly been subjected to a radically secular and centralized one-world government, whose only need for the common man is to provide cheap labor. The UN spelled out the agenda in its Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies, and it is possible that the world has been pushed in that direction since those strategies were adopted in the early 70s, or maybe even before then. The sustainable development economic theory developed to guide the globalized economy under one government rule requires fewer consumers, cheaper labor, and the elimination of religion, and religious cultures to be successful. If we believe that ideas are birthed and nurtured in the hear! ts and minds of people, it stands to reason that you cannot eradicate these ideas, and minimize the number of consumers, without also eliminating people. That might explain the heavy-handed tactics of our so-called allies in the Muslim world, and also the attempts to radically secularize US society, same sex marriages, abortion on demand, and also the so-called "anti-terrorism" laws and other oddities, like the near legalization of torture here in the United States.

None of this is to suggest that the United States would be the central authority in a one-world government. It might suggest that the US military was perhaps being manipulated to do the heavy lifting that would reconfigure the world, subjugate, and eliminate the supposed terrorists, or anyone who might oppose or resist the establishment of the new order as planned. Whereas all of this is mere speculation, it is speculation that arises from the obvious. After reading this speculative thesis, it should be clear that anti-Americanism is not a substitute for justice. It should also be clear that the US couldn’t win the war against terrorism without Muslims and Arabs. If it is justice that we are all seeking, we must begin with the truth, since only the truth has the capacity to steer us in the right direction in our pursuit of justice, and only truth explains what justice is. It is not revenge, as some would like for us to believe. Justice, according to the Qura! n, is a type of fairness, or equity, (Qiysas). It is intended to reinforce, and to delineate right and wrong as explained by God, while deterring wrongdoing. Without truth, justice is mere fantasy, and we should have had enough fantasy to last us a lifetime, and so little of the truth that it might seem shocking even though it makes perfect sense.