An open note to Pervaiz Musharraf – President by Choice  

There must be showers of congratulations coming your way, so I will speak straight with you. I am convinced that you are a very honest and humble person. You have an ardent desire to do some thing remarkable to uplift this country and I assure you that you have all the God-gifted qualities to fulfill your desire. The future of this country is linked with your performance and many people eye you as a last hope to falsify the ‘failed state’ concept of Pakistan. So effective today, you have opted to walk on a tight rope. May Allah help you and this nation. (Ameen)

The CEO position was thrust upon you, so you were not accountable for your performance. But the office of President is your own choice so the performance in this position will be scrutinized from all corners. You have to justify this self-elevation by the actions which proves favorable to the country as well as for the welfare of people of Pakistan. You must have your own vision and set agenda to perform this uphill task, but I, as an ordinary citizen and your well-wisher, wish to see the following items on your target list.

Restoration of Democracy:

The dissolution of assemblies and Parliament is a strong proof that you will hold elections as mandated by apex court. Your responsibility is to make sure that corrupt politicians do not come back to these august houses. You may ask the candidates to file papers three months ahead elections so each one of them can be scrutinized by National Accountability Bureau(NAB) for the source of their wealth. By adopting this method there will be more seats but not enough candidates. You have to be totally impartial now on since unlike the previous rulers you don’t depend on ‘like-minded’ politicians any more.

Across the Board Accountability:

So far the major accountability is done of politicians. The deals to return a portion of plundered money for release and run-away like Aftab Sherpao have done a major blow to credibility of the whole process. This must be stopped immediately. All the culprits should be given exemplary punishments so the future looters think twice before committing these crimes against their country. There should be no immunity for any class of the society. The corrupt is a criminal whether he is a judge or a police constable. The NAB should be expanded and made more efficient by expanding it to provincial level.

Law and Order:

There is absolutely no safety and sense of security for ordinary citizen. The collection of arms drive has not shown any good response. As the date for voluntary return has expired, the government should make house search by imposing curfew with the help of army. Most of the crimes are made with the connivance of police. The one thing you can do is immediately merge all the police department into army and then with a little training post army personnel at all police stations. I guarantee you that 90% of the police personnel will voluntarily resign than do the rigorous job in army and at the same time will also eliminate 90% crimes. The same job being inefficiently done by the present police force can be done by only the half number of honest and efficient army people. The ‘black-sheep’ uniform should be also changed to create a new image of security.


I am a lay man as compared to your experts from the WB / IMF. But I know one thing that you can not get rid of your 36-40 billion dollar foreign debt by keep on adding 4 billion dollar in these numbers. The first thing is fire your Brent Wood experts, they have no formula to release our country from the Shylock shackles. They are getting certificate of good governance from these institutions only for the timely payments of their due installments. Otherwise the economy is stagnant since you took over for the reasons to be discussed in my next open notes. But meanwhile you take the following three steps as an emergency recovery:

P.S. For God sake, do not make a mistake by making Shaukat Aziz as interim Prime Minister, otherwise your role will be limited to “Viceroy of Brent Wood Institutions”.