Annual Meetings of CIBAFI Officially Launched

Annual Meetings of CIBAFI Officially Launched

Manama (UNA-OIC) – The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI), the global umbrella of Islamic financial institutions, kicked off its annual meetings on Tuesday. The annual meetings will be held over three days.

Events planned for the CIBAFI Annual Meetings 2022 include a series of regular meetings, webinars on timely topics and the CIBAFI 22nd Annual General Meeting (AGM). These gatherings aim to bring together CIBAFI members, strategic partners, and stakeholders from various countries to discuss CIBAFI’s recent efforts and plans. It is also an opportunity to exchange ideas about new trends, opportunities, and challenges confronting the finance industry in general, and the Islamic financial services industry in particular.

The first day of this 3-day programme witnessed the 18th CIBAFI Accreditation Board (AcB) meeting, which featured a discussion among members about enhancing the professional development roadmap to serve the Islamic financial services industry and keep up with global developments.

The AcB meeting was followed by the Professional Development and Human Empowerment Strategic Session. This session aimed to bring together CIBAFI professional development agents, human resource executives and managers, and other stakeholders to discuss the recent approaches to continuously delivering high-quality professional education that meets international quality standards.

The strategic session was inaugurated through a welcoming remark by Dr. Abdelilah Belatik, Secretary General of CIBAFI as well as special remarks from Dr. Faisal Mahmoud Atbani, Assistant Professor of Law and Head of Risk Management & Insurance Department, King Abdulaziz University – Islamic Economic Institute, Saudi Arabia.

During the session, the speakers which included Prof. Dr. Ahcene Lahsasna, Chief Executive Officer, Salihin Shariah Advisory Services Sdn Bhd, Malaysia and Dr. Mohamed Qalib Daqane, Deputy General Manager, Salaam Center for Training, Research and Consultancy, Djibouti emphasized the importance of implementing new training methods to cope with the new normal. They also shared the opportunities and challenges of developing training courses and the professional certificates that are aligned with the emerging topics of digital transformation and sustainability in Islamic finance.

The speakers also talked about how to incorporate emerging trends and developments into training and professional empowerment initiatives. Finally, the speakers also discussed the differences between holding in-person and virtual training programmes and methods of leveraging digital advancements for the development and expansion of professional development in Islamic finance. Ms. May Arshi, Research Analyst, CIBAFI, moderated this session. This initiative is aligned with CIBAFI’s third strategic objective of Training and Professional Empowerment, which aims to enhance capacity building in the IFSI.

The second day of CIBAFI Annual Meetings will continue with a webinar highlighting the CIBAFI Sustainability Guide for Islamic Financial Institutions. This webinar will provide an overview of the structure and essential components of the Sustainability Guide, followed by an interactive panel discussion with industry experts.

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